Savant home automation systems are some of the most advanced and intelligent home automation solutions available in the market today. This platform features a powerful set of technologies that provide users with complete control over their homes – from lighting, security, audio and video equipment, to temperature and energy management. As such, many people are curious about the cost of implementing this state-of-the-art system.

The Costs Associated with Savant Home Automation

The Costs Associated with Savant Home Automation

The costs associated with setting up a Savant smart home will depend on various factors including your specific needs, requirements and preferences. However, there are several general areas where you can expect to spend money:

1) Service fees: Before you even start shopping for your Savant products or meet an installer/ integrator who will help build out a custom solution for you- you need pay subscription fees for services provided by Savant itself. These include things like mobile app access as well as software updates.

2) Equipment Cost: The cost of installing a new home automation system is determined largely by the number of devices (smart switches dimmers etc.) required to automate all areas in your house/apartment/business place/boat/yacht or any other property where you want create whole-home connectivity experience.. You’ll have to buy all these devices alongwith Svanat gateway devices which connect everything together- Again depending on what types/devices/multi-zone-setup requirement may differ widely – do take into account product variation(color/style), making it quite difficult at times for customers to get accurate estimates through online research alone.

3) Installation labour charges :Getting these expensive gears installed isn’t easy since every property will have variable wiring layout/designs etc.- professional installation is essential incurring additional labor expenses -installation specialists skilful expertise & tools come at a price upwards 5000USD ,and hassle-free setup combined alongwith completion assurance may further increase costs .

All said above one can then understand getting accurate pricing without consultation from a Savant dealer or ecommerce vendor ( may be difficult for some including amateurs) – but for further reading sake guide we can dig deep into
Pricing Guidelines
Pricing Guidelines

Pricing Guidelines

So if you are interested in setting up your own custom connected home with Svanat Here’s what you need to know about pricing :

1) As of September 2021, the subscription price per month starts at around $100 and will vary based on various features like mobile access, cloud storage etc. This Video services also get added offering unlimited camera recording/editing , remote video monitoring – However keep in mind that only registered dealers have access to pricing information, so it is best to contact a Savant authorized dealer directly.

2) The costs associated with equipment products required range widely based on type and quantity of devices needed. A Svanat product Catalogue usually feature list of automation appliances each one having different variations which can cost between $200-1500USD apiece.

3) An installer’s quotation or online retailers may help provide estimated expenses for both setup labour + Equipment purchase.

How Much Does an Average Savant Smart Home Setup Cost?

Here is an example individual cases estimated expenditure details:
-> Mr James looking for his small apartment’s (3 bedroom house), He wants smart lighting system alongwith temperature control & automated security cameras — To fulfil this requirement he needs ordered total of 17 smart switches(it automatically adjusts light brightness depending upon time/day/mood)-approximate Cost reach upto $204 / switch(roughly estimating)= $3478USD .
Adding at least two automated thermostats($299/each x2=598 USD ) plus three security cameras(approximately costing him similar as balance expenses [ approx =2196USD]) would put his final bill near $6200-$6300+ the installation labor charges probable around=Additional 5000-8000$, The whole Budgeted expense lies somewhere roughly around $11,000.

On the other hand, let’s take an example of a more comprehensive Savant smart system designed for larger properties like luxury homes or villas- we can assume it includes different products including: lighting systems across all rooms (multizone), motorized window shades & automated curtains (5 zones minimum), audio and surround sound system.These advanced solutions may cost between $30K to over$130k fully equipped with setup,Labor and anything installation that might come after purchase note this pricing is not limited – there could be many possibilities/configuration requirements in complex catering needs ( e.g yacht auto-navigation panels , smart controls in commercial place/offices etc)

Further areas where cost incurred

It’s important to remember that the total cost of your Svanat Home automation solution design will depend on whether you need additional upgrades or ammendments while getting everything setup post-purchase. Possible areas where extra costs may arise include:

1) Monitoring Services — providing professional alarm monitoring companies real-time insight which if any abnormal activities occur days and night when homeowner away from property

2) Software subscriptions — As stated subscription packages are quite dynamic and customizable so clients should expect Subscription invoices coming through regularly as per registered service fees

3) Smart Home Support/Maintenance requires technical assistance – Svanat always recommends its dealers /registered tech support specialists labour charges varies but generally falls within 500usd-800USD annually . This agreement offers peace of mind by way carefree maintenance/service for better performance ! Important factor is ensuring timely response time whenever an issue pops-up( usually dealer provides same-day response).

4) Miscellaneous Costs such Customisation aesthetics orders – For instance one client who wanted Crystal light switches/app high-end speakers built-in ceiling had incurred additional expenses. These special features don’t come included as regular products hence entails making custom requests via product vendors aside listing best chances of crafting idea into existence at feasible rates it may come at additional cost to customers .


In conclusion, the cost of setting up a Savant home automation system can vary significantly depending on individual user needs and requirements. The pricing structure is often broken down into equipment purchases, installation labour charges and monthly subscriptions for other services like updates as well as mobile app access.

While getting accurate pricing information can be slightly difficult , Consulting authorized dealers or tech specialists/Vendors can help in understanding overall feasibility/costing along with possible discounts or special deals an ecommerce site/vendor may offer during sale events . At it’s best, integrating Svanat solution could thereby bring heightened comfort and smart experience hassle-free right from Home/office/business place/Yatch etc so it pays off investing in such modern tech solutions that makes life security-driven, convenient & comfortable!