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The shmoney dance has taken the world by storm since its introduction in Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga” music video back in 2014. The infectious move became a sensation and went viral all over social media, inspiring countless videos of people dancing to it.

If you’re looking to join in on the fun and learn how to do the shmoney dance correctly, then this article is for you! In this guide, we’ll break down step-by-step what you need to know so that you can nail this iconic hip-hop dance move.

Step One: Finding Your Rhythm

Step One: Finding Your Rhythm

The first thing that needs attention when learning any new movement or style starts with finding your rhythm. To achieve success with shmoney dancing, it’s essential to have some sense of beat timing as well as body coordination.

Keep your ears open while listening closely; let yourself get comfortable with various sample tracks from different genres while tapping your feet simultaneously.

Step Two: Starting Position

Step Two: Starting Position

Shmoney Dancing begins not by using one’s hands but by moving legs forward and backwards through small hops during synchronized movements (left forward hop followed by right backward jump).

When we say “small,” we are talking about hops low enough such that one retains their full upright posture throughout execution without losing balance or control of foot placement. These mini-jumps will set up your body position for subsequent steps fluently and give momentum needed later on during moves like slide or crossing leg cross arm gesture technique.

Here are some general directions before getting into more specifics:

● Begin standing straight up tall
● Place feet apart shoulder-width approximately
● Put both hands at waist level

Step Three – Start Leaning/ Tilt Pelvis Forward

At beat three after beats two which consist of eleven hits plus quickly followed by the even row of similar beats performed until measure sixteen of any track used as background music, a critical feature includes tilting pelvis with butt and abs tucked in forward direction.

With your hands still at waist level, start to lean or tilt the upper body slightly. This move must be done simultaneously with flexing hips forward. The purpose is to give momentum for subsequent steps, so it’s important not to rush this gesture before pushing back through your feet again.

Step Four – Crossing Leg Cross Arm Gesture Technique

Going down into a modified sitting position from here might sound simple enough; however, shmoney dance adds an extra twist when crossing leg cross-arm gesture that requires accuracy while using both right and left sides of the body together without throwing balance off-center or crashing towards surroundings during execution.

Move your right foot horizontally over your left leg and keep them close together until you feel comfortable. Meanwhile, take your right arm up above shoulder height outstretched while raising left hand opposite up alongside hip side-by-side overlapping front of torso after tucking right elbow underneath the wrist maintaining angles perpendicular between forearms properly aligned relative limbs’ length shapes involved appropriately on either side.

Step Five – Slide Movement Itself

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In conclusion, the Shmoney Dance is a fun and easy hip-hop move to learn that has taken over social media like wildfire. To do it correctly, you need to find your rhythm first, master the starting position and posture technique, perform various hopping movements consistently throughout execution with both legs without losing balance or control of foot coordination accurately and further practice crossing leg cross-arm gesture that requires attention to detail while remaining balanced before smashing onto slides seamlessly followed by nailing end with personality flair expressive emotions truly making it own form creative expression flowing motions beautifully crafted representing some unique perspectives on contemporary street dancing. With enough patience and effort invested in learning the steps outlined above using guide properly aimed towards proper posture technique executing rhythmic measures moving fluidly enabling seamless transitions between different stages done right will lead any aspiring dancer possibility reaching famed heights ultimate shmoney dance prodigiousness as well!