As an AI language model, I don’t have access to the exact figure of Al Roker’s income. However, according to reports and analysis from various sources, it can be estimated that Al Roker earns around $10 million per year.

Al Roker is a renowned television personality and meteorologist who is best known for his work on NBC’s Today show. He started his career as a weather anchor in Syracuse, New York after graduating from college in 1976. However, he became nationally recognized when he joined the Today show team in 1996.

Apart from hosting the morning news program, Al has also been involved with other television programs and film projects such as Will & Grace (2002), Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (2009), This Is Us (2016) among others where he either made cameo appearances or played small roles.

In addition to his media works, Al has written several books including “Don’t Make Me Stop This Car!: Adventures In Fatherhood”, “The Storm Of The Century” among others that earned him great royalties and won critical acclaims worldwide.

According to Celebrity Net Worth website’s report, their estimates put mightier than ever star at earning “$10 million per year”. Although this may seem like an astronomical amount by average standards let alone any individual of similar category but considering bigger picture factoring all factors that contribute towards it makes it significant & well-deserved appraisal for this astronomically influential celebrity persona whose reach isn’t just restricted to small screen mode anymore!

His net worth was also reported recently August 4th Week marking above $60million thus making him one of the most successful male personalities on US TV right now and representative being highest-paid journalists/producers today – if true!

Aside from a number of shows under “Today” banner where he proffers excellent insights into current affairs whilst maintaining expertise about classic matters which mainly concerns weather updates segment within the show that also helped only further his stardom status stateside. He’s really become somewhat of a role model in terms of what you can achieve with hard work & conventional wisdom.

In conclusion, though the exact figure may never be revealed but considering his illustrious career, multiple TV appearances, and significant media influence all over the country- it is safe to assume that his income draws the 7-figure range at least from connected sources given by Celebrity Net Worth website as stated above.
As an AI language model, it is impossible for me to know Al Roker’s exact income. However, from various reports and analysis available online, we can estimate that the famous meteorologist earns around $10 million per year.

Al Roker’s journey in the entertainment industry began as a weather anchor after his graduation from college in 1976. With hard work and determination, he became one of the most recognizable personalities on television thanks to his role at NBC’s Today Show which he joined in 1996.

Today show isn’t Al Roker’s sole contribution; he has been a part of numerous other programs and collaborations such as Will & Grace (2002), This Is Us (2016) among others where he showcased his versatile personality.

Additionally, Al has also authored several books throughout his career including “Don’t Make Me Stop This Car!: Adventures In Fatherhood,” “The Storm Of The Century” with critical acclaims worldwide rankings adding excessive money value via royalties accumulating thereafter ensuing great significance thus quite commensurate with regular promotions across other platforms like podcasts or interviews creating unwavering likes laced with fondness associated through diverse audiences who appreciate him highly.

According to multiple reports by Celebrity Net Worth website, we see potential earnings potentially put into figure “$10 million per year.” Despite this amount seeming high upon first glance, when factoring all contributing factors leading towards massive media outreach within US TV shows today plus beyond – every penny is well-deserved appreciation earned over time thanks both through sheer hard work and undeniable talent reinforced consistently across various domains of expertise related-aspects since years gone by.

Moreover recent legimate sources suggesting notable net worth reached above $60million making him one of the wealthiest personalities making waves in American television at present moment add credibility rightfully entitling celebs currently reigning supreme within industry circles today deservedly so given reputation was garnered over sustained period amongst industry giants alike therein lies legacy marked by monumental achievements which will not be forgotten anytime soon!

The meteorologist’s impact extends far beyond just forecast updates and hosting morning news programs. Al Roker’s immense reach is evident through his involvement in charity work and public speaking engagements wherein the promotion of general well-being & charitable pursuits has become a hallmark, thus cultivating further appeal with fans wanting more.

In conclusion, although we may never know the exact figure of Al Roker’s earnings , given his multi-faceted career and vast media influence across country- we can only assume that he draws significant income year after year. His success serves as an affirmation to aspiring personalities present-day to keep honing your skills alongside conventional initiatives: state-of-the-art tech & industry honor codes alike so you too can potentially achieve astronomical status within TV most lucrative profession possible!