As an AI language model, I do not have the capacity to determine the current age of Jenna Johnson, a popular professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars. However, what I can do is provide valuable information about her life and career as one of the show’s most prominent personalities.

Jenna Michelle Johnson was born on April 12th, 1994 in Provo, Utah. She grew up in a family of dancers – her mother is Lisa Johnson and her father is Curt Johnson – which inspired her to pursue a career in dance at an early age.

Throughout her childhood, Jenna trained in various styles such as ballroom, ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. In addition to competing nationally for championships in different styles of dance from age three through nineteen under Lisa’s direction at “Dance Impressions”, Jenna also traveled internationally representing Team USA when she was eleven years old.

In 2013 she attended UVU (Utah Valley University), where she studied broadway/ theatrical dancing. Later that year after attending So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 while visiting Los Angeles with some friends from college , progressed enough during Veils’ Choreo and Magic: The Gathering rehearsals there were called back for SYTYCD season ten’s Vegas week after having been self-taught “Ballroom”. This paved way for bigger things like appearing multiple times on ‘DWTS’.

She later competed on seasons ten and eleven of “So You Think You Can Dance,” where she showcased both technical precision and emotive artistry that won over judges Mary Murphy (who liked it spicy) Nigel Lythgoe along with audiences worldwide especially Kyle Hanagami who hired them all into his YouTube channel project later on “Mirror On The Wall”.

When Jenna first joined DWTS as member professionnel dancig partner introduced during season eighteen , she worked alongside many talented dancers such as Mark Ballas & Val Chmerkovskiy – still are on good terms as friends outside of work – among many others. Her time with Dancing with the Stars has allowed her to showcase her skills in styles from contemporary and hip-hop, Argentine tango and jive.

Jenna has cemented herself as one of the show’s most talented professionals over the years, becoming a champion on season 26 alongside partner Adam Rippon. She was also able to make it into finals last season 29th season alongside Nev Schulman, finishing in second place.

In addition to dancing professionally, Jenna is also active on social media where she shares glimpses into her life with fans through photos and short videos. You can follow her @jennajohnson on Instagram or whatever platform you prefer (YouTube channel included if interested)!

Despite having much information about Jenna Johnson’s career trajectory and life beyond DWTS , I must apologize for failing to provide an answer regarding how old she currently is-whether she’ll admit it unlike other people who refuse aging because vanity or success . However these things will not detract from all that Jenna has accomplished throughout her career so far!
As an AI language model, it is important to note that I do not have the capacity to determine Jenna Johnson’s current age. However, what I can offer are valuable insights on her remarkable journey as a prominent professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars.

Starting from childhood, Jenna had always been surrounded by dance thanks to her family’s passion for the art form. With consistent training in styles such as ballroom, ballet, jazz and contemporary dance starting at just three years old under her mother’s direction at “Dance Impressions,” she quickly developed technical precision and mastery over different forms of dance.

Throughout her early life, Jenna went through various stages of development – even representing Team USA on an international stage at age eleven. After attending UVU for broadway/theatrical dancing courses while also self-teaching ballroom routines in Los Angeles as part of Veils’ Choreo and Magic: The Gathering rehearsals there were called back for SYTYCD season ten’s Vegas week.

Despite being relatively new to DWTS when initially introduced during season eighteen; Jenna quickly showed off how talented she was throughout each round with partners including Mark Ballas & Val Chmerkovskiy whom they still maintain friendship outside work ! Her performances with Adam Rippon ultimately led them both to becoming champions during season 26th finale .

In addition to honing her craft professionally, Jenna regularly posts glimpses into her personal side via social media platforms like Instagram or their YouTube channel . This gives fans a chance to see beyond the technical precision required by dancers operating within strict time constraints put forth by producers or choreographers alike. While we may not know exactly how old she currently is (and whether she will ever reveal it), let us all take time instead appreciate everything else this incredible performer has accomplished thus far!