As the leader of the Peaky Blinders, Tommy Shelby is seen as a badass and ruthless character who always knows how to get what he wants. He has become one of television’s most interesting characters due to his cunning personality, intelligence, and fearless attitude. From gunfights in the streets to dealing with gangsters and politicians alike – Thomas Shelby is a force to be reckoned with.

But how can you emulate such a complex character? How can you learn from him and bring some of that same energy into your own life? In this article, we will provide some tips on how you too can be like Thomas Shelby.

1. Be confident

1. Be confident

Tommy Shelby exudes confidence wherever he goes. Whether he’s walking down an alleyway or sitting across from his enemies in boardrooms, there’s an undeniable confidence about him that makes people take notice.

Being confident means knowing your strengths and weaknesses well enough that you don’t need outside validation or approval from others. Trust yourself and believe in your abilities; don’t hesitate when it comes time to make decisions or take action.

2. Stay Cool Under Pressure

2. Stay Cool Under Pressure

One thing that sets Tommy apart from everyone else is his ability to keep calm under pressure – no matter what happens around him. Even when things seem impossible or catastrophic – Tommy stays collected.

To stay cool under pressure make sure you have prepared for all possible scenarios ahead of time so nothing catches you off guard when things get tough.

3.Be Analytical

Looking at problems logically may not come naturally but it definitely helps solve them better than just using gut feelings alone.. Take inspiration from Thomas’ analytical mind-drawing diagrams, creating flowcharts—whatever works for solving any problem laid before us! Don’t make decisions based purely on emotions; Instead use analysis methodically which will help achieve success more successfully!

4.Follow through with goals

From day-to-day operations running illegal businesses involve risky propositions which create critical decisions that disturb everyday life and need to be carefully weighed before making any hasty decisions. Thomas Shelby consistently achieves what he sets out to do, no matter how difficult it may seem. This is the mark of true leadership.

By following through on your goals make sure you’re taking realistic steps each week towards achieving them until finally reaching success!

5.Communicate effectively

Talk is cheap! One needs to communicate effectively in order to achieve their goals. When dealing with his enemies or allies Tommy always communicates clearly and efficiently whether its verbal language or body language it’s crystal-clear and consistent throughout all forms of communication, this helps everyone understand where they stand.

To become like Tommy Shelby consider attending public speaking courses learn about body language so people will be able read your thoughts just from looking at you!

6.Be Strategic

Tommy’s strategies are legendary even under the most challenging situations. He always thinks through every possible scenario and adapts as needed in response as circumstances change — which makes him unstoppable.

Developing a strategic mind can allow for more efficiency, equipping one with tools for prioritising tasks etc., so that deadlines can be met ahead of schedule whilst delivering only top quality work.

7.Be Street Smart

Growing up fighting made Tommy a fighter both physically and mentally – this gave Tom some street smarts on handling any type of situation one could encounter on the cobblestone streets.

Learning street smarts involves staying alert, recognizing threats before they become harmful creating clever solutions when faced against unexpected scenarios.

8.Family First Always!

The Shelbys have always been loyal to each other stemming from thick-and-thin engagements- mainly due deep-set traditions held within family members although while extending friendship towards outsiders….there’s an unbreakable bond between blood relations commonly referred as “us against the world!”

Family was everything for Tommy–which guide him through personal struggles ~ consequently helping solve business problems whilst securing power amongst peers without losing sight of his ideals.

By staying true to your relatives, building trust and following through on promises is what makes them want to put you first in adversity knowing that loyalty will not go unrewarded.

Final Thoughts

Becoming like Thomas Shelby isn’t easy but it’s an admirable goal nonetheless. It requires determination, intelligence, street smarts, loyalty and strategic thinking all wrapped up into one strong personality. With these few tips highlighted above as stepping stones eventually manifesting into a stronger bolder self-improvement- be the Tommy/Shelby of your life — using confidence wisely whilst bringing others along for the ride creating a strong bond between people from different backgrounds cultures or social classes once unified elevate each other towards greatness!