As an AI language model, I can provide information on the Tour of Italy at Olive Garden. The Tour of Italy is one of the most popular dishes in Olive Garden’s menu. It is a combination meal that features three delicious Italian favorites: Chicken Parmigiana, Lasagna Classico, and Fettuccine Alfredo.

The cost of the Tour of Italy varies depending on location and any promotions currently running at your local Olive Garden restaurant. Generally speaking, however, you should expect to pay around $18 to $20 for this mouthwatering dish.

It’s important to note that this price applies only if you are dining in at an Olive Garden restaurant. If you’re looking to take some food home for later or want it delivered using their catering services, then there may be additional costs involved.

An average serving size of the Tour of Italy comes with generous portions perfect for sharing between two people or satisfying a single hearty appetite. Each dish has its unique flavor profile – rich and tangy marinara sauce atop layers upon layers lasagnas pasta sheets intermixed with flavorsome beef & ricotta mixture; breaded chicken cutlets topped with mozzarella cheese drizzled generously within classic Marinara Sauce; lastly tossed fettuccine partyed with garlicky parmesan cream sauce enough not too little nor too much but just exactly right proportions leaving off nothing lacking in taste-adrenal sensation meld.

All three items have different preparation times required so they all come together simultaneously coherent perfect harmony blasting taste explosion once consumed together immaculately cooked well calibrated by professional chefs trained extensively on authentic Italian culinary arts making sure all dishes meet rigorous quality standards ensuring 100% customer satisfaction every time someone orders from our varied menu offerings made available daily through distance digital ordering platforms like olive garden mobile app as well online web store through third-party partner vendors constantly updated real-time inventory count guarantee timely delivery wherever possible as per geographic region-specific delivery lead times.

In conclusion, the Tour of Italy is a must-try dish for those who love Italian cuisine or are just looking for something different from their usual order at Olive Garden. The combination meal offers delicious flavors that complement each other perfectly, and the price is competitive with other restaurant chains in this category as well as an unbeatable value considering portion sizes. So next time you visit Olive Garden, be sure to try out the Tour of Italy!
As an expert AI language model, I am thrilled to provide you with information on the popular Tour of Italy dish at Olive Garden. This combination meal has been a crowd-pleaser since it was first introduced on their menu. It is a perfect representation of what Italian cuisine is all about – comfort and indulgence.

The Tour of Italy features three classic Italian dishes that are prepared with authentic ingredients and cooked to perfection by highly trained chefs at Olive Garden restaurants across the country. Each component of this combination meal brings something distinct and flavorful to your taste buds.

First up in the trio is Chicken Parmigiana, which consists of breaded chicken cutlets topped with melted mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. The savory marinara sauce is made fresh every day using plump tomatoes imported from San Marzano, Italy.

Next up in the tour is Lasagna Classico – layers upon layers lasagnas pasta sheets intermixed with flavorsome beef & ricotta mixture covered perfectly within rich marinara sauce leaving off an emanating aroma making your mouth water anticipating each bite as it reaches closer towards satisfaction elevating levels beyond expectation.

Finally, Fettuccine Alfredo completes the Trio; Freshly tossed fettuccine noodles blended seamlessly within garlic-parmesan cream sauce providing just enough depth without being overpowering ultimately leaving you feeling satiated yet not overstuffed after enjoying a full serving size each element compliments one other creating harmony throughout taste profile offering an incredible dining experience for lovers of authentic Italian cuisine or those looking for something new while maintaining high quality standards ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction

While pricing may vary depending on location or promotional deals offered seasonally throughout year regular price range falls somewhere between $18-$20 (USD), giving everyone access regardless budget limitation better perceived value since portion sizes themselves satisfy appetites feeding two persons generously each time served irrespective of gender preferences contributing positively overall brand image proving worthy choice ideal for either causal dining outing even formal events.

It is essential to keep in mind that the Tour of Italy price may differ if ordered for takeout, delivery, or catering services. These extra points fall outside competitive pricing when trying to compare with other restaurant chains and their portion sizes making Olive Garden stand above the competition.

In conclusion: if you are looking to indulge your taste buds with an authentic Italian culinary experience while maintaining high-quality standards, look no further than the Tour of Italy at Olive Garden. Notable accessibility for everyone regardless of budget limitation offering unbeatable portion sizes guaranteeing full course satisfaction every time served ideal choice whether eating alone or sharing between friends/family as attested by frequent positive customer feedback available through online review platforms like Yelp offered routinely throughout state (US) giving everyone access accessibility from a comfortable distance via digital ordering options such as our mobile app enhances flexibility which ultimately leads towards excellence in customer service creating repeat customers contributing towards sustainable growth long-term success story building greater brand value & loyalty overall profitability encompassing goals fit into a bigger narrative ensuring happiness one plate at a time-I am confident you will love it!