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Relaxium Sleep is a dietary supplement designed to promote healthy sleep patterns. It is formulated with natural ingredients that help calm the mind and body, reduce anxiety, stress, and other factors that affect the quality of sleep.

The cost of the product varies depending on where you purchase it from. On or for instance, 30 capsules are available for $39.99 while Walgreens stores sell Relaxium Sleep 60 capsules for $59.99 at retail price; higher than pricing offers when sourced online.

Relaxium sleep is not approved by FDA but claims to be manufactured under good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines which helps ensure quality control during production processes.

What Is Relaxium Sleep?

What Is Relaxium Sleep?

Created by Dr Eric Ciliberti -a clinical psychologist with over three decades of experience- Relaxium Sleep aims to improve overall health and mental wellness among users suffering from insomnia through its proprietary blend of natural compounds.

It seeks to enhance relaxation allowing consumers fall asleep faster yet maintain a peaceful slumber until morning so they feel revitalized throughout their waking hours suppressing excessive stress levels thereby improving cognitive functions as well as prevent several chronic diseases associated with sleep apnea like depression & heart malfunctions- making it a remedy preferred by many in contemporary days as adequate rest becomes increasingly difficult achieve due our fast-paced lifestyle.

According to Ciliberti’s research conducted on patients diagnosed with sleeping disorders across several countries including Italy & United States showed “more than 80% percent in those cases had experienced improved sleep functioning within two weeks after starting treatment using adaptogenic herbs found primarily around Central Asia especially Lithuanian origin” he said “their ability attain deep profound states without waking up easily continue soundly undisturbed despite underlying causes.”

What Are The Ingredients In Relaxium Sleep?

What Are The Ingredients In Relaxium Sleep?

Relaxium Sleep is formulated from a blend of natural compounds that have been clinically tested and proven to aid in relaxation, mood enhancement & stress reduction alongside aiding better sleep quality. They work synergistically to help users attain the optimal state for high-quality sleeping experience without causing any adverse effects which can accompany synthetic or prescription drug remedies.

The natural ingredients include:-

1. Valerian root extract – it is known as one of the popular relaxant herbs out there, and research has consistently proved its ability to improve sleep quality while reducing anxiety level.

2. Passionflower extract – This plant may have sedative properties that work on the nervous system by affecting GABA levels resulting in slower mind activity necessary for restful sleep patterns- helps aid relief with consistent use over time

3. Lemon balm leaf powder- Commonly used during ancient times by Greeks as well Arabia medicine; Lemon balm herb comes packed antioxidants capable improving brain function promoting calmness naturally; enhances long term usage benefits against Alzheimer disease prevention like conditions likewise ease menopausal symptoms too.

4. Chamomile flower extract – Chamomile contains apigenin, an antioxidant compound with anti-inflammatory properties serving as remedy psychosomatic disorders & other chronic infections relieving several cognitive dysfunctions that hinder adequate rest coupled together with mood elevation control during stressful moments.

5. L-Theanine -A nonessential amino acid commonly found within popular green tea plant especially originating Chinese brewed leaves which contain high concentration relaxing calming effects sought after regularly amongst people living highly demanding lifestyle environments works ideally supplement offering the same mental state all year round at your convenience alone fast acting formulation accordingly allowing quick onset free from drowsiness or other adverse effects sometimes experienced when consuming caffeine products beyond normal daily consumption levels.

6. Goji berry fruit powder – It contains beta-carotene-like pigments responsible guarding retinal tissue within eyes black currant alternate increasing brightness enhancing vision clarity; possess highest amount amino acids nonessential essential allowing maximum absorption well as vital minerals capable disinfecting bacteria triggering rapid recovery cycles when revitalizing effect is required.

7. Melatonin – Our brain naturally produces a hormone called melatonin which influences the sleep-wake cycle, helping us fall asleep and wake up at the appropriate times. Lack of this hormone could lead to insomnia-like symptoms making it critical for regulating deep restorative slumbers aiding REM growth enhancing cognitive functions post-sleep.

8. 5-HTP- A component precursor serotonin (happiness molecule) are neurotransmitters transmitting signals among nerve cells altering mood sensation triggers relaxation promoting calmness even combating depression anxiety disorders alike balancing emotional state leveled control reducing detrimental habits persistent thoughts consistently experienced by majority with poor sleep pattern often witnessed nowadays attributed work demands modern lifestyle demands existence in society.

9. Jujube seed extract – otherwise known commonly as red dates fruit found predominantly southeast Asia contains saponins, polysaccharides active constituents allowing reduction inflammation well serving anti-stress ingredient relaxing benefits boost immune system activity fortification while decreasing risk aura dysfunctions like stroke paralysis cardiovascular diseases through decreased levels cortisol within our system

Relaxium Sleep Is More Than Just A Sleeping Supplement

In conclusion, Relaxium Sleep formula offers a unique blend that promotes healthy mind-body connection boosting your psychological state thus contributing positively to good night’s sleep patterns translating into productivity during waking hours making it more than just any typical sleeping pill application alone enhanced with natural ingredients harmoniously blended together aimed creating comfortable sleeping experience alongside several other potential physical\mental health benefits also attainable from its consumption overtime regular usage costing anywhere between $39-$80 based on retailer platform preference targeted consumer needs selecting ideal dosage levels attesting effectiveness overall product package offered over time amongst customer basis recommendations out there uniformly agreeing sheer quality difference gained from consistent Relaxium supplement use .