As a top-tier referee in the world of mixed martial arts, Herb Dean has become one of the most respected and recognizable figures in combat sports officiating. However, there is much discussion among fans and media outlets about how much Herb Dean makes as a referee.


Born on September 30th, 1970 in Pasadena, California, Herber Dean started practicing martial arts in his youth. He began training Muay Thai at age fifteen before transitioning to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As he honed his skillset over time, Dean eventually moved into full-contact competition.

Dean eventually retired from fighting after amassing an impressive record of sixteen wins and six losses before becoming increasingly involved with various aspects of MMA production – including refereeing by the early 2000s.

Refereeing Career

Refereeing Career

Herb Dean’s career as a referee officially began in 2001 at Gladiator Challenge’s “Hollowpoint.” His reputation quickly grew as he became known for lawfully stopping fights precisely when necessary while also treating fighters with respect. Some consider him one of the best referees that have ever existed within MMA.

Over the course of his career thus far, Herb has been assigned high-profile fights such as Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell III; Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm; Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez; and countless others across many organizations around the world.

Additionally absent any significant incidents or controversies during his tenure within UFC & other brands’ ranks throughout years.

How Much Does Respected MMA Referee Herb Dean Make?

How Much Does Respected MMA Referee Herb Dean Make?

It is not publicly confirmed how much money Herb makes per fight because athletes typically like their purses private,& Officials are no different kind but they make less than them anyway so it’s valid if some stats were available too clarify payment matches general sentiment about referees’ worthiness on paper — still scant information covers this area though people try piecing together info& speculate based on what little details exist& what economy factors are involved.

Most referees remain contracted to promotions and earn on a per-event basis. According to sources familiar with the matter, most referees make around $1,500 – $2,500 per UFC fight card including commissions from their personal endorsement deals whenever or meet extra fighters outside of match scene as second money source like Herb do on occasion which can naturally add up over time.

It’s difficult to state precisely just how much Herb Dean might be making given that fighters’ wages range drastically based on various factors like seniority/experience level or circumstances surrounding particular contests they’re partaking in such as “Fight of the Night” bonus distinctions.. Additionally for Herb this could depend upon his status inside that promotion because he has very little left to prove,& There isn’t really anyone better than him right now. His reputation alone is worth almost everything imaginable in an already lucrative industry where higher-ups consistently value experience,safety skills,& knowledge more-so so when money comparisons arise come up within event coordinators budget allocations beyond athlete paychecks — this example is officially unknown while figuring estimation since there’s scant info available but it’s valid area WWE/Boxing also share similar payment baseline trends respectively to present some useful information:

For reference; The National Association of Boxing Commissions (NABC) offers recommendations for referee pay rates but these still vary widely by geographic regions throughout America. Despite initial figures being low even compared some reports about officials retribution rates after new paths regarding bare-knuckle boxing were stepped into first starting off due no visible investment regarding a non-traditional sport playing out under previously untested ruleset constraints at cross-country scale still respecting local regulation standards and trying persuade fans from all-over towards ring action spectacle thanks large conferences too embracing legit limits everyone should commit themselves using across board agreements spread over years — And anyway NABC suggests an average rate of approximately “$350-600 per contest” back then (since 2019).

As a comparison benchmark guideline& other useful examples for how much referees in relatively similar combat sports earn, here is an estimate of some pay rates from different organizations:

– WWE Referees make $320,000 to $500,000 annually according to most sources.

-Referee’s on average get paid between £1500-£3500 per boxing match which smaller circuits may only offer few hundred bucks then very big televised contest can earn them in excess of six figures by some reports.

So it’s arguable that Herb Dean makes somewhere within this range depending upon his contractual agreements with the UFC and any additional endorsement deals he has secured.& given his reputation for being one of the top-tier officials in MMA world with unmatched experience, knowledge & track record especially embracing highest safety standards while adding that impeccable demeanor many athletes feel reassured about during their fights too.