As one of the most popular treasure hunting shows on television, The Curse of Oak Island has gained an immense following over the years. With exciting new discoveries and intriguing stories about hidden treasures, it’s no wonder that viewers are curious about how much the cast of this hit series gets paid.

Oak Island is a legendary island located off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada. It is believed that hidden somewhere on the island lies an elusive treasure trove, which has attracted many treasure hunters since 1795. One such group is led by brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, who have made significant progress in uncovering hidden artifacts over their time working on Oak Island.

But how much do these famous reality TV stars actually get paid? Despite being subject to several rumors online regarding their salaries, only estimates can be made as Discovery Channel keeps some aspects confidential.

However, we do know that each episode costs around $1 million to produce. This includes expenses for excavation work and equipment rentals like boats and cranes, amongst other factors involved in producing professional quality television.

So bearing this information in mind let’s take a closer look at what we know individually about each cast member’s potential pay per season:

Rick & Marty Lagina

Rick & Marty Lagina

Being two of the primary characters on this show also mean they are co-producers hence making it hard to estimate just how much money they earn from The Curse Of Oak Island aside from any consulting fees accrued through Oak island tours or any additional earnings from book sales ($16 Million estimated across his career). Marty had already made some fortune before joining Rick when he founded Terra Energy LTD back home; while Rick spent years as an engineer managing resources with UMI (University Network Inc.).

Their precise incomes remain undisclosed but some sources have estimated they could make between $500k-$2 Million per year viewing their net worth ($100 Million) garnered from all endeavors accumulated throughout their lifetime publicly accessible,

Charles Barkhouse

Charles Barkhouse

Another key player in The Curse of Oak Island is the historian Charles Barkhouse. Although his current salary remains unknown, Charlie has a degree from Acadia University specifically for history and physical education hence can command a reasonable sum aside from what he earns on the show.

Craig Tester

Craig Tester was an integral part of The Oak Island show until season 6; He happened to be one of Dan Blankenship’s best friends before joining the team along with Jack Begley (the other promising youngster). Craig has allegedly earned only $20,000-$25,000 per episode when he worked full-time.

Dave Blankenship

David Blankenship has been in every season since day dot aka being acquainted with Restall family age five and became friends with Daniel C. Blankenship later on getting him more involved within their treasure hunting expeditions as portrayed by Tickety Boo Productions.

Although he often takes a back seat Rick and Marty runs down at times regarding after action reviews or analysis; reports have it that Dave may be around $30k-$50K per episode looking into some insider sources buzzing recently, yet again this information isn’t confirmed.

Gary Drayton

The metal detecting king Gary Drayton discovered valuable artifacts worth millions in recent seasons making him quite popular amongst fans online save tagging himself ‘Metal Detective’ but hasn’t disclosed details about how much exactly he earnings might be- rumoured between $3000-4000 dollars per episode – which would put his annual income at approximately ninety-two thousand dollars annually excluding any royalties!

Jack Begley:

The youngest cast member on Oak Island also tends to take part somewhat regularly. His role entails doing general work like running errands,cleaning up messes left behind any drilling firm while sifting through sand courtesy sluicing operations though taking seriously occasional lead exploration episodes depending once in awhile seasons include fewer examples taken to correlate accurately where they should dig next.. Again not easy telling figures concerning his total annual income, he has someone only made $2000-$3000 per episode meaning a yearly generation of around seventy thousand dollars.


While we can’t be too sure how much everyone is receiving for their roles on the hit TV show Curse Of Oak Island given varied inputs and differing prioritizations; It’s definitely not surprising consensus to hear that this popular cast earns annually in the six figures if you took into account all other sources they have lined up professionally elsewhere over time.

It seems like as long as treasure hunting continues to capture our imaginations, viewers will always remain curious about earnings and net worth associated with these well-known adventurers – however, let us bear in mind that many of these estimates are informed but still just rumors opened up for speculation adding trust issues when it comes to unguarded information on social media today!