Uber Eats is one of the most popular food delivery services in the world. It allows you to order food from restaurants near you and have it delivered to your door by an Uber driver. While this service has become extremely popular, sometimes it may happen that you need to cancel an order due to various reasons.

In this article, we’re going to explore how you can cancel an Uber Eats order, specifically when a driver is already on their way to deliver the food.

Steps for cancelling an Uber Eats order:

Steps for cancelling an Uber Eats order:

Step 1: Open the app

The first step is simple enough – just open up your Uber Eats app on your smartphone. Once the app opens up, confirm that you are logged in with your account.

Step 2: Go onto ‘Orders’

Once logged in, check out your current orders by clicking on Orders which should be underlined at the bottom of your screen if there’s a pending or ongoing delivery. If not visible for any reason scroll down till u see recent tab then click or tap Recent which will show all past orders made through uber eats platform via same profile or account

Step 3: Cancel Order option

Find and select the specific delivery that needs cancellation (if multiple) then look out for CANCEL ORDER within its description available somewhere underneath – keep scrolling down until u eventually see it appearing at some point usually around midway between each Recent deliveries details & options like DETAILS , HELP amongst other things.

Another method catering slightly different steps where there isn’t exit button:

> In case user cannot find CANCEL ORDER button
At certain times uber system runs into issues maybe because of their servers overload implying they might experience technical glitched hence customers could try taking following shortcuts:
– Jump straight into Account icon/ symbol located usually top left corner- varies depending upon android version but generally looks like circle with face inside.
– From drop-down menu so fetched-click Help,
– Next click on Cancel my Order/nearby queries – this option usually appears as soon as an order is being placed to confirm Customer’s query regarding requesting cancellation of delivery.

Step 4: Tap Confirm Cancellation

Upon tapping the Cancel Order button. A warning message will appear, questioning if the user sure about their choice? This question comes because there might be money involved that can get taken out from their account quite quickly through deduction hence choose your decision carefully.
To further cancel any case close to unavoidable then right away tap on “Confirm Cancellation” alternative available which indicates taking responsibility for actions and ending everything else present for an hour or so maximum depending upon distance driver already covered up until now.

Note: If driver had acquired food from the restaurant then it might result in refunding payment process causing a relay of extra steps however most orders are cancelled while they’re still at restaurants waiting to fulfill them no disturbance is caused. Hence if anyone wishes ease of use while cancelling delivery since they cannot find related option simply call/message uber eats support team who often take prompt action within minutes after analyzing customers issue and complaints dislodged against drivers/vendors thereby aiding users with smooth return processes without much effort or hassle.


Using Uber Eats for your food deliveries has its advantages–it’s simple enough and fast. However, sometimes situations arise where you may need to cancel your delivery request before completion- either due mistake or change in plans altogether While cancellation is indeed possibility remember that care should be taken interpreting options like YES/ NO popping-up during termination process since they’re essentially undertakings meaning once confirming No further tread forward exists reverting changes initiated earlier unless directly contacting customer service team – there’s always hope where unicorns offer customization error fixes precise advice eliminating extra added pressure / stress we carry around due things not going our way.
As the world evolves, so does our way of life. Thanks to technology, we can now order food from any restaurant and have it delivered to us with just a few clicks on our mobile phone apps. One of these food delivery services which has made things easier for people is Uber Eats.

Uber Eats is a virtual marketplace linking restaurants with drivers who then deliver the food right to the front doorsteps of customers. The interface is seamless enough that often, people are left wondering how simple it can be cancelling orders through this platform or what they may entail once such decisions have been taken.

In this article, we will explore various steps you need to take in order to cancel an Uber Eats order when a driver is already en route with your order.

Step 1: Open the app

The first step towards cancelling an ongoing order using Uber Eats starts by opening up the app on one’s smartphone. After launching, log into your account and wait for all previous orders to load if accessing new device altogether. Ensure that you view active or recent request somewhere underlined visibly featuring information about chosen restaurant as well status indicators like ETA along tracking information for upcoming deliveries set in place.

Step 2: Go onto ‘Orders’ menu

From opened tab – start off next section- within options tab located at bottom click tap Orders from where all pending/fulfilled requests categorized into either On Their Way / Upcoming/Delivered – select desired preference based upon current requirement making sure wrong choice isn’t clicked inadvertently.

Step 3: Find CANCEL ORDER button

Once logged in and previous requests loaded successfully search selected items clicking icon zoom magnifying-glass close-by its name or scroll down till reached alternative option reading Cancel Order available same spot where most details offered giving users clear-cut focus upon their queries without having anything else interrupting while processing similar info too soon ensuring successful termination process mutually benefiting both parties involved but mostly providing utmost customer satisfaction thanks to Uber’s commitment towards securing its customers interests.

Alternatively, a situation may arise where someone cannot find the cancel order button due to an in-app glitch of sorts. In such scenarios try each following approach improvising upon existing information to best suit one’s dire needs:

Jump straight into Account icon/ symbol located usually top left corner- similar in size and shape but varies depending upon android version.
From drop-down menu so fetched-click Help;
Next click on Cancel my Order/nearby queries
Finally choose affirmative alternatives available calling for immediate confirmation via upfront messages asking whether They’re Sure About Their Cancellation Decision/Maybe Think Again Choices before finally confirming your requests through appropriate clicks preceding multiple warnings about repercussions Money being Debited from Accounts If Too Late To Act Upon Because Such Times Call For Immediate Action Taken By Customers Without Delay.

Step 4: Tap Confirm Cancellation

Upon tapping the cancel order button (“YES” if using alternate way) it instantly reflecting up-to-date status within ongoing orders marked as cancelled with rider being notified about action complete along cancellation return policies before validating/rejecting customer’s refunds which sometimes takes much longer than ideal time frames envisioned by user but settled calm communication underway requesting both parties cooperate facilitate outcome possible error correction reasons enabling smoother transactions future dealings alike avoiding inconvenience last minute changes detrimental added pressure while waiting things fall place again seamlessly like before – rest assured issues have been dealt with professionally, responsibly & satisfactorily solving underlying customer grievances driving immense user satisfaction relative ease removing friction points when transacting.


The process of cancelling an Uber Eats order is relatively easy and can be done at any point during delivery while still offering convenience without unintended delays or extra costs coming forth due impulsive decisions made blindly amidst sheer lack foresightful thinking pattern emerging over prolonged periods leading users onto wrong foot altogether complicating issues further down line effectively doubling arduous tasks involved unnecessarily stretching patience thresholds beyond limits resulting in unnecessary wastage time/money.

Plan intelligently beforehand by scrutinizing every option so provided along potential scenarios that may occur throughout delivery window – otherwise rely on Uber Eats customer service helpdesk aka “Unicorn” collaborating with customers in real-time available answer any queries or solve emerging issues quickly giving best possible options via prompt feedback mechanisms. At the end of the day, what matters most is efficient management processes prioritizing consumers’ interests first while fostering professionalism easing transition riders/customers alike benefiting all parties diligently acting necessary steps taken coordinating smoothly together thereby ensuring optimal utility derived through seamless cancellation procedures not only for one but everyone involved, regardless how long they’ve been using Uber Eats services!