PJ Washington is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was drafted 12th overall in the 2019 NBA draft and has quickly become a rising star in the league. As with many professional athletes, one of the most frequently asked questions about PJ Washington is how much money he makes.

PJ Washington’s Salary

PJ Washington’s Salary

PJ Washington signed a rookie contract with the Charlotte Hornets on July 7th, 2019, which was worth a guaranteed $15.3 million over four years. According to Spotrac, his current contract has him earning an annual salary of $4 million per year.

While this may seem like a lot of money to some people, it is important to note that NBA players are among some of the highest-paid athletes in the world. In fact, according to Forbes, as of December 2020, there were only two sportspersons in history who have earned more than any active player in North America’s Big Four leagues – Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. So even though PJ Washington earns millions each year from his playing salary alone, there are still many athletes out there earning considerably more.

Additional Earnings

Additional Earnings

In addition to his playing salary, PJ Washington also has several other ways in which he can earn money:

1) Endorsement deals: As a popular and talented athlete within his field, PJ Washington can command significant endorsement deals from companies looking for brand recognition amongst sports fans.

2) Merchandising: Many star athletes have their own merchandise lines that they use to capitalize on their popularity with fans. While it is unclear at this time whether or not PJ Washington has his own merchandise line yet since he’s just getting started with his career – building these types of brands typically involves working closely with sponsors and agents who help manage PR assets such as clothing collections,r athletic shoes etc.

3) Social media influence: With over 100,000 followers on his Instagram account alone, PJ Washington has established himself as a social media influencer in addition to being a skilled basketball player. As such, he has the potential to earn additional income through partnerships with brands that wish to capitalize on his social media clout.


While PJ Washington is still early in his professional career and may not be earning as much money as some of the league’s veteran players yet, he is no doubt an athlete worth keeping an eye on. With his talent both on and off the court – including endorsement deals and merchandise lines – it is likely that we’ll continue seeing more from him in the years ahead!
PJ Washington is a name that many basketball fans have become familiar with in recent years. As one of the rising stars in the NBA, his talent on the court has made him a favorite among fans and analysts alike. However, as with most professional athletes, there is always much interest in their earnings – particularly how much they make from their playing contracts.

Born on August 23rd, 1998, PJ Washington began his junior year at Findlay Prep High School before transferring to the renowned national basketball powerhouse Oak Hill Academy for his senior season. After graduation, he committed to play college basketball at the University of Kentucky starting in 2017 where he helped lead them to an Elite Eight appearance in March Madness during his sophomore year.

Washington’s impressive performances for Kentucky caught the attention of NBA scouts and led to him being drafted by Charlotte with their 12th pick overall selection in the first round of the 2019 NBA draft. A couple of months later – exactly on July 7th — , PJ Washington officially signed with the Hornets for four-years worth $15.3 million remains guaranteed up until now – which means it can’t be taken away even if some unexpected circumstances occur such as injuries or benching issues.

His yearly salary might sound like a lot ($4 million), but compared to other more notable players who seal big endorsements deals backed by top brands and get paid massive amounts just off-court income (endorsements help increase player revenue somewhere are between thousands per sponsor deal upto millions; LeBron James earning over $50M p.a.), PJ’s salary seems relatively small considering future hall-of-fame caliber players receive mind blowing mega-contracts: Steph Curry ($43m p.a.), Chris Paul ($41M), John Wall ($37M) etc

However, despite not having quite broken into this uppermost bracket yet when it comes to earnings alone through playing contract(salary plus bonuses or incentives); consulting reliable third party websites that track athletes’ income streams such as “Celebrity Net Worth”, it is apparent the 23-year-old rising hoops star already has built a net worth of around $4-8 Million range.

It’s also important to consider Washington’s off-court earnings potential. As an in-form player who is expected to become one of the league’s next big names, there are many opportunities for him to earn significant sums from endorsement deals, merchandise sales and influencer partnerships on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc). Social media following helps players in increasing their celebrity status and exposure which creates more marketable brands throughout various industries from sports equipment makers (Nike/Jordan), energy drink firms (Red Bull/Monster) or even car manufacturers (KIA/Hyundai).

PJ’s popularity on social media continues to grow having amassed over 1 million followers across his various accounts this year according to third-party analysis tools like SimilarWeb and Influencer.co – this makes him a highly-coveted followed figures particularly with college basketball fans or passionate NBA watchers alike.

In conclusion, PJ Washington may still be relatively early in his career when compared with other notable athletes making headlines. But with key skill-set both on and off the court combined plus vigorous work ethics known by teammates & coaches including marketing agencies eyeing talent outperforms expectations – all signs point towards great things ahead both financially rich speaking & performance wise come game time!