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If you’re interested in joining Planet Fitness, one of the first things you might want to know is how much it costs to be a member. The cost of membership can vary based on which type of membership you choose, including Black Card Membership.

Planet Fitness offers two types of memberships: Basic and Black Card. While Basic Membership gives members access to cardio machines and weightlifting equipment, Black Card Membership comes with additional perks such as tanning beds and massage chairs.

So how much does a Black Card Membership at Planet Fitness cost?

So how much does a Black Card Membership at Planet Fitness cost?

The monthly fee for this type of product varies depending on your location. In general, prices range from $19.99 per month up to $34.99 per month (not including taxes).

In order to get accurate pricing information for your specific location, you’ll need to contact your local Planet Fitness gym.

Pricing may also vary based on promotions or deals that are being offered by specific locations at any given time.

It’s important to note that there is typically an enrollment fee associated with joining Planet Fitness in addition to the regular monthly fee. This upfront payment can range from $1 up to $50 depending on the location.

Black Card Memberships usually require paying an annual fee as well. This charge typically ranges from around $39 up to $60 depending once again upon where your club is located.

However, even though there are fees involved when opting for this premium-level tiered service category membership option —they grant exclusive access amenities or facilities not available under standard entry—this black level plan’s rewards do not just stop here!

Some of the benefits included exclusively at every participating Planet Fitness site with its incredibly attractive range includes:

– Unlimited access all day all year round: Unlike some other health clubs’ usage packages putting caps or limits on how many times you can utilize their facilities in any given timeframe, with a Black Card Membership, you’ll have access to your local club 24/7 all year round – no restrictions or limitations!
– Spa-Level Amenities: With this membership plan option, as mentioned previously, members get to use premium amenities like tanning beds and massage chairs. Some of the clubs even provide hydro-massage beds at no extra cost. Besides using these facilities unlimitedly whenever they want for their personal indulgence bubbles pace.
– Unlimited Guest Privileges: A further treat included with sign-up has been extended full access guest locker area usage which greatly comes into handy should any family or friends come visiting locally and would like to potentially join in a workout; giving them peace of mind knowing they’re accompanied at all times safely whilst working out together within reach from one another’s group circles.
– Access to All Planet Fitness Locations: In addition once again helping make life easier is that members can visit annually not only their original registration home base location but also other locations nationwide network-wide across every PLANET fitness sites.

So while the Black Card Membership certainly has more benefits than Basic Membership, it does come with additional fees compared with just signing up for Standard Entry level services purchase options solely.

However; considering what’s provided under this premium category offer (accessibility grace period getting in before anyone else during high-volume days end-to-end privacy locker rooms), it really makes a compelling reason as to why so many active people are opting-in continuously enrolling renewing never wanting let go being held back from experiencing such an efficient reliable program regardless of budget concerns initially starting off by enrolling!
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While the costs may vary depending on the location and promotions offered at different times, the monthly fee for Black Card Membership generally ranges from $19.99 to $34.99 (not including taxes). In addition to this upfront payment, there is typically also an enrollment fee involved ranging from $1 up to $50.

Despite these additional fees compared to Basic Membership options available for purchase solely in one time entry sessions; The premium category option carries some exclusive benefits such as unlimited access 24/7 all year round anytime without restriction & no max cap usage limit constraints etc… At spas-quality Amenities like tanning beds massages hydro massage chairs providing optimum-level workout recovery relaxation & more being provided – along with guest locker area usage inclusion catering towards family visitors friends who sometimes would like join up together in groups while enjoying their stimulation exercises regardless of each individual’s level fitness experience prior skill-set too!

Furthermore additionally discussed above briefly but here again retweeted: Members get full coverage National access perks visiting annually not only home base registration station facility but also other locations nationwide network-wide across entire PLANET fitness academy structure.

It is important therefore if you’re considering becoming a member of Planet Fitness or perhaps upgrading from your currently active Basic Member Status option ensuring having signed up under carefully considered circumstances seeing if fits perfectly within your budget predictably moving forward so ensuring keeping motivated gym-based activity regimen avoiding irritation similar un-motivating effects caused by sudden unseen financial burden unpreparedness unfortunately its occasional surprise occurrence affecting loved ones too find inconvenienced as well maintaining membership programs safely long-term!