Erin Andrews is a well-known sports journalist, television personality, and TV show host. She started her career as a freelance reporter for FOX Sports Florida in 2000 and has worked with multiple networks such as ESPN, ABC, and FOX Sports throughout her career.

Andrews is widely recognized for her excellent skills in reporting sports news of any kind. Whether it be the latest football game results or basketball highlights from the Olympics – she knows how to do justice to every sport she covers. Her rise to fame began when she became a sideline reporter for college football games on ESPN back in 2004.

Due to her stunning looks and charismatic personality, Erin Andrews quickly gained popularity among viewers across America. She went on to cover high-profile events like the Super Bowl and was eventually hired by Fox Networks in 2012.

Nowadays, Erin Andrews earns millions of dollars annually through various sources including broadcasting contracts with major networks like Fox Sports but also endorsements deals with companies like Reebok.

How much does Erin Andrews make?

How much does Erin Andrews make?

Talking about how much Erin Andrews makes can be quite challenging because there are different sources of income that contribute towards her net worth. However, some estimates give a fair idea of what her earnings might look like:

1. Salary at FOX Network:

1. Salary at FOX Network:

In 2016 advertisements claimed that Forbes had listed that Erin Andrew’s two-year contract with Fox would see salaries upwards of $3 million per year however these numbers could never be officially confirmed by either party (and especially since Forbes did not produce an article detailing this deal). This is reportedly one of the highest paying jobs for female sports broadcasters working at top networks today!

However now into 2022 we still have no confirmation about these figures as they haven’t been regularly reported on since their initial assumption so only those directly involved would know.

2: Endorsements & Sponsorship Deals

Aside from working full-time as talent on national broadcasts or hosting duties Erin has signed herself notable sponsorship and endorsement deals although we have no direct approach of calculating the total amount of these add-ons. Her contracts as a brand ambassador include various companies in the fashion industry like Reebok, Degree, CoverGirl etc. These brands regularly engage Erin to promote their products through commercials spots or social media campaigns.

3: Personal Investments

Erin Andrews has also invested in multiple businesses over time which includes investing in real estate for properties located within big American cities like Los Angeles New York Citys’ Greenwich Village district with fellow athlete Michael Strahan amongst other similar projects that could lead to further earnings down the line via capital gains on property investments made by having select partners involved along with her to reimagine successfully revitalized buildings into functional or profitable ventures.


In conclusion, it’s difficult to say exactly how much Erin Andrews makes due to limited information around such details but we can assume conservatively that she earns at least $3 million annually from Fox Networks alone before considering any additional offshoot income gained from advertising opportunities engagement given her popularity level elsewhere publicly. With each growing year as a top talent within Network broadcasting landed perhaps no cap exists ultimately on how large Andrew’s net worth will continue becoming throughout 2022. For now let us continue appreciating all great contributions this multi-talented anchor continues bringing forth into our homes nationally every week!
Erin Andrews’ Career

Born on May 4th, 1978 in Lewiston, Maine, Erin Andrews began her career as a journalist by working for the local newspaper. Later on, she joined FOX Sports Florida as a freelance reporter in 2000 while studying at the University of Florida where she graduated with honors- until making the move to ESPN during her senior years.

At ESPN, Erin covered college football games regularly and worked as a sideline reporter during various events like College Football Playoff National Championship games and Women’s College World Series. Her work was noted by many viewers who appreciated her energy and thoroughness in reporting live from sidelines across the country which soon gave way to even more high-profile assignments following each passing year with other networks calling to try grabbing allure they saw propelled via initial employer base back when first discovering this rising talent.

In recent years, Andrews has gained even more popularity among sports fans due to her hosting duties on shows like “Dancing With The Stars” where she has won over millions of viewers all around the world through immense screen presence and pure broadcasting capability. Her ability translate such skills into cross-promotional brand deals furthermore ensures that big-name companies desire associating themselves directly under Armstrong’s positive public image.”

Andrews’ success also extends beyond just sports journalism; however instead branching out into an array of fields related to business ventures including real estate investing projects shown above involving notable celebrity partners further developed together over past few years since their start while sharing game-changing ideologies amongst themselves within intellectual joint ventures partnered creatively along similar ends!

Why Is Erin Andrews So Successful?

It is safe to say that Erin Andrew’s charisma paired with great looks contributed towards her early rise up ranks at Fox Networks specifically but what sets apart successful talent versus those who fail or blowout fast are more varied than simply good looks alone (although it may play its part). Andrews’ complete dedication towards perfecting sportscasting knowledge behind scenes through in-depth sports analysis and thoughtful insights shared on shows is what has ultimately set her apart from the competition while still making constant leaps forward to become greater.

Erin Andrews’ professionalism, strong work ethic, and ability to connect with viewers are some of the traits that have made her a highly sought-after reporter. As someone who loves sports herself, it’s obvious how passionate she is about presenting accurate information regarding any match or game she covers by researching up-to-the-minute player stats backstage interviews post-match conferences etcetera! This drive alongside natural talent only further attracts leading networks who cannot get enough of Andrew’s diverse skills or talents resulting not just “lucky chance” but sheer hard work.

Erin Andrews’ Recounts Personal Stalking Incident:

Despite all her success, Andrews had faced an enormous personal threat outside of reporting for ESPN from 2004 until leaving them for Fox Sports in 2012. She was stalked starting in 2008 by Michael David Barrett – who pleaded guilty to interstate stalking and was sentenced to over two years in prison – during which he filmed her through peepholes into hotel doorways changing rooms tampering with security cameras among other massive violations towards Erin’s privacy usually reserved within refuge behind closed doors when traveling for broadcasting commitmentss

During this stressful time facing unwanted encounters without knowing where safe sanctuary could be found- continuously seeking reassurance that proper protocol taken against additional incidents didn’t occur even after Barretts conviction lingered long-tailing anxieties garnering sympathy from consumers wanting more understanding on such widespread issues plus providing support without shaming victims elsewhere enduring similar situations always thankful when accommodations can be added provided protection protocols insured throughout industry careers.

Advocacy For Increased Security In Broadcasting Careers:

After going public with the incident involving serious legal action taken against Barrett following emotional distress caused due his actions violative behavior targeting unbeknownst individuals working within relevant safety net environments; Erin continued advocacy efforts towards increasing security measures implemented throughout the broadcasting industry related to proper privacy protection protocols during filming, commenting very frequently to bring attention towards these issues. She has lent her voice and fame globally on this issue citing that everyone who works in the public eye must be protected since by having a voice recognizes that such bullying activities should not ever become “normalcies” for entertainment industry insiders.


Erin Andrews is an immensely talented journalist with expertise in various fields adjacent media reporting, creating brand deals, hosting roles which made her net worth skyrocket without substantial risk-rewarding investments. Her passion for sports journalism allows audiences all around America following regularly each week through her network televised reports covering almost every sport imaginable alongside other unique engagements such as side-line commentating or hard-hitting news political cycles keep Andrew’s at forefront among most relatable influential journalists within their country right now!”