As a YouTube user, finding and adding videos to playlists is a common occurrence. There may be times where you’re searching for a specific video to add to your playlist but can’t seem to find it. This may lead you to believe that the video is unavailable or has been removed from YouTube.

However, there are different reasons why a YouTube video may not appear in search results or suggested videos, including it being set as private by the uploader, unlisted, deleted, or even blocked in your country due to copyright issues.

If you want to find videos that are missing from your playlist or completely unavailable on YouTube so you can still enjoy them whenever you want without having trouble looking for them again and again then read on!

In this article, we will discuss some helpful tips and tricks that will help you locate those elusive youtube videos so they can be added back into playlists easily.

1. Check if the video is set as Private

1. Check if the video is set as Private

When uploading a new video onto YouTube users have three options: “Public”, “Unlisted” and “Private”. If the uploaded chose “Private”, then only people who have received permission from the account owner will be able to view the content. Therefore if an individual’s album was uploaded privately discussed at hand won’t be visible unless access permission were given while Unlisted Videos would show up under public channels but accessible through link directly only

To check whether any of your desired videos are uploaded with settings of Private follow these steps:

Step 1: Login into your Youtube Account.

Step 1: Login into your Youtube Account.
Step 2: Click on Video Manager (upper right corner)
Step 3: Select Manage Videos option
Step 4: Underneath Privacy setting column see which of them says – ‘Private’

Should this setting be identified here- reaching out directly for authorized access could unlock usage of such desired content.

2. Search via Direct Link

You could try locating problematic files by exploring websites other than conventional ones standing apart from the giants of online streaming. These less common sites may have what you’ve been looking for or can serve as an alternative source where you would also be able to access your playlist with it again.

To obtain a direct Youtube link, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Click on the video that you want to search.
Step 3: Copy the URL from the address bar on top of your browser tab.
Step 4: Open another window and visit or any search engine site in use
Step 5- Paste the copied URL within “Search Box”. If this returns no results try (integrated) youtube’s own search bar.

Resulting in finding out such unavailable content not only aid playlists but maximizes chances of reaching an original uploader for reasoning behind Private uploads.

3. Look through Browser Cache Files

Your internet browsers caches Search history as well pointer files known as Thumbnails making retrieval easy even after loss happened. However having large size cache settings could slow down browsing performance and storage space usage on devices which discourages frequent clearing, A possible downside is if cached files were deleted by browser settings renders them irrecoverable too.

Different browsers provide different methods to view their cache file systems check below methods provided :

For Google Chrome:
step 1 – At Chrome main screen Select three dots near upper right corner
step 2 – Go For More Tools
step – Find Developer tools option at bottom among others
This brings up Dev ToolWindow open under “Network” section going into “Xhr” Tab displaying all requests made using XHR serving users to preview contents found till here

For Mozilla Firefox :
step1 – Open Firefox ‘about:cache’ Command webpage
step2- Browse Location Tabs Available via scrolling downwards reaches ‘disk’
Following Access attempts lands upon temporarily saved images location/tab should be searched before purging from device earlier discussed above due further Recovery possibility. Simply copying the image addresses in browser from maybe a preview site/content available after going through thumbnails could lead to playback and referring bookmark URL or directly inputting it within YouTube Search bar might restore the video.

4. Use Archive website Wayback Machine

The internet’s archive system called the Wayback machine is a time capsule allowing users to view how websites looked and browsed on different dates across history easily accessible online, So you can try accessing unavailable content with ease.

To access this portal for lost Youtube media follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Click on “Wayback Machine” Tab.
Step 3: Enter into the blank text box any past date when browsing/sharing of your playlist was normal
step- Go Submitting Button/loading up page underneath navigates server containing information regarding every popular URLs out there
After system initialization completing, an option next to search asked whether archiving should occur if answered positively from now onwards whenever requested pages updated by hosted blogs/aggregators shall be stored as provides room for Restore chances which also delivers much needed peace of mind.

5. Connect with uploader via Social Media

In rare scenarios should none of above methods serve useful- Reaching out privately would prove to be last resort and one may connect with original broadcast creator/uploader outside of youtube’s control area mostly social media platforms like Facebook , instagram handle or Twitter account etc.

However before taking this step, searching forums given under replay sections or community tabs provided -someone else possible expressed similar issues onto same topic hence someone there having found some reasonable solution where such topics fit under relevant category sharing discoveries addressed at hand.

To sum up

While it can be frustrating not being able to find certain videos that you wanted added back in playlists, it is always worth trying everything in terms too many avenues once exhausted another opens way enabling faster recovery even helpful website tools and tips/tricks shared over time proves effective in combating similar issues many have faced which would enhance overall user experience on YouTube.