Planet Fitness is one of the largest and most popular gyms in the United States. Their facilities cater to people of all ages who want to improve their health and fitness through regular exercise. However, when it comes to age limits, many potential members are unsure about if they can join Planet Fitness.

So, how old do you have to be for Planet Fitness? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the policies surrounding age limits at Planet Fitness locations throughout the country.

Minimum Age Requirements

Minimum Age Requirements

According to Planet Fitness’s official policy on membership eligibility, you must be at least 13 years old to become a member. This minimum age requirement applies across all of their gym locations in the United States.

That being said, there are some states where local laws may require higher minimum ages for gym memberships or restrict access altogether. For example, in California, minors between 14 and 18 years old require written consent from a parent or guardian before they can participate in physical activity at any gym facility. It is always important to check your state’s laws regarding age restrictions before deciding whether you are eligible for membership at any given facility.

Junior Memberships

Junior Memberships

While anyone over the age of 13 is technically allowed to sign up for a standard Planet Fitness membership plan with full access benefits like free fitness training classes and tanning booths (if applicable), Junior Memberships may be available depending on location-specific regulations as well.

Some clubs offer junior memberships specifically designed for teens aged 15-17 who want more limited access than adult members but still get active regularly within safe confines. Junior Membership options vary from club-to-club but typically provide basic amenities such as cardio equipment and weight machines while restricting entry into other areas of the club like Free Weight Rooms with serious lifters around that could pose dangers towards inexperienced young children’s safety concerns..

While not required by law or policy reasons alone – parents should consider these less expensive junior packages first since they can be more appropriate for teenagers just starting to explore the fitness world using a gym.

Parental Supervision Requirements

Planet Fitness requires anyone under the age of 18 who is interested in membership, whether it’s an adult or junior plan option, to have written permission from their parents or legal guardians. This provides coverage for insurance purposes and ensures that there are no misunderstandings about liability if any accidents occur on site.

Furthermore, minors between the ages of 13-17 are required to check-in with a parent or guardian upon arrival every single time they visit the gym due to potential hazards that arise when exercising around heavy equipment, weights and machines which may pose risks towards inexperienced young children who may misuse them without proper supervision support around; even seasoned adults often ask another member for help navigating various fitness devices safely!

If you’re hoping to accompany your child during their workouts at Planet Fitness as either a workout buddy or general safety support role on site further down in our article we’ll discuss available options below but keep in mind that company policies vary by location here too so again do some research before heading out.

Family Memberships

While Planet Fitness does not offer special family memberships rates themselves – this same release form signed by parents/guardians also allows teens aged 15-17 free entry into adult memberships for families willing to pay monthly fees together instead of separate individual charges all year-round! Since these costs can add up quickly becoming costly long term arrangements in some cases depending on what region/city/country everyone resides within – be mindful of your budget based upon each case’s circumstances before agreeing fully!


So how old do you have to be for Planet Fitness? Technically speaking, anyone over the age of 13 is eligible. However, local regulations surrounding minimum age requirements should always play a factor in considering if your teen would benefit from joining such a venue where risk associated injuries could happen if left unattended (not being properly supervised). Additionally, Junior Memberships and Parental Supervision are important considerations that come up if you are under the age of 18.

Ultimately, it’s always best to do your research and inquire with potential local Planet Fitness locations ahead of time before providing any consent permission forms or signing up anything legal. Each location may have its unique membership policies for different members (seniors vs teens) Furthermore, having a parental support system could be beneficial over inexperienced minors searching online on their own without much guidance in handling crazy situations sometimes with friendly strangers who might offer so called fitness advice – especially at late hours when most people usually work out in activities like these!

Overall – deciding how old is appropriate for joining such facilities depends on individual circumstances given available resources at hand to achieve fitness goals like gaining strength or shedding unwanted pounds. Depending upon the case, more affordable options may still exist outside using your local city park gyms’ regularly scheduled times thus depending entirely on specific needs assessments only + skill-set abilities instead during regular day-to-day living conjoined workout routines and schedulable commitments!