As one of the most recognizable personalities in television today, Michael Strahan has built a career that spans not only the world of professional football but also entertainment and media. Given his success across various industries, many people wonder just how much he makes each year.

To start with, it’s important to note that Strahan has earned a considerable amount of money throughout his career. According to Celebrity Net Worth, as of 2021, Strahan’s net worth is estimated at $70 million. Of course, this number reflects more than just his annual salary – it includes everything from endorsement deals and earnings from previous years.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at some of the ways Strahan currently brings in income:

1. Broadcasting

1. Broadcasting
After retiring from football in 2008, Strahan began working as a sports analyst for Fox NFL Sunday. His charisma and personality quickly made him a favorite among viewers, leading to an expanded role that included hosting other shows like Pros vs Joes on Spike TV.

In 2012, ABC announced that they had chosen Strahan as co-host for their morning talk show Live! with Kelly Ripa (now known as Live! With Kelly and Ryan). The chemistry between the two hosts was immediately apparent to audiences around the world.

When Ripa departed from Live after years together on camera; however still achieved huge success ratings wise – despite rumors about off-air issues– Disney took notice once again enlisting Michael into weekly guest spots on another popular show Good Morning America alongside Robin Roberts et al., which surprisingly generated even better interest given how Franchise grafting can often be tricky.

2. Business ventures

2. Business ventures
In addition to broadcasting gigs, Strahan has invested in numerous business opportunities over the years – including making headlines when he became part-owner/founder with Jennifer Aniston & Yara Shahidi (among others) investing heavily themselves too- sharing rights/shareholdings within Essentially Women in 2020– a women’s apparel brand that specializes in inclusive sizing and design.

Beyond that, Strahan has also launched his own line of lifestyle products- ‘MSX’, which includes everything from clothing to grooming essentials (owning half of retail business ‘African-American beauty company’ Ebony). Additionally, he is the executive producer for one new show airing on ABC this fall; The Ultimate Surfer – another move through Straight Hand Productions seeking to break new ground.

3. Endorsements
Given Strahan’s success across various fields, many companies see him as an ideal spokesperson for their brands – after all, being very likeable lends itself well in big name product support roles. Most recently he appeared throughout screens and feeds globally with Costco & Nationwide adverts implememnting testimonials to their simple commitment amid consumers household needs security- whilst enjoying eating plenty of pizza accordingly! Bringing home what insiders predict into millions every year directly plus a host of longer term benefits.

So just how much does Michael Strahan make? Whilst it remains unclear at present due to the sensitive contractual status tied up within both nationwide campaigns and specific back-end-deals/revenue cuts schedules leading net-worth approximations deciding salaries- it´s believed he stands over most peers comfortably averaging over a rumored $17 million per annum just alone from being daytime TV King.
Moreover US media conglomerates Disney aren’t afraid about paying established names top money for undisputable talent reaching people effectively as we’ve seen countless times thus far. Between broadcasting gigs such as Good Morning America(Correspondent), Fox Sports(NFL Analyst) and Television Judge following former Lawyer turned Jerry Springer protege Vivica A.Fox’s OutDaughtered etc..Strahan earns more than some high-profile network anchors by appearing once or twice weekly.

When considering his additional income streams: successful investments with progressive startups so often yielding above average returns(Once offering $3m for 20% of Clean Energy Fuels), endorsements, sponsorships and more – it’s clear that Michael Strahan has become a master of monetizing his talents. Although he’s not quite in the category of fellow tv’s highest earners like Judge Judy or Ellen DeGeneres just yet- given anticipated commercial interest rates opportunities particularly fresh off the back resurgences caused by COVID tragedy, watch this space closely!
As a former professional football player turned successful broadcaster, entrepreneur, and media personality, Michael Strahan has built an impressive career that spans multiple industries. His net worth of $70 million is a testament to the many ways in which he continues to bring in income.

One of Strahan’s main sources of income comes from his broadcasting gigs. After retiring from football in 2008, he joined Fox NFL Sunday as a sports analyst before moving into hosting roles on shows like Pros vs Joes on Spike TV. He then landed the co-hosting job on Live! With Kelly Ripa (now known as Live! with Kelly and Ryan) in 2012.

After Ripa departed the show, Strahan continued to thrive by guest appearing on another popular program; Good Morning America alongside Robin Roberts. This move was well-accepted by viewers who praised the chemistry between him and Robert’s team– proving industry grafting can be quite lucrative for experienced personalities seeking new horizons.

Aside from broadcasting work, Strahan also invests heavily within alternative business ventures through shares such as offering partial ownership stakes(which we’ll chat about next).

Moreover US media conglomerates have no qualms paying stars their due cut for doing what they do best…reaching people. From straight-hand productions juggernaut lifestyle products through MSX brand recognizable across various sectors all around the world today –it´s estimated that he stands over most peers earning more than double average per annum salaries especially when rolling endorsements along..

With these different streams of income coming in regularly it’s no wonder why Michael Strahan has become so successful financially.
He truly is one-of-a-kind given natural vivacity coupled with remarkable sense ingenuity matched only by laser sharp professionalism propelling epic creativity whilst retaining masses self respect dignity audience hold dear – not simultaneously flamboyant or impulsive just sensitive intellectual calculated fair-minded decisions inspired faithfully via excellence principles informing investors every step way since beginning reign..