As a pet owner, there might come a time when you will need to fly your furry companion with you internationally. Whether it’s for relocation or vacation, flying a cat abroad is something that requires careful planning and budgeting.

One of the questions that arises in pet owners’ minds is the cost of transporting their cats by air across international borders. In this article, we’ll explore how much it costs to transport a cat internationally and what factors affect the prices of shipping pets.

Transportation Methods

Transportation Methods

The estimated cost for flying your cat overseas varies depending on the mode of transportation. Pet owners have three options:

1) Accompanying Your Cat

1) Accompanying Your Cat

Pet owners can accompany their cats during travel through commercial airlines or private charters. Most major airlines allow pets to fly in-cabin or as checked baggage but be sure to carefully research airline regulations before booking any flights. It’s important to keep in mind that different airlines have differing fees and rules regarding pets onboard so read up before you begin!

2) Ground Transportation/Door-to-Door Service

Most door-to-door transport companies specialize in domestic shipments only; however, some companies offer international service for “ground-only” shipment packages at an additional cost. This option eliminates airport-related stressors but comes with caveats like longer timelines.

3) Professional Pet Relocation Companies

Going through an animal transport company offers peace of mind knowing experts are handling your pet’s journey from beginning-to-end including acquiring necessary documents (e.g., vaccinations), flight scheduling, customs clearance processes at origin/destination countries and more. The majority of professional pet relocation providers do more than just sending animals overseas too; they handle all aspects from arranging ground transportation if needed through obtaining medical records ahead-of-time – again ensuring everything is squared away well before flying day arrives!

Costs Involved With International Cat Shipping

Before examining costs involved with international feline shipping it’s best for readers’ clarity first identify common expenses that come with shipping pets domestically:

1) Vet Checks & Health Certificates

Many domestic carriers require a veterinary certification about pet’s health and vaccination records before travel. This certificate averages anywhere between $50-300 depending on the veterinarian’s office fees.

2) Travel Crates/Carrier Costs

Pet owners in need of crates can expect to pay around $30-200 for standard plastic or wire mesh enclosures. The cost depends on factors like size, quality and specifications provided by airlines in whose planes cats will be transported.

Now that we’ve covered costs associated with transporting domestically, let’s discuss international transport pricing:

Consider taking direct flights as they lessen the number of connections within each trip; however, this may not always prevent spending additional money or increasing due to regulations unique to different countries (more on this later).

Items coming into play include origin country port airfare fees between $100 – 500+ and customs clearance tariffs ($200-$600+) per shipment you’ll need a licensed broker which could range from roughly $100 or higher.

For destination countries where small pet importation is permissible without quarantining there are diverse restrictions applied such as pre-entry vaccinations along with certifications ($75 -$200+), entry permit fees ($35 -150+), veterinary endorsements requesting inspections both during departure and arrival costing an estimate of $150-$450+.

Lengthy post-flight stays at boarding facilities serving mandatory quarantine periods would also increase these expenses further mounting up overall costs per day averaging $35 – 125/day depending upon location available for booking at sites nearest airport ports adding possibly thousands more dollars onto your price tag! Booking airline VIP lounges while waiting through layovers can neutralize stressors regarding feline handling-related uncertainty making travel easier keeping it all relative increasing one-way transoceanic ticket prices potentially exceeding several hundreds USD .

Pets who exceed airlines’ allowable weight limit cannot fly accompanied so must book excess baggage cargo capacity costing anywhere from $500-1200 .


Transportation options for your cat include air carriers and other transport services. Accompanying pet owners will spend on health certificates, crates/carriers necessary upon boarding planes or cars.

International prices are affected by a variety of factors with the largest costs arising from quarantine fees, custom clearances and import permits which can add additional charges ranging $35 – 600+. Depending on size of pet freight cost could run between $100-500+ per shipment while quarantines mandated by some destination countries charging $125+/day one-way transit V.I.P lounge availability remains £50 + to make trips less stressful more relaxing.

In conclusion, planning alongside budgeting ahead-of-time increases the likelihood that everything will go smoothly when flying pets overseas – being knowledgeable about all details upfront pivotal here setting aside various categorical-related spending allowances ease incurred expenses financially while traversing oceans afar mitigating stress ensuring easier travel for you and your feline friend!