Soho House is a private members-only club that has been offering its exclusive services to individuals since 1995. Today, Soho Houses can be found all around the world, and they offer everything from luxury accommodations to gourmet cuisine and high-end recreational facilities. This exclusive club has become a symbol of sophistication and elegance for its high-profile membership base.

If you are someone who loves the finer things in life or wants to join this prestigious club for its unique opportunities, then you would definitely ponder over the question “How much does Soho House membership cost?”. Here’s what you need to know about how much it costs to become a member of Soho House.

The pricing of Soho House Membership

The pricing of Soho House Membership

Membership fees for soho house start at around $1,500 per year; however, many locations require an additional initiation fee that can be as much as $2k-$3k depending on location (i.e New York City). The prices may also vary based on country or region. For example:


In America’s prime cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami – getting into this highly selective club means paying an upfront membership fee plus monthly dues which hover between $300 – $350/month after your first year.

UK/Europe/Middle East/Asia

UK/Europe/Middle East/Asia

For those located in UK/Europe/Middle East/Asia – one needs pay only £400-£700/year ($509-$892) along with smalls add-on charges associated with each venue such as spa/gym access or extra room rates etc., Although some locations require higher annual fees + initiation charges ranging from £1k – £3k (London).


In Ausralia there are two memberships available: Club Access ($850 per year) gives access limited areas ; while All Property Access ($1100 per year) offers full-time usage rights across properties globally except stateside offerings including included wellness retreats & fitness classes besides opening all location to you.

Membership privileges at Soho House

Soho house offers various membership types, including social memberships, which provide access to certain areas of the club. Other tiers offer more exclusive benefits such as access to private spaces within the venue and priority booking for events.

All members will be provided with a standard membership card that grants entry into any Soho House worldwide. Additionally, every new member is greeted with goodies like welcome drink tickets ensuring a warm reception when being out to better company.

The pricier Black Card also includes other perks just as earlier boarding duties or premium reservations – besides “house credits” that can pay off towards billed expenses thru payment digital app in addition to free invites for guests amongst others – basically upping your chances on last minute availability requests.


Becoming a Soho House member requires financial commitment but it undoubtedly opens avenues one would not get anywhere else right from networking amongst powerful people – making business deals or forging personal relationships You are paying for an experience along with top-notch services offered here; costing only no serious investment compared too much costlier alternatives available elsewhere offering similar facilities & amenities.

A word of caution however: Memberships are tough coveted & hard-fought; so expect steep charges depending on which world regional property ops interest lies!
Soho House is a private members-only club that has been providing exclusive services to its clients since 1995. Starting with a single house in London, it has now expanded to encompass over 23 locations worldwide and provides luxury accommodations, gourmet cuisine, and high-end recreational facilities to its discerning clientele.

Membership fees for Soho House start at around $1,500 per year, but this price can be higher depending on the location. In addition to annual fees, some cities also require an initiation fee ranging from $2k-$3k; for example New York City’s require heftier initiations Fee compared to other locations globally due to the demand.

In America’s prime cities like Los Angeles, Chicago & Miami – it requires paying an upfront membership fee plus monthly dues between $300 – $350/month after your first year or so which varies from country-wise location ownerships within the organization.

For those located in UK/Europe/Middle East/Asia – one needs pay only £400-£700/year ($509-$892), although some venues have higher annual fees + initiation charges that range from £1k – £3k (which is still cheaper than bigger US city owned properties).

Australia offers two different versions of memberships: Club Access ($850 per annum) gives limited access areas while All Property Access opt-in covers all global usage inclusive of wellness retreat offerings & fitness classes besides opening all property spots with priority booking slots ahead of others unlike probable International variations too.

There are different types of membership levels available at Soho House. Social membership provides entry into specific areas within the venue whilst Honorary Membership entitles you access to premium member-only spaces as well as events designed exclusively for VIP guests’ appearances or company brands tie-ups.

It’s imperative not just gaining entry across their locations worldwide spanning beyond certain regional limitations but indulges us with experience where elite opportunities catch-up time means living life like royalty amongst very few personalities worth gaining proximity to.

In addition to access, Soho House membership comes with a range of perks. Each new member is greeted with welcome drink tickets and given immediate & ample access cards too that are part of initiation ritual or cozy soirees just to help you get the diverse kind of feels across venues globally spanning vibe depending upon location preferences too.

The pricier Black Membership card also includes other benefits such as early boarding or convenient reservation booking slots across the club’s Venues; it even offers “house credits” towards expenses paid through their innovative mobile payment app and much more. Thus, invest in an ultimate experience for oneself inside this exclusive community garnering friends whom interests align closely besides proprietary business collaborations because one can expect competition amongst those who pursue places here.

In conclusion, while becoming a Soho House member requires a financial commitment, it undoubtedly opens many doors for business networking by bringing powerful people together under one roof- forging relationships opening new horizons altogether along with top-notch services offered here that cost lesser compared to anywhere else offering similar kinds of facilities worldwide where people might seek membership options earlier outside this elite circle due cost implications being way beyond most aspirational levels too.