As one of the most iconic cultural landmarks in the United States, Graceland remains a destination that people from across the globe visit every year. As the former home of legendary musician Elvis Presley, this impressive estate is a must-see for music lovers and history buffs alike.

If you’re planning on visiting Memphis to check out Graceland for yourself, then you’ll be happy to know that there are multiple tour options available to choose from. But with so many tours and packages available, it can be challenging to decide which one is right for your budget and interests.

In this comprehensive article, I will answer the question plaguing most visitors: how much does it cost to tour Graceland? We’ll cover ticket prices for each kind of tour and also discuss add-ons/upgrades such as audio guides, museum exhibits etc., transportation costs (if traveling internationally or nationally), group rates policies/special offers – all broken down in detail right here:

Main Tour Packages

Main Tour Packages

Graceland’s main attractions are divided into four types of tours—each offering unique features at different budgets:

1. Mansion Only Tour

1. Mansion Only Tour
The Company offers guests an opportunity just to explore Elvis’ palatial mansion publicly while skipping other offshoots like museums/memorabilia spaces or back lawn areas.
Duration: 60-90 minutes | Cost: $41 adults; $33 kids aged 7-12; Free along children below age six with accompanying parents/guardians.
– Access inside Presley’s living quarters including his bedroom suite.
– A documentary summarizing highlights from Elvis’ life played inside Vernon’s lounge area.

2. Platinum Tour
This package covers both Mansion Only option plus added amenities like Full Access Passes within their entertainment complex housing numerous fascinating exhibitions/experiences dedicated solely towards keeping The King’s legacy alive!
Duration: Three hours approx.| Cost :$85 adults;$51 ages 7-12;Free – children 6 years or less can come along with an adult for free!
– Mansion Only Tour, as mentioned above.
– Full access to all attractions situated at Elvis Presley’s Memphis entertainment complex comprising Elvis’ Car Museum, IShotTheKing! Exhibit, etc.

3. VIP Tour

This package is more full-of-surprises than the first two and includes not just mansion viewing and entertainment center tours but also exclusive perks such as your very own concierge escorting you around the premises while extending hospitality services like complimentary snacks in-between explorations of premium exhibits.
Duration: Four hours approx.| Cost : $186 (adults);$122 (ages 7-12); Free – Infants under age six don’t require ticket if accompanying a parent/adult guardian with purchased admission; additional expenses required for oversized luggage storage privileges may vary depending on quantity fitment consumption levels from individual groups per seat booking upon arrival based on availability assigned
– Mansion & Platinum Tour access as described before.
– Round-trip shuttle transport between Graceland-plus-hotel plus designated tour guide support throughout duration boatload of unique opportunities right from front-row access to-on-site archives plush seating areas & other facilities inside visitor centers situated within estate’s soundstages area.

4. Ultimate VIP Tour
Nothing tops experiencing one-on-one personalization nook-&-corner knowledge transfer sessions presented by Estate archivists themselves guiding visitors through rarefied occasions designed expressly catering towards their needs, so this final option should appeal to history aficionados and devotees willing to splurge further up
Duration: Seven hours approx.|Cost : $1800 per person ages 4 & above| terms-and-conditions applied exclusively without any discount offers application to enhance experience conditions differently through either upgrade or packages beyond outlined options below in writing/in-person consultation meeting only via official channels authorized by management authority persons positioned prior recognition mentioning legal requirements satisfaction customer policies.
– Graceland Mansion, Platinum, & VIP access as described before
– Personal guiding senior aid assistance through exclusive backstroke archives plus soundstages’ environment areas tailored per guest specifications and preferences right from the beginning till end.

Add-Ons and Upgrades

1. iPad Tour Guide – $19.99
Graceland visitor center offers a modern way of exploring their grand estates viewing experience with an interactive self-guided touch-based-fare available in multi-languages on rent or rented separately across ticketing booths manned by visitors’ service staff uniformly distributed around designated zones throughout buildings – also providing educational background information to each exhibit inside the museums & spaces included within your package tiers minus extra charges.

2. Elvis Entourage VIP Pass – $32.50/person

Elvis Entourage VIP passes provide exclusive access to two additional highlights not offered in any standard packages:

– The King’s backstage area where you’ll see drawings/artwork done by him; thus adding onto spectacular insight into how this prolific artist has honed his craft over time while outlining creative processes he deployed visually representing his work or paintings seen during shows or selling routines.
– Access towards special seating arrangements provided in front row section at Elvis’ plane i.e., The Lisa Marie Airplane located outside grounds that once transported celebrities such as Frank Sinatra Johnny Cash Linda Thompson Led Zeppelin featuring many more chart-toppers behind its glamourous doors!

3.Memphis Music Hall Of Fame Admission: Cost varies upon availability/period curated programming | All-Inclusive admission fee ticket purchase required prior entrance entry eligibility declaration proofs required for security clearance verification purposes on arrival at gates established mandatory regulations stipulated under applicable law enforcement authorities statue limitations nationally Recognizing aspects related including transparency checks defined By management authorized personnel amongst other relevant provisions enshrined reserved solely company prerogative discretion liable conditions terms outlined clearly stated beforehand guests planning trip here highly recommended document preparation aligned designated protocols pre-booking reservation accordingly based on availability adjusted according to timelines specified.

4. Elvis Presley Automobile Museum Admission
Graceland’s automotive museum hosts impressive shows of memorabilia, showcasing classic cars and motorcycles that belonged directly or indirectly to The King himself along with other legendary celebs who’ve used it for various purposes including getting around streets immersed themselves in local cultures unveiling aspects beyond superficial representations prevailing stereotypes usually associated purely with fame & fortune!
Duration: Ongoing | Cost varies upon seasonality /curated programming/availability levels matching expected customer demand calculating market factors influencing purchase behaviors informed management decisions analysis.
a) Full access towards exhibitions/museums alongside Mansion-only package contents.
b) Availability slots provided for D’aVinci-designed golf cart-guided tours exploring expansive estates’ surroundings distributed among multiple exhibit stations within theme parks created specifically dedicated entirely around iconic music journey personified by Elvis Presley evolving through eras depicted visually furthermore chronologically sequence-based manifestos shown via defining moments displayed interactively using modern technologies combined multimedia tools adapting historical features ingrained into design processes enhancing visitor experience while reflecting back onto artist life story characterized across different mediums represented here installed in installations throughout the property.

Transportation Costs

Graceland is situated in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. If you’re traveling internationally or from a place like Los Angeles to Memphis, then you will have to account for flight costs between your hometown/global destination and MEM (Memphis International airport).

For visitors already present within continental U.S., affordable regional rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft also offer direct shuttles commencing from airport terminals delivery service till holiday destinations inclusive Graceland mansion tours etc.


There are several options available depending on how much time and money one would want to invest in their trip regarding visiting Graceland. Prices vary based on which package/tour combination has been chosen plus optional add-ons/upgrades, personal preferences dictating selected features included plus other deciding factors influencing each customer’s purchase decision thereof-

Therefore, we hope this article provided you with the required information that would help you decide and plan accordingly for a valuable experience of a lifetime at Graceland. Remember to keep in mind all the terms and conditions mentioned above while planning your budget!