As one of the hottest fashion brands in the industry at present, it’s no surprise that you want to get in contact with Fashion Nova. With their range of stylish and trendy clothing, both men and women can find something that fits their style while still staying within budget – but how do you actually get in touch with them? In this expert, very long article, we’ll take a deep dive into all the ways that you can make contact with this popular fashion brand.

Before we begin on our tips for contacting Fashion Nova customer support team , let’s first discuss who Fashion Nova is.

Founded by CEO Richard Saghian back in 2006, Fashion Nova began as a small boutique shop based out of Los Angeles. It wasn’t until around 2013 to 2014 when they started using social media platforms like Instagram to promote themselves that Fashion nova started gaining popularity among millennial audiences. Since then, there has been no stopping for the brand’s explosive success growth.

Today, everyone from Cardi B and Kylie Jenner to Lizzo have worn fashions provided by or collaborated on collections with this major fast-fashion retailer. Considering its immense rise to fame over these past few years and the company constantly changing ownership overseas amidst various controversies including reportedly poor labor conditions for garment workers among others; it’s understandable why some people may be curious about how best they could reach out directly with questions or concerns regarding their shopping experiences at various outlets under ‘FashionNova.’

Here are various options available right now:

Here are various options available right now:

1) Contact Customer Support Team via Phone Numbers

1) Contact Customer Support Team via Phone Numbers

One option for customers looking to connect with a representative from Fashion Nova is through phone numbers stated below:

Phone: +1 (323) 888-1071
Toll-Free: 00(1)-844-327-4199
Monday-Friday 6 am -5 pm Pacific Standard Time Only

Though note If calling outside working hours listed above ,it maybe hard for you to get through to a representative. If able, customers can leave voicemail messages and anticipate help from Fashion Nova’s customer support team.

2) Try using Email

Another possible way of contacting a person at Fashion Nova would be by sending an email that may describe the issue or query needing attention. With this option, it’s best to remain detailed but concise as Fashion Nova receives countless inquiries daily and keeping the point straight forward may increase chances of receiving quicker assistance; however bear in mind it might take up to 48 business hours before getting a response so kindly exercise patience by waiting out and try not cluttering their mailbox by re-sending emails.

Note: Their “FashionNovaCares” email account is dedicated towards tracking orders specifically therefore any non-order related issue(s), we advise directing them via other means suggested further below;

3) Send them Direct Messages through Social Media Platforms

Social media is yet another route proffered by Fashion Nova for future shoppers with concerns need addressing/query resolution where they could directly communicate with online representatives in real-time over respective platforms.


Models wearing popular outfits sold on their platform share posts constantly here too which keeps followers aware about collections arriving currently alongside cool tips , styling ideas and promotions being run currently!

4) Join Live Chat Services

Using live chat services on the fashion nova website could be beneficial because communication exchanges occur in real-time . Customers are free to ask any questions pertaining purchasing products online store or retrieve information regarding product inventory status such as size availability etcetera .

5) Review FAQ on website

It’s common knowledge that many commonly encountered issues including return guidelines involving essential details like refund time frame upon receipt of returned items ;could already have answers addressed/resolved within Frequently Asked Question segments available under official ‘Customer Service’ page featured prominently on homepage site.The FAQ either provide useful guidance towards resolving problems independently if applicable ,or minimizes explanations required later when professionals from Fashion Nova reviews submitted inquiries for feedback or resolution.


Fashion Nova has come a long way in the fashion retail industry and cemented itself within trendy millennial/celebrity spheres, meaning its customer support team often needs to be available to relay necessary shopping insights whilst troubleshooting possible issues too. Customers could deploy traditional methods such as calling or emailing with questions; alternatively utilise appropriate social media platforms through which they’re active on first time by initiating direct messages or attending to Live Chat services backed up with FAQ pages bursting with helpful information surrounding areas like payment / shipment guidelines ,simple quick fixes and how-tos that help shoppers best shop smarter!

It’s our hope this article provided you in-depth insight towards contacting Fashion Nova henceforth so you can address any concerns accordingly without any headaches along the way.