Yorkie poos, also known as Yorkie poodle mixes or Yorkipoo, are small and adorable dogs that have become popular in recent years. They are a crossbreed between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. These tiny creatures make great pets for people looking for companionship from a loving dog with hypoallergenic fur.

When deciding to adopt or purchase a furry companion, one of the most important considerations is cost. The price range of a Yorkie poo puppy may differ depending on several factors such as their age, size, location of breeders/sellers but below is an expert guide on how much you can expect to spend.

Breeders Vs Shelters:

Breeders Vs Shelters:

The first thing to understand about buying any type of pet is whether you want to buy from a breeder or adopt from an animal shelter/rescue organization. Buying directly from breeders comes with more advantages while animal shelters provide cheaper cost options.

Breeders often charge higher prices due to the time they invest in breeding healthy puppies and often costs spent taking care and raising them up till then sell them which reflects in the purchasing price buyers pay when adopting an available purebred yorkipoo puppy- making sure each has their specific traits some prospective new owners look out for – genetic testing done by the breeder may increase this selling point even further though this generally isn’t always done.

Adopting through local animal shelters greatly reduces costs even if it won’t guarantee getting your desired pure-bred dog because intake animals might not be 100% clear about its ancestry lineage however; rescue organizations will offer vaccinations free neutering/spaying services; grooming gear & basic training course sessions packages all included at little extra charge plus satisfaction knowing that funds contributed goes towards maintaining other stray/abandoned/mistreated animals within their vicinity so all things needed would normally fall within $200-$500 range – almost strictly lower than initial breeder purchase price and extra vet costs Incurred after owning a new puppy.


Another factor that affects the cost of getting a Yorkie poo is their age. Younger puppies tend to cost more compared to older ones because they have not matured yet so sellers/breeders can obtain higher prices as owners will get the chance to monitor its growth and training progress – this mostly apply for puppies in high demand breed like yorkipoo puppy.

A brand-new-born might seem affordable, but its lifestyle expenses such as vaccinations, feeding meal breakdown & long term care should be taken into account when considering adopting one. These little bundles of joy can resonate from an average total expense within $500 – $2000 just by focusing on age alone with other additional fees individually added.

Location Of Breeders/Sellers:

Location Of Breeders/Sellers:

The location of breeders or sellers also contributes to the selling price of a purebred yorkipoo puppy. Depending on where you live, nearby markets may reflect directly in your search results ie urbanized areas would often lead to higher breeds rates vise versa hence choosing geographical locations could influence potential buyer’s budget limits based on shipping fees between buyer/seller through air/land transfers due at arrival/departure which may add up quickly particularly if taking care of all expenses involved while arranging necessary documentation papers etcetera are completed before transporting your dog from remote locations halfway around the world miles away from home range for example (i.e U.K Vs Australia)

Size & Coat Color

Yorkie poos generally weigh between 4-15 pounds and stand approximately 7-12 inches tall about. Their size variation amongst available market could also consequent extra purchasing fee incurred depending on what exactly buyers wants ie different coloring coats (white/black/grey), curly coat textures among others enable specialized seller base study which again ends up influencing sale prices toward prospective buyers towards purchases associated with rarity trait outcomes leading almost certainly towards higher tagging bills attached.

On average, a Yorkie poo may cost between $400 and $1,200 from reliable breeders while prices can be a bit lower within the range of $100 – $500 from adopting it in your local animal shelter organization but still maintain quality standards amongst newly acquired.

In summary, getting an adorable and intelligent Yorkie poo for ownership comes at various costs based on many different factors such as age/location/size/color variations which are important to look out when considering buying domestic pets like any other animals. Simply put – pricing generally ranges strictly according to these basic features discussed here with more fluctuation experienced across breeds categories one could explore in deciding precisely what sizing or coloring fits best gets along well with family needs…Happy searching and have fun welcoming your new pup into your homes when all is said & done!