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ATMs have become a ubiquitous sight in our society these days. They are found almost everywhere from banks to convenience stores on street corners. The reason behind its popularity is not far-fetched; it saves time by making cash withdrawals easier and more accessible than entering the bank to withdraw funds physically.

For business-owners and investors looking to invest in ATMs as part of their profit-making ventures, one of the most critical factors is determining how much money an ATM makes per month.

How Much Does An ATM Make Per Month?

How Much Does An ATM Make Per Month?

The real truth about how much an ATM makes every month depends significantly on quite some variables – location being one of them.

An ideal place for placing your machine would be in densely populated areas with high traffic flows like airports or busy streets, where people always need access to cash due to the hustle and bustle of living their daily lives. Placing ATMs inside shopping malls or supermarkets could also prove profitable.

Aside from location, other key determinants responsible for varying ROI (return on investment) include:

Transaction Fees

Transaction Fees

When someone uses your ATM, they pay a transaction fee – usually between $2 and $3 per withdrawal – which goes directly into your pocket after covering all maintenance expenses associated with operating that particular machine each rent cycle/month.

Level Of Use

A significant factor that influences income generated by an ATM machine monthly is how frequently it’s used daily/weekly/monthly in its location. If placed somewhere highly trafficked such as train stations or airport terminals where there’s always someone needing quick cash access, then your figures should generally see-saw towards the higher end of what you’re expecting during these peak periods!

Moreover, experience has shown that tourists tend to use machines more often than regulars who’d walk past without any thought – therefore forecasting possible trends will come in handy when making estimations based on levels of use.

Maintenance Expenses

Another major expense to consider is maintaining the ATM over time. The machine needs to be serviced regularly- around once a month – by professionals who take care of any issues that could arise, such as frozen screens or malfunctioning buttons, so they don’t interrupt essential operations or cause errors which could lose customers.

To protect themselves from these possible eventualities and protect their revenue streams adequately, owners are strongly encouraged to outsource maintenance tasks instead of handling everything internally (unless you have expertise in this area already).

Rent Accumulation

Making an ATM available at a location requires paying rent. Like the other expenses associated with ATMs which vary per market, rents also differ between areas. Thus keeping tabs on current pricing schemes for spaces where ATMs can be placed makes sense before leasing agreements are drawn up.

Transaction-volume factor

In this model, transaction volume is seen as the main driver behind revenues earned through operating an ATM investment portfolio: more cash withdrawals per unit time = higher earnings potential due to added fees for each successful withdrawal session carried out within the confines of its jurisdiction/coverage zone(s) without any hitches/risk exposure involved!

Month-to-month revenue fluctuations due to changes in customer behaviour patterns and staff attendance level/s – i.e., holidays off workdays may lead some months having longer QT breaks than anticipated; whilst others might experience significant boosts caused by seasonal shopping opportunities for consumers seeking deals within your branch vicinity quickly/particularly during holiday seasons/tax periods..etc.)

The average monthly net income generated by most automated teller machines typically ranges from $1k – $3k based on observed results spread across many markets worldwide! With top-performing machines capable of generating significantly more every cycle/month via higher transaction quantities reached either through well-placed systems/services offering greater accessibility/location-sensitive promotions strategies employed consistently throughout dedicated platforms (like Mobile apps), among others!


Ultimately, the level of money an ATM machine makes primarily depends on factors such as its location and visibility. Business owners must consider these elements in deciding where to place their device(s) so that they can maximize profitability while minimizing expenses associated with regular maintenance work or renting space for commercial purposes like ATMs.

Overall, based on current market trends reporting potential increases seen within each respective sector during recent economic cycles! It’s safe first times investor/buyer lookout because investable asset class presents tremendous growth opportunities now is the time when smart investors can get ahead before it gets saturated.