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The U.S. government employs a vast number of people across various fields and levels of expertise. One of these employment systems is the General Schedule or GS system, which classifies federal jobs by pay grades ranging from GS-1 to GS-15. These pay grades determine how much individuals employed under them are paid.

Amongst the different pay sections available, many employees aspire towards one particular grade: GS-13. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all there is to know about the salary range for someone classified at this grade.

Understanding The General Schedule Scale

Understanding The General Schedule Scale
Before going into specifics, let us understand what exactly it means when someone refers to “GS” or “General Schedule.” Essentially, the General Schedule is a nationwide pay framework that categorizes federal civilian staff with respect to their skill level and experience.

In total there are fifteen levels within this structure; each level has ten steps (from 1 -10) except Level 1, which only has five steps.

The overall objective behind such classification is precise – so every one in each position should receive benefits equal in value and paid wages taking into account locality variations across America.

What Is A Pay Grade?

When considering any position emigrating within the federal system through job vacancy announcements online or elsewhere; candidates may take note of an advertised position attached with details regarding its pay grade level determination

This approach gives potential applicants upfront insight into what category/level salary they’ll be eligible for upon acceptance depending on their gained professional experience along with non-pay benefits like vacation allowance etc., making examinations less unsettling than before uncertainty was brought up via job offer acceptances subsequently after acquiring the job position.

What Is GS 13?

GS-13 is a pay level representing employees classified under General Schedule, which provides significant benefits to employees who have gained more than four years of professional work experience. This grade is available for individuals with proficient knowledge in their particular fields of expertise.

Typically, federal workers attain GS-13 grades because they work as skilled technicians or professionals (such as lawyers) in various state bodies.

How Much Does A GS 13 Make?

At present, there are ten steps within Level 1: step 1 is the lowest and step 10 being the highest amount paid. The pay scale range differs based on that particular employee’s locality where they are currently employed; however this article will focus on an averaged minimally designed approach addressing salaried information known nationwide.

For instance – If you want to calculate how much a specific salary would be at any city based on location that corresponds correctly aligned then website FedCalc comes into account offering such determinations processing flexibility; nevertheless, here’s an example:

Step one on the General Schedule grade pays approximately $76,687 per annum across every other United States state under normal circumstances without including geographic additional compensation — referred to often times as “COLA” locally corrected paycheck amounts showing higher remuneration rates taking each region’s cost-of-living into account (especially prevalent in some cities).

However , such presumption should not deceive you into believing that salaries remain stagnant while working under G.S framework since promotions may become available unless explicitly specified otherwise by contract terms emphasizing raises upon fulfilling pre-requisite conditions/gaining awards over time etc.– leading to significant boosts within income opportunities via means other than just harder workload efforts eventually paying off in long run prosperity matters also educating about your career growth objectives along its path shown through available options harvested over stability/ new skills honed therein reflecting best results during talent utilization processes & creatively implemented projects/tasks assigned.. all rewarded accordingly by this system.

Job Growth And Advancement Opportunities For GS 13 Employees

The possibility of job growth and increased pay via promotions within higher level classifications or expanded supervisory roles entices many skilled professional to seek a job in the federal industry. At times, some departments offer incentive programs meant for experienced general schedule individuals with tenureship continuation staying on likewise skill indicators showcasing exceptional relevancy coupled with continuing education making an essential addition towards achieving company goals too parallelly increasing yearly salary advancements.


In line with accurate up-to-date statistics received from verifiable sources respectively reflecting most commonly recognized statistics concerning national median averages; The average annual salary for United States government employees classified under General Schedule (GS) Level-13 currently begins at $76,687 – However this amount may be adjusted further based upon employee’s actual workplace locality which includes corresponding cost-of-living allowances throughout given state/province boundaries. Whether aspiring towards attaining G.S grade or pursuing various opportunities combined altogether in your particular area of expertise one thing is certain: given correct trajectory progressions and diverse skills cultivated over tenure requirements met will eventually lead toraise salaries over time as well options equally provided along suitable commissions possible aligned beside each other depending upon employer specifically focused needs management taking into account said individual’s performance score card reflecting accommodative improvement desired ahead of reaching proficiency and development avenues offered having met additional requirements set by recruiters reflecting refined job placement opportunities further centering around transferable career experience expected out through highlight showcase achievements molded together finally revealing how much income can truly amass… all thanks to engaging in government-job sectors like these presented here today!