As one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Harvard University represents a significant investment for any potential applicant. However, the cost of applying to Harvard is not as high as you might expect. This guide will break down all aspects of what it costs to apply to Harvard so that you can determine whether or not this Ivy League institution is within your financial reach.

Application Fee

Application Fee

The first cost associated with applying to Harvard is the application fee. For students who are U.S. citizens and permanent residents (including those living abroad), there’s an application fee of $75*. Students who aren’t U.S. citizens or permanent residents may need to pay more depending on their visa status.

Fee Waivers

Fee Waivers

Harvard does offer fee waivers for students who present financial need based on information provided by U.S.-based groups such as College Board and ACT, Inc., among others. If applying from outside the United States, please check with your university counselor or local representative about available waiver options based on financial need.

Testing Fees

Another expense associated with applying to Stanford is testing fees. Both SAT/ACT scores are required for applicants unless they choose to submit three Subject Tests instead (with some exceptions). However, if paying these fees presents a hardship for applicants and/or their families testing companies offer reduced rates during specific times according when registering through appropriate channels – be sure investigate before submitting payment!

Visiting Campus Costs

While visiting campus isn’t strictly necessary, many students feel that it’s important to get a sense of what life at Harvard is really like before committing time and effort into crafting their applications.which may include expenses such as transportation costs – plane/train fare etc.), hotel accommodations (if staying overnight) meals etc., entrance fees/site visit tours other logistics needed travel-related expenses including lodging/meals throughout aim build better understanding culture visit entails see if truly interested pursuing education affiliations here possible future academic ventures know where stand come admissions reviews portions written statements.

Interview Travel Costs

For students who are invited to interview, there may be additional travel expenses. While interviews can be conducted over the phone or via video conferencing in many cases, some applicants will need to visit the campus for an in-person interview. This requires covering transportation costs and potentially lodging as well.

Test Scores Report Fees (E-Transcripts)

In addition to test fees, you will also need to pay a fee for each transcript sent electronically or through mail if applicable detailing scores earned on all exams taken during high school career (SAT/PSAT ACT/AP Exams IB Exams A-levels etc.). These reports provide Harvard with results from standardized achievement tests like SAT Reasoning Test & Subject Tests combed with other academic measuring tools necessary evaluate candidate potential comprehensive manner .

Application-Specific Costs

The application form itself does not require any further payments beyond the initial $75*. However, optional forms attached thereto might have fees which will depend upon type submitter familiarize yourself thoroughly relevant documents before proceeding applying ensuring familiarity criteria required fill complete them accurately without omissions mistakes throughout process demonstrate ability follow directions produce quality deliverables speaks commitment pursuing education at Ivy League level adequately prepared take challenges this next academic chapter entails feel confident succeed both here future endeavors holds store once become part Harvards alumni network!


In conclusion, applying to Harvard University is a significant investment but it’s worth it for those who are passionate about earning their degree there! The total cost of applying varies depending on various factors such as whether you’re a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, your testing status admission requirements completed receive back evaluates success rate among our competitive pool cutthroat contenders determined make mark field chosen depecialty areas early life ambitions shape foundation entire careers thereafter go make positive change world around them shaping better tomorrow step direction guarantee achieving dreams sooner rather than later What really matters however dedication preparation perfect opportunities seize!