As one of the most popular YouTube channels in existence, Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes has taken the internet by storm. Since its inception in 2006, this children’s channel has seen phenomenal growth and success over the years. It is now considered to be among the top five YouTube channels globally with billions of views worldwide.

The question on everyone’s lips is how much money does Cocomelon make? This article will provide an expert analysis of Cocomelon’s revenue streams, viewer statistics, licensing deals and more to help answer that question.

Revenue Streams

Revenue Streams

Cocomelon makes money primarily through two revenue streams: advertising revenue from its YouTube channel and merchandise sales. As a brand aimed mainly at young kids between two and seven years old, Cocomelon’s primary audience isn’t expected to spend money themselves on toys or other products. Instead, their parents are typically responsible for purchasing these items.

YouTube Advertising Revenue – The main source of income for Cocomelon comes from advertisements placed within their videos on the platform. They earn about $2 to $10 per 1,000 ad impressions i.e., every time someone watches an ad for at least thirty seconds before opening a video they make money out of it. Due to its immense popularity amongst younger audiences, advertisers who target this demographic group pay high prices for space on its videos as compared to other channels targeting different age groups.

Merchandise Sales – Another major source of income for this children’s media giant is merchandising. With such extensive popularity levels comes many opportunities to sell all sorts of things ranging from toys stuffed animals music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music where fans can listen offline if needed which may lead them back onto watching more content produced by Cocmolelon just depending upon their interest level.

Engagement Statistics

Engagement Statistics

To further understand how much cash Cocolemnon is making let us check some engagement data it receives:

Subscribers – As per November 2021, the channel has a subscriber base of 123 million subscribers and ranks amongst the top 5 most subscribed YouTube channels in the world. In addition to this, every day it receives around 1.5 million new subscribers which is significantly higher than that of any other channel on YouTube.

Views – The second engagement metric for Cocomelon revolves around views. Since being recognized as one of the top creators on YouTube they witness over more than a billion total video streams each month with audio visual songs visuals depicting fun-filled animated sequences backed by lively melodies

Demographics – When studying demographics, it’s evident that children between ages two and seven years are their main audience base. While this might lower its appeal to selected age groups it’s viewership levels have increased largely due to parents watching along with their kids or family night out gathering making sure everyone curls up together listening together.

Cocomelon Licensing Deals

Licensing deals also contribute significantly to Cocmeoln’s income:

Television networks like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Nickelodeon use the licensing rights from various original content producers such as Cocomelon to provide an extensive library of children-friendly content.

Brand partnerships – Major international brands aim towards targeting families involving lucrative collaborations between themselves & entertainment giants for instance McDonald’s featured different toys related to colors & themes present in both accessible meals which could link back online towards Youtube videos produced by Coccomlen’s creative team itself.

Live Shows – Live shows are events where creators perform live onstage interacting with fans who come out in large numbers often considered sold-out experiences seeing how popular they’ve become over time but mostly associated during past quarantine periods providing relief from boredom during lockdowns or general familiarity during pandemic scenarios worldwide pushing these concerts drawing remarkable crowds internationally attracting different media outlets reeling in even greater profit margins through streaming deals inked before traveling tours and away feats across various continents achieving broad revenue features enabling future opportunities for further expansion abroad as well.


In conclusion, it’s quite challenging to estimate Cocomelon’s earnings due to the variety of motivational outcomes and revenue sources that reach their portfolio. However, considering the significant streaming numbers from YouTube ad revenue along with merchandise sales & licensing deals like streams towards Netflix or Hulu aid majorly taking in collections from these multilevel investments models contributing to notable profit margins by the end of any year regardless family-friendly content creation aligning with modern social media trends force consolidating this brand within dominant market positions over understandable periods posing no competition takers yesteryears such as toddlers who have undoubtedly attuned themselves repeating catchy tunes throughout everyday life.