Hustle dancing is a popular style danced at social events like weddings, clubs, parties, and more. The hustle originated in the 1970s as a variation of disco with an independent footwork style. It’s now enjoyed all over the world due to its versatile steps, upbeat tempo music, and fun atmosphere.

In this article, we will take you through step-by-step instructions for how to do the hustle dance, from basic moves to advanced techniques.

Hustle Dance Steps:

Hustle Dance Steps:

1. Counting The Beats: In order to be able to do any dance steps properly on music it’s important that you know how many beats are in each count of music. The Hustle follows a 4-count rhythm with each count lasting one beat., which falls under non-traditional time signatures (such as 2/2 or cut time). That means two beats go into every measure or bar of music.

Count – “one-and-two-and-three-and-four”

2. Basic Step: Start by standing tall and relaxed while facing your partner. As you hear the first two counts start stepping forward with your left foot followed by right foot on “and” then continue repeating these movements until you finish counting up-to four i.e.”One-And-Two-And-Three And Four”.

3.Side Rock Step: To perform this move simply rock sideways using your lead leg(Left) making sure that weight transfers onto new leg staying within close proximity /embraced position while performing this movement maintain good posture throughout.

4.Turns; Turning in Hustle is one fundamental movement because without turning there’ll be very little progression with other moves taught below.the essential thing when it comes to turn is consistency so that both leads & followers can anticipate what’s coming next thereby reducing tense moments during transiton of moves.;-

5.Open Break ; Separating away briefly then getting back together .To understand the open break, simply alternate the opening leg stepping to the side while bending your knees slightly. This movement should be done while pushing together your partnered hands then using them swiftly retract.Finish with a rock step.

6.Crossover turn: The cross-over turn is one of the essential moves every Hustle dancer needs to know because it’s used frequently, and also lead into many other steps./moves.In order to perform this move properly make sure you’re close enough without physically bumping into each other. lift left foot /right as lead leg crossing it over in front of right/leading over follower’s head allowing her/him walking underneath.

7.Sideways spin; can either be performed by yourself or with a partner holding hands at shoulder height level,.While maintaining loose grip on handed hold leading quickly taking two side steps in which one’s back has turned towards forward position spinning round 360 degrees or as much needed until melody transitions making an entrance for style variety i.e. go down low, performing salsa dips etc .

8.Opposite hand toss ;The opposite hand toss is a Hustle dance move that accentuates and spices things up if executed proficiently.through transferring weight towards one’s foot swing arms & bodies apart,rather than pulling away,hands flip out letting follow pass through open space created
Dance Techniques To Master:

1.Timing:The timing dictates how fast or slow you should do different dance moves depending on the music/beat .In order to master perfect timing it advisable to listen carefully ,with regular Practice help learning process.

2.Footwork Technique:
It`s important that dancers keep their feet close-together when executing fundamental movements.This will enable both leads & Followers stay synchronized.The foundation provides good structure balance then assist new incoming complex moves.

Hustle Dance Isolation exercises are essential quality techniques not only motor control but also fluidity ,response time & musicality.i.e shifting the weight on one leg allows another to glide effortlessly and make a focal-point.

4.Body Movement: It’s important that dancers keep their body movements relaxed, light ,sharp & quirky allowing you to dance quickly for extended periods without much fatigue. Dance floors are not only rigorous but also stressful without proper can easily create tension on limb joints in lower back resulting into injuries.

5.Quality Etiquette ; In dancing etiquette is critical , i.e making sure there`s adequate space for one s ` partner making smooth transitions ;upholding good personal hygiene preserving other people’s dignity giving ample time as Leads giving clear direction of where each move leads.


Dancing the Hustle is exciting, fun and entertaining when executed properly through continuous practice it’s very common to these mistakes; failing to execute beat timing, awkward body stance leading tangle of legs & arms.Well-executed hustle dances takes patience persistence discipline essentially practicing with right individuals helps achieve expected outcomes.Hustle is a great way to learn new movement varieties coordinating together keeps active being an aerobic exercise promoting mental & physical well-being.Don’t hesitate get up-&-dance!