As the CEO and founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos remains one of the wealthiest people in the world, with a reported net worth north of $186.5 billion as we head into 2021. The question many are eager to know is how much money Jeff Bezos makes a minute.
To accurately answer this query it’s important we assess his earnings over time as certain milestones can quickly alter definitive wealth rankings.

To begin with, Bezos’ fortune comes mainly from owning nearly 11% of Amazon’s outstanding shares meaning that when Amazon does well on Wall Street so does he. As such due to its strong performance pre-pandemic his net worth surged by around $35bn last year alone.
However according to Bloomberg’s Billionaire Tracker report last October he lost around $7bn in real-time (a little over half an hour) through stock market fluctuations driven by sagging tech valuations.
Therefore it would be both logical and reassuring for us non-multi-billionaires if there existed an interactive tool which could track exactly how much bezos earns per second across every conceivable sector without updating constantly like financial news feeds.

The logic behind why anyone wants to calculate Bezoz’s hourly/minute/net hourly wage rates goes beyond mere curiosity – because scrutiny or even envy aside, establishing how much someone earns can help us determine what kind of workforce distribution problems exist globally; if workers continue living paycheck-to-paycheck while material wealth accumulates at shocking paces among those few atop socio-economic hierarchies then clearly something needs adjustment

According to Forbes’ Real Time Billionaires List updated every fifteen minutes between March 2019 and May 2020, Bezoz was earning approximately US$150-200 million per day which works out at about US$96k Per Minute . This means that since January until December , Mr.Bezos has earned himself more than any human being has or ever will earn – including Warren Buffet and Bill Gates – totalling a huge $2,800 in the time it takes for an average person to read this article.

Subsequently to fully comprehend how vast that amount really is, conducted an analysis which shows that Superyachts prices range between 50-500 million dollars; so if Jeff Bezos earned only slightly over half of his current net worth annually he could still possibly buy hundreds of these luxurious sea vessels every year

It is important to keep in mind however,Jeff Bezos’s patently astronomical wealth marks him out as the world’s richest person, but according to executive compensation experts Bezoz’ hold on Amazon stock accounts automatically for approx. US$102bn or about 80% of his fortune.
As such following a divorce settlement with his former wife MacKenzie Scott in April last year when she picked up roughly one quarter of their jointly held shares he still retained approx. 57 million – entitling him firmly back into pole position atop Forbes’ Billionaires rich list yet again.

The bottom line then is that Jeff Bezos earns around $96k per minute based on those figures we previously referenced. But adding another layer of perspective Nathan Gelbart author and data visualisation expert created an interactive clock detailing Mr Bezoz earnings in real time named ‘Time Flies’.

According to Flies at exactly midnight January 1st 2020 until now August 20th , we can confidently report that over the course of just six seconds he has made more than an entire UK citizen’s annual median gross salary (Approximately £31k). More alarmingly, within really short spans like approximately two minutes twenty nine seconds using figures collected from May this year onwards,Bezoz will earn Zambians’median salary . That means if you calculate things further down revealingly enough if calculated against Ugandans or Ghanaian aggregrate wages based off living standards statistics released by World Bank then we see that the Founder of Amazon makes a figure equivalent to their median monthly salaries in just 11 seconds.

Therefore, amazingly when we reflect on how much Jeff Bezoz can earn within sixty seconds an average US household net worth ($97,300) he has eclipsed within two minutes. Furthermore if we are factoring in less developed countries where daily earning rates currently hover at just either side of four dollars ,five days to come up with weekly minimum living costs or pure survival requirements for a family conclude it would take approximately fifteen years before they made up ground against what Jeff Bezos earns per minute.

The responses will doubtless vary depending on status quo inclinations but what is indubitable regardless is that individual income variance globally needs rectifying because when one man can amass so much fortune whilst millions suffer calamitous austerity cuts during tough economic times like that caused by the pandemic,it underscores glaringly societal disparities and a need towards more consciously applied redistributive measures – something not domain-restricted nor achievable through activism alone.