As the popularity of Discord has grown, many users have faced a common problem: how to DM someone on the app without actually being friends with them. While it may seem like an impossible feat at first, there are actually several ways to get in touch with other users even if you don’t have a mutual server or friend in common. In this article, we’ll dive into some of the most effective techniques for reaching out to new people on Discord.

1. Join public servers

1. Join public servers

One of the easiest ways to message someone on Discord is by joining public servers that interest you and engaging with other members. Many communities allow open channels where members can chat freely about relevant topics or discuss their interests without needing any pre-existing relationship. If you find someone who seems friendly and share similar interests, shoot them a direct message (DM) by hovering over their username and clicking “Message.” Keep in mind that some larger servers might require certain roles or permissions before accessing messaging features.

2. Introduce yourself

2. Introduce yourself

If you’re not ready to enter large servers due to shyness or concerns about anonymity, consider creating your own server solely for meeting new people through text channels such as #introductions or #friend-searching. Write up an introduction post detailing who you are, what hobbies and games you enjoy playing, and what kind of friends/networks would suit your needs best – for example, if you’re looking for gaming buddies for Warzone or Fortnite sessions versus chatting about anime recommendations!

3. Use Direct Message Enabler bots

Another option is using bots available specifically designed for allowing non-friends/mutual servers users sent DMs within one-click method- shortcuts explained below! Some popular ones include “MEE6,” “Carl-bot,” “EmbedSocial,” “Discord To Gmail Bot”. Look up these bots on Google Search or check repositories like GitHub increasing accessibility now more than ever especially since they come equipped with artificial intelligence.

4. Look up hashtags

#DiscordFriends, #DiscordLookingForFriends, or other related tags on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are a helpful resource for users searching for common interests and communication channels. These hashtags will help you find others looking to connect with like-minded individuals. Also consider that these posts may be shared by potential scammers – proceed with caution.

5. Use Discord Partner Communities

User-accessible programming team “Atomized LLC”, known as ServerBoosts acts as Discord Community Partners: handpicked communities praised by the official development organization trending strongly in the given month together receiving aid from its esteemed followers as well nominated moderators of different profile areas such as IT experts, mental health professionals, gaming industry advisors and YouTube content creators among others – utilizing their networking skills could potentially lead to newfound friend-companionship despite not being yet friends on-discord.

6. Avoid spamming messages

It’s essential to avoid repeatedly messaging someone who has shown no interest in connecting with you or responding at all may come off persistently aggressive unlike your intentions’ motives leading them towards reporting/blocking actions instead of granted direct message access they initially took part in – respect their boundaries even if it means waiting longer periods before another attempt becomes necessary similar online environment respected norms apply here too!

7.Be patient

Lastly important is patience – building relationships takes time through mutual interests through conversations small talk grows into close bonds inevitably formed over time which make priceless video-gaming joys possible! Understandably some may have pre-existing rapport already established within another group making new connections difficult but do remember there are many ways friendship grows organically sans artificial forceful behavior blooming naturally over numberless after-game sessions chatting about hobbies, movies, favorite streamers boosting morale when down – believe that meaningful friendships destined will arise provided enough effort put forth along enjoyment derived from establishing significant emotional bonds later developing strong camaraderie enjoyed a lifetime long providing entertainment and excitement, not to mention emotional support. Everyone started somewhere!

In conclusion, there are many ways to message someone on Discord without being friends first. Whether through joining public servers or communities, utilizing bots that allow you DM access despite no existing mutual server/friendship between yourself or connecting through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram together with patience enjoyed throughout newfound friendships chat weekly in discord voice channels gathering discussion on most recent games/movies news daily to keep the momentum going – never give up hope for fruitful lasting meaningful bonds eventual development before long becomes reality perhaps leading into lifelong companionship unforgettable times spent listening/playing games as a group with limitless laughter and joy shared among all members involved!