Planet Fitness is a widely recognized and popular gym chain that provides affordable fitness options to people across the United States. Whether you’re looking for cardio machines, weight lifting equipment, or group fitness classes, Planet Fitness has something for all types of exercisers.

One question on many people’s minds when considering a Planet Fitness membership is how much their annual fee will be. In this article, we’ll explore what the typical cost of an annual membership at Planet Fitness is like and what kinds of fees might be included in your contract.

What Is the Annual Fee at Planet Fitness?

What Is the Annual Fee at Planet Fitness?

The standard annual fee for a single adult membership at Planet Fitness is $39. The good news about this fee is that it only gets charged one time per year rather than being assessed every month along with your regular dues.

This annual fee goes towards maintenance and upkeep of the facilities as well as updating equipment inside each gym location. At such an affordable price point compared to other gyms, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to join Planet Fitness over other facilities that charge more exorbitant yearly fees or have multiple entry payments throughout the year.

New members should also keep in mind that they may need to pay additional costs up front when signing up for their initial plan. This cost covers things like activation and key tag setup which enable access into any participating club location nationwide.

For example if your joining a Black Card membership plan you are going encounter further costs similar to:

- A yearly Black Card Membership Plan ranges between $219-$359

– A yearly Black Card Membership Plan ranges between $219-$359
– Additional member passes can range from between $10 – $15 depending on where you live.
– Adding perks says upgrading Shampooing soap dispenser prices could range between

Additionally there may be sales taxes reflected in final billing amount based on state laws where facility operates from.

How Can I Avoid Paying Annual Fees?

While paying an annual fee may seem inconvenient or undesirable, there aren’t too many ways around it at Planet Fitness. Since the fee is required for membership and included in your contract, you’ll need to pay it if you wish to continue working out at their gyms.

There are a couple of ways that members can reduce their annual fees however:

– Referring new members – If you refer someone who signs up for a monthly or yearly membership with Planet Fitness, you’ll receive money off of your own annual fee.
– Cancelling before renewal – Providing notice prior to 10th day of current plan cycle , cancelling within existing term avoids continued charges on next billing date. Ensure to read cancellation policy stated in all agreements documentation.

What’s Included with My Membership?

One thing that makes the cost of an annual Planet Fitness membership worthwhile is all the benefits that come along with it. Depending on which type of membership subscription plan selected, perks may include access free fitness training sessions classes, unlimited guest passes plus worldwide travel ports usage through with Black Card Plan amongst others available offerings/premiums.. Here are just some examples:

1. Unlimited Access To All Club Locations: With your magnet key tag and sign-up appointment-based card full-time access ability to use any participating location regardless if franchise operated gym-boutique or regular corporate facility work outs around USA

2.Free Training Sessions : Certified trainers could help further develop specific goals for cardiovascular weight/resistance boot camp style training workouts if needed

3.Huge Workout Space: Plenty room open spaces mostly no judgement zones designated lifting machines dumbbells availability cardio consoles etc provided throughout locations so patrons never feel cramped in personal space.

4.Wi-Fi Connection Options: Take advantage more productive staying connected whilst on treadmill/bike stepper machines (or during downtime)

5.Tension Relieving Hydro Massage lounge chairs/Total Body enhancement & Tanning Services available under upgraded Black Card level memberships options


When considering how much is planet fitness annual fees imposed upon its customer base? Annual dues costs amount to a relatively low $39 for most members, with additional fees payable if choosing higher priced plans along with inclusion of certain facility perks/upgrades. It is not possible to waive or reduce annual fee charges however Planet Fitness provides affordable access to workout equipment & amenities almost every location available convenient hours drive time away. They pride themselves on creating an atmosphere of equality and inclusivity within their clubs, which have earned them numerous loyal fans throughout the fitness scene in America..
Overall, Planet Fitness provides an affordable and accessible option for individuals looking to improve their fitness levels. Despite the annual fee that is required with membership, the benefits of joining make it worthwhile for many people.

It’s important to keep in mind that there may also be additional fees associated with certain types of membership plans or added perks like hydro massage lounge chairs or tanning services. However, these costs are often reasonable and can offer unique benefits to members who opt-in.

By providing unlimited access to all club locations, free training sessions with certified trainers, a wide array of workout equipment options throughout each facility location supported by Wi-fi connectivity options plus amenities such as Total Body Enhancement units; Planet Fitness has truly established itself as a great place where anyone can work towards their fitness goals.

Furthermore since cancellation policy allows users flexibility if notice given prior 10th day within current plan cycle before automatic billing then no surprised charges continually renewing thereafter can be expected either..

In conclusion, if you’re considering joining Planet Fitness – don’t let the annual fee discourage you! It’s an easily manageable cost compared to other gym chains on the market. And with all the advantages associated with your membership purchases there could not be better deal available today- So get started at becoming more healthier & fit right away!