Butterfly locs are a trending hairstyle among many fashion enthusiasts worldwide. The style is achieved by braiding or crocheting synthetic hair extensions around your natural hair, giving it a unique and elegant butterfly-like pattern. Butterfly locs can be styled in various ways, giving you the versatility to rock different looks with ease.

While butterfly locs look stunning, one of the most common questions asked by anyone interested in trying out this hairstyle is “how much do they cost?” It’s understandable to want to know how much you will have to spend on purchasing synthetic hair extensions and paying for professional installation costs before committing to such a high-maintenance hairstyle.

In this article, we’ll delve into all the elements that affect butterfly locs’ cost and offer estimates to consider when planning your budget for the style.


The primary material used in making butterfly locs is synthetic or human hair extension. Synthetic bundles which are commonly used come in varying lengths ranging from 16 inches – 24 inches; longer lengths may lead to higher prices. It’s usually sold per pack depending on brands regardless of length or weight; therefore determine whether you’re satisfied with getting fibers only or human hair being pricier not only should last longer but looks more realistic compared than their artificial counterpart.



Professional installation involves installing each bundle onto sections of previously cornrow-braided natural tresses using crochet needles until desired thickness reached within six hours usually done over two separate sessions spaced apart at least four weeks long (depending on intricacy).

Depending on where you live globally, stylist prices range anywhere from $200 at the lower end up towards $800+/-USD when accounting for complexities involved like incorporating beads into ends for extra flair some prefer adding additional faux locks none of which affect overall price significantly – though inclusivity tends toward preferring brands renowned naturally curly hairstyles considering beauty professionals already possess experience manipulating these types textures effectively results pleasing their clientèle individuals seeking such skills.


The length of the locs is a key determinant in how much you’ll end up paying. The longer the locs, the more extensions and styling expertise required by your hairstylist. Moreover, shorter lengths may fall at a different price point if your stylist has to use less hair to achieve your desired look.

According to Buttercuploxx’s official website, the starting cost for their butterfly locs is $350 for 18-20 inches and can go as high as $700 for lengths above 28″. Other salons might charge differently depending on their location and unique service offerings.



Like any other protective hairstyle, maintaining butterfly locs requires extra attention to keep them fresh-looking throughout their lifespan. You have to wash and condition the style from time-time coupled with regular tightening sessions every four weeks where work focused on rebraiding natural hair roots regrouping loose hairs while adding new strands where missing (often not priced along with initial installation)

With each appointment taking between six hours divided over two separate days meaning both time-consuming financially expensive due – plan accordingly budget-wise before making a final decision regarding pursuing this style per se overall investment required obtaining upkeep keeping quality smooth consistent long-term becomes slightly steep nonetheless worth investing self-care maintenance promote flourishing finished results competitive advantages over other styles (e.g., braids or twists).

Overall cost estimation

Based on our extensive research into different salon pricing structures worldwide, we’ve found that most professionals will offer butterfly loc installments at an average starting rate of $250+usd; prices range depending on length/armature inclusion preferences included where clients approaching experienced stylists offering specialized services surrounding need tasteful incorporation beads/special colors/individuality emphasizing appearance further still whilst remaining practical/maintainable considering ease combining prefabricated locks individualized patterns ends fastening methods attaining peak performance excellence goals sought following through engagement relationship transformation.

In conclusion,

Butterfly locs are a beautiful and versatile protective hairstyle that can be customized to meet your unique preferences. However, before diving in headfirst, it’s crucial to consider the different factors that affect the overall cost of butterfly locs installation. This includes materials, length, location and stylist preference for intricacy; all these elements come together in determining how much you’ll end up paying.

If you’re considering trying out butterfly locs as your next hairstyle option, ensure you plan ahead by researching reputable salon professionals near you while also budgeting appropriately so if everything falls into place then it makes it totally worth this stylish investment!