As an aspiring nurse, one of the biggest obstacles you will encounter is taking and passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). This standardized exam is designed to test your knowledge and competency as a future nurse. It’s particularly important because it determines whether or not you’ll be licensed in your state.

For many people looking to take the NCLEX, one question comes to mind: how much does it cost? In this article, we’ll break down all of the costs associated with taking the NCLEX, so you can better prepare for this crucial step in your nursing career.

NCLEX Application Fees

NCLEX Application Fees

The first cost associated with taking the NCLEX is the application fee. The fee varies by state and ranges from $100 to $300. Keep in mind that some states require additional processing fees, fingerprinting fees or background check fees on top of everything else.

If you are applying for licensure in any of these 6 states – Wisconsin, New York, Idaho,Texas,Oklahoma or Kentucky -there are separate practical licensing examination requirements that come along with further expenses ranging between 50 USD-1800 USD depending upon the chosen method for testing.That being said,some employers may cover some or even all these costs.Therefore,it’s suggested that nursing students should inquire about possible financial aid options while enrolling into their prospective program/college.

Registration Fee

Registration Fee

Once you’ve received approval from your state board of nursing to sit for the exam, there’s another cost: registration. This fee often ranges between $200-$350 but could vary by location.The amount also depends on various socioeconomic factors like income-sensitivity which may help some individuals reduce their registration fees beyond just regular discounts they might get if registered early enough.Often times,you would find Nursing school offering HESI/ATI exit exams at free/discounted rates which makes students viable candidates eligible for reduced registration fees during NCSBN affiliated sites.

You should check your state board of nursing’s website for the most up-to-date information about registration fees. It’s also suggested that if you are a student,that it is feasible to lookout for discounts or sit in for testing online at specific hours /test periods at reduced rates.Positive study progress earned during practice exams and other NCLEX review specialized exams can earn individuals reduced test fees contributions by employers so one should not overlook such opportunities when available!

Rescheduling Fees

If something comes up and you need to reschedule your exam day, these instances would result in extra fees.Whether it be an illness or a scheduling conflict, rescheduling will cost you anything from $50-$111 per instance.Take note of this because depending on certain agencies may require more notice within which an examinee must inform them before being charged with transaction processing fee’s,i.e notify minimum days ahead .

NCLEX Preparation Material Expenses

Studying for an exam like the NCLEX is no easy feat – nor,is it inexpensive.The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) provides free reviews,sample questions and samples tests among other resources.Review material covering knowledge-based content might range between 50 USD-300 USD dependent on quality and type.Many nursing schools offer discounted flash cards along with important books/resources as they do run partnership programs.Practice tests start around $80,and around $200 – $300 dollars per month plans are made possible via providers.A combined average spending estimate runs into several hundreds based on preferred package options (flashcards,pocket manuals,audiobooks etc) selected.This price ranges widen even further when individual hires personal trainers leading to additional costs.Specific study aids,no matter the vendor,cannot guarantee passing overall however these extra resources provide helpful paths leading towards examination success.Budgeting needs should take place prior to choosing any program/college beforehand.

Exam Retake Fees

In the event that you don’t pass the exam,you will have to retake it. This means more fees.Additional registration fee per testing attempt varies by state,often ranging between $200-$300 each time you need to take the NCLEX again because each individual’s health condition and financial capacities vary,a certain percentage of examinees may require a tutor or seek out specialized aid with additional costs towards new study plans.This explains why budgeting for resit fees is as important as the first experience.


As you can see, taking the NCLEX is an expensive process – but it’s also essential if you want to become a licensed nurse. You’ll be responsible for paying several fees along your journey, from application fees through exam preparation material expenses and all else that ensues.Getting in touch with your prospective agency at every step in order not to deviate from standard policies made available beforehand would stand any hopeful candidate in good stead while still maintaining their finances.If studying on scholarship eligibility basis,students will find themselves less disadvantaged since most educational foundations do provide stipends covering entire tuition rates,internship programs certification along with examination/study materials dedicated towards professionalism creating world class aspirants who will definitely make great strides into society regardless of various financial backgrounds.