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Adoption is a legal process that enables individuals to become parents of children who are not biologically related to them. It is typically a permanent and binding arrangement, but in certain circumstances, people may wish to reverse an adoption. The reasons can vary from changing circumstances in the adoptive family’s life to a desire of birth parents or adult adopted persons for reunion or contact.

The decision to reverse an adoption must be well-considered and urgent because it requires going through another legal process with significant emotional and psychological implications for all parties involved. Moreover, laws differ widely across countries and states regarding whether and under what conditions an adoption reversal can take place as well as what costs will arise if any.

This article focuses on how much it might cost someone looking into reversing an adoption in some jurisdictions around the world. Keep in mind that these figures are rough estimates based on typical fees reported by experienced lawyers providing such services but most likely subject to change depending on each case’s complexity.

United States:

United States:

In the United States, every state has different laws governing adoptions’ termination or reversal. Reversals take place only under specific exceptional situations such as fraud, duress upon signing adoption papers, mental illness of either adoptive parent making parenting impossible or sexual abuse by adoptive parent toward adopted child – Therefore seeking counsel from experienced attorneys specializing in this type of law is crucial before starting proceedings.
It’s important also noting that adoptions involving foster care children usually involve lower costs because they fall under specific state programs covered by grants which arrive directly at government agencies without requiring private funds. On average expect attorney costs ranging between $8k-$25k per family depending on where you live plus court fees again varying according to location but averaging between $200-$5000 per case procedure fee payable upfront .

United Kingdom:

United Kingdom:

In the UK, adoption reversal is only possible in exceptional circumstances such as the adoptive parent’s death or serious illness making taking care of the child unfeasible. The process involves returning legal custody to birth parents for them to assume full responsibility for their child and relies heavily on social workers’ assessments. Usually, it’s highly subjective judgments which make outcomes vary greatly, hence getting several opinions helping guide families looking to reverse an adoption in this country.

While there are no fees per se to reverse an adoption proceeding in the United Kingdom; birth parents seeking a reunion with their adult adopted children should be mindful that England & Wales have faith value bureaucratic offices like probate services overseeing matters relating specifically about inheritance or mandatory publication request notices sometimes published solely through relevant newspapers exclusively – which can get costly – depends always where and who is legally retained by those seeking family reunions: Expect rates starting from £175 /hour plus any court costs ranging between £50-£240 pounds payable upfront.


Canadian Law permits for adoptions reversed under very particular circumstances including adoptee’s prior known disabilities not previously disclosed so knowingly defrauding adopting parents acting against good-faith practices permitted during pre-adoption counselling sessions. Fees range varies jurisdictionally but expect may around CAD $20k-$45K$ related attorney’s time spent bringing a case-in-point before local provincial Superior Courts though again various unrevealed factors inevitably might affect outcome pricing left open until consultation initially offered by lawyers providing counsel giving fee estimates reflecting degree complexity involved doing so upfront meeting initial discussions usually provided free-of-cost considerations.


Australian Law also has specific criteria allowing reversal of adoptions primarily reviewed circumstance conditions present prior to completion awaiting approval phases observations noting medical information/interpretation discrepancies discovered later concerning affecting health child/s upon reaching majority age. Australian adoption law generally provides two routes toward visitation rights requests following successful termination procedures supportive maintaining familial engagement interests relationships between birth families adopted individuals. Attorneys tend to have pricing tiers ranging between AUD $10-30k depending on location and client disposition concerning availability thoroughness desired service renders.

In conclusion, the costs of reversing an adoption differ widely across countries and cases’ complexity without always being guaranteed positive outcomes after turning to authorized legal services. The best advise is to research state laws or seek out expert counsel in the relevant jurisdiction governing one’s specific situation both emotionally and financially before embarking on such a significant step that often results in lifelong implications for all parties involved.