Junk King is a reputable waste removal company that provides reliable and efficient junk removal services. The company offers different types of junk collecting and disposal services, making it possible for its clients to select what works for them.

Individuals who have been searching for a dependable solution to their mounting piles of garbage often seek the expertise of Junk King. However, one key aspect most potential clients usually consider before contracting any service provider is the cost associated with such services.

How much does Junk King cost? – This article aims to provide you with all the information you need regarding pricing structures from numerous reviews and customer testimonials on how much they had to pay when using Junk King’s service.

Factors affecting Junk Kings' pricing

Factors affecting Junk Kings’ pricing

Before diving into the specific costs which come with utilizing Junk Kings’ detailed range of customizable hauling options, we must first understand some factors that might affect their prices:

1) Location- Generally speaking, businesses are likely to charge more for services rendered in high-end areas compared to lower social-economic regions. Therefore if your property location in New York City or Los Angeles chances are Junk Kong may charge more than if your property was located in rural Virginia

2) Type/quantity of waste – The weight and size/material make up; hard labor required transporting said materials will also often factor in heavily on how much customers can expect as final billing after receiving haul-away service from this particular company.

3) Volume discounts – Some companies would rather offer bundled packages or discounted bulk deals over singular item pickups because it takes less effort while still providing those who require more extensive work an opportunity at better prices due by purchasing larger-sized loads instead individual piece-wise fees per pick-up day-per client over time which could even help bring costs down substantially!

What sizes do they offer?

What sizes do they offer?

One significant advantage of utilising the professional collection team at JJunkKingis their ability not only collect but correctly sort out items according recyclable products reused versus landfill-bound trash. Furthermore, they offer various sizes of hauling trucks to cater to different needs and budgets.

Junk King’s most likely used truck is their signature 20 cubic yard mini-dumpster -This pick-up truck-like container is best suited for individuals who have a medium-sized amount of debris such as remodeling projects – which will be placed either directly in the driveway or on an open lot near your site giving easy access with no disruption during work hours when space-saving is key.

Clients with significantly larger amounts may require other options from Junk King such as full-sized dumpsters enough spanning between 30-40 yards that provide more significant haul-away capacity—perfect alternative for warehouse or factory clean-outs requiring plenty of room volume large objects e.g furniture tanks, etc

How does Junk Kings’ pricing structure?

Based on several factors like location type/quantity of waste needed disposal (including recycling), here are some examples breakdowns based off recent TallyUp reviews evaluated towards determining how much clients can approximately expect when enlisting:

1) Single-item pickup: $100-$200 per item. These prices might vary if you’re located outside major metropolitan areas within US regions where rental markets could impact rates across all sectors inclusive service charges offered by companies

2) Full vehicle loads using their signature standard trucky version Mini Dumpster range from about $500 -$550 (including labor& Travel cost)- This option works excellently for those looking at tackling middle sized remodelling jobs effectively while keeping the bulk of junk out sight safely tucked away till end day removal.

3) A full trailer available hauling capacities include $800-$900 depending weight miscellaneous contents present varying intensity among items needing moved; provides sufficient clearance to handle anything remotely resembling construction sites, property enhancement scraps left behind by previous tenants renovation after-effects and even high quantity estates clearouts!

4) For commercial enterprise-type Corporations seeking routine pick-ups weekly or monthly scheduled scheduled annual contracts this also exists – totaling in from anywhere between $1000-$2000 per year for companies with specific locations may be adjusted values on an area-by-area basis


To get a more personalized and accurate cost estimate, you’ll need to request a quote directly from Junk King. Due to the complexity of loads’ weight-and-volume variances relative to various cities pricing, it’s always best practice making inquiries before estimating final payouts when sizing removal needs.

Therefore, whether you’re looking to freshen up your business premise or trying out some decluttering chores over the weekend, make sure you reach out to JunkKingthe professional company that can help even during days of locked-in COVID-19 restrictions while keeping their protocol according CDC guidelines.