As one of the most recognizable and successful athletes in the world, it’s no surprise that people are curious about how much Steph Curry makes. The three-time NBA champion and six-time All-Star has built a reputation as one of the greatest three-point shooters in history, leading his Golden State Warriors to multiple championships and earning individual accolades along the way.

But just how much money does he take home each year? That’s not an easy question to answer. While many estimates have been thrown around over the years, Curry’s actual earnings are influenced by a variety of factors – some of which are difficult to quantify.

In this article, we’ll break down some of the different sources of income for Steph Curry and try to get a clearer picture of just how wealthy he is.

NBA Salary

Perhaps the most straightforward place to start when calculating Steph Curry’s earnings is with his NBA salary. As a veteran player with more than ten years in the league (not counting his rookie season), he earns a base salary commensurate with his experience level.

According to Spotrac, which tracks contracts and salaries across various sports leagues, Curry signed a five-year contract extension worth $201 million back in 2017. Assuming that contract still stands – there have been rumors about restructuring or renegotiating it since then – that would put him on pace to earn around $40 million per season from just his NBA salary alone.

It’s worth noting that players’ salaries can vary somewhat based on performance incentives or other contractual details. For example, if Curry were named Most Valuable Player (MVP) during a given season or led his team deep into playoff contention (which isn’t uncommon), he might receive additional bonuses beyond his base pay.

Endorsement Deals

Endorsement Deals

Of course, NBA salaries aren’t typically where athletes make their biggest profits today; endorsements often provide far more lucrative income streams for high-performing players like Steph Curry. And there’s no denying that he has been a prolific endorser over the years, appearing in ads for brands like Under Armour, JBL Audio, and Brita (among many others).

Curry first signed with Under Armour back in 2013, and his partnership with the athletic apparel company has remained one of the most visible elements of his brand ever since. While specific details about Curry’s deal with Under Armour aren’t public knowledge, it’s believed to be worth tens of millions of dollars per year – potentially even more than what he earns from playing basketball.

Other endorsement deals have also contributed significant amounts to Curry’s net worth over the years. For example, when he partnered with Palm back in 2018 (an up-and-coming smartphone brand), some reports indicated that he might receive as much as $10 million per year just for promoting their products.

Investments and Side Hustles

Investments and Side Hustles

Remember how we said earlier that calculating Steph Curry’s income isn’t necessarily straightforward? Here’s where things get even messier: outside of his NBA salary and endorsements, he also brings in money through a variety of other business ventures.

For starters, there are investments. Like many high-profile athletes (as well as plenty of venture capitalists or entrepreneurs who never played sports professionally), Curry is known to invest heavily in various startups or private companies that show potential for growth.

Some notable examples include e-commerce platform Shopify (which went public several years ago but remains attractive to investors), private equity firm Riverwood Capital Partners (where he serves on the advisory board), and esports organization TSM FTX (for whom he co-produced a TV series last year). It can be tough to pin down exactly how profitable these investments are overall – but suffice it to say they’re likely quite lucrative given Curry’s track record.

Beyond those ventures, there are plenty of “side hustles” that help pad Curry’s wallet each year. For instance:

– He owns a production company, Unanimous Media, that has its hand in everything from TV and film projects to digital media. They’ve produced documentaries about basketball history (including some related to Curry’s own career), musical performances, and other content.
– Curry has written several books over the years as well, ranging from autobiographies to children’s picture books. Those likely generate significant revenue through book sales or merchandise like posters or apparel.
– Other miscellaneous income streams might include appearances on game shows (like when he competed on Family Feud with his family back in 2016) or voice-over work for animated series.

All of these sources contribute significantly to Steph Curry’s overall net worth each year – but again, it can be tough to quantify exactly how much money he brings in beyond what we know about his NBA salary and endorsement deals.

What Is Steph Curry’s Net Worth?

So after examining all these different potential sources of income for Steph Curry… just how rich is he? It shouldn’t come as a shock that there isn’t an exact answer here either; estimates vary depending on which outlets you consult.

According to (which tends to be one of the more reliable resources for this kind of information), they pegged Steph Curry’s net worth at around $140 million as of early 2021. However, other outlets have estimated higher figures based on prior earnings reports or speculated business ventures currently under development.

Something else to keep in mind is that athletes’ net worths are often fluid – meaning their wealth might increase significantly if they win another championship or score another lucrative endorsement deal somewhere down the line. For now though, suffice it to say that Curry is an incredibly wealthy man thanks both to his impressive hoops skills and savvy investments outside the court.