Virtual YouTubing or VTubing has become a sensation in the entertainment industry. It is the latest trend that employs virtual characters to interact with its audiences online. With the growing popularity of this new form of content, many aspiring and established streamers are looking for ways on how to jumpstart their VTuber journey. This includes creating a custom character model, which is considered as one of the critical components for any successful virtual creator.

But how much does a VTuber model cost? Like with most things involving art, there isn’t an exact answer to that question since different factors come into play when making your avatar design. While some may opt to create their own models from scratch using free tools like those provided by VRoid Studio, it can be time-consuming and requires considerable technical skills—not everyone may have these resources at their disposal.

If you don’t want to make your Vtuber model yourself or are just starting out and do not possess sufficient knowledge on 3D modelling software and animation techniques, hiring professional artists would be more appropriate for you—and naturally comes at a price point depending on how uniquely detailed you want your character look like.

In general, various artists offer reasonable packages depending on what they’ll be needing in terms of designing specifications such as difference in styles (anime vs realistic), outfits variation & additional props/accessories included etc..

Factors Affecting the Cost

Factors Affecting the Cost

Here are several essential elements that impact the pricing range of developing a VTuber avatar:

1) Model Style

1) Model Style
The type/style/design complexity goes hand-in-hand with varying prices (not limited); anything from anime-like visuals tends to cost less compared to hyper-realistic designs that simulate real-life appearances such as digital human avatars seen mostly during keynote events introducing new technological advancements or even celebrities who wanted their likeness projected onto live performances within video games or animations among other media uses.

2) Level of Detail
Most digital artist services may charge based on a per-hour basis, particularly for more complex models. Every component in the design must be molded and textured to create every asset that requires polishing for optimal results. Each detail added contributes significantly to the final pricepoint of creating the VTuber character.

3) Timeframe of Completion
Rushed work comes at an additional fee, so if you’re planning to have your model released or presented early, make sure you allocate sufficient time frames since rushing will require minimal revisions and adjustments due to being pressed with deadlines — hence why some Vtuber models are produced quicker with fewer details than their higher-quality counterparts. The length it takes can vary widely—on average, from simple designs , producing such quality may take around 20 – 30 hours’ worth of work for one artist; obviously scaling up along with complexity level.

4) Experience Level
Professional artists typically start off charging a higher amount than beginners might because they’ve honed their skills over several years through continuous practice & experience (proven track record). Hence earning loyal followings from multiple clients or established studios looking to invest into projects having max appeal potential based upon chosen target audiences + demographics etc.. But don’t believe in brand name alone! It always pays off when hiring someone who thoroughly understands your needs while also making suggestions/appropriate corrections within timely industry standards throughout production phases involved in your new Vtuber persona’s creation.

The Cost Breakdown

All things considered, let’s look into how much does it specifically costs when commissioning a professional Japanese-based digital character designer:

– For simpler chibi-like avatars (2D art), prices usually range from ¥10 – ¥40k which is around $90-$360 USD.

– More realistic-looking VTuber models (3D art) begin anywhere between ¥100 – ¥200K JPY ($900-$1,800 USD)

– With increased complexities alongside animation motion captures included against specified background effects, Vtuber models beyond shown level (3D VR) may range between ¥500k-¥1m worth of investment.

If production values sky rocket due to exceeding hours spent in working on such collaborative projects, there’s also a chance an artist/team may earn a percentage share of any proceeds made from advertisements revenue and/or fan donations—payments platforms like streamlabs & patreon are known examples regularly utilized by many VTubers worldwide.. It’s just important that everything is being well communicated and stated accordingly during your initial contract negotiations with hired agency/art team so as not to cause any misunderstandings down the line or legal entanglements.


Overall, as you can see creating custom virtual personalities takes effort — it’s not just about having proper broadcasting equipment but rather hinges upon investing into worthwhile human resources capable enough in interpreting clients’ aim visions without compromising highly personalized elements needed for character design modeling accordingly. Prices vary drastically depending on how much detail is at play with regards to 3D designs amounting up close $5K should complicated complex animations be required; however, simpler bespoke figures fetch upwards around $1000 per creation which take advantage software tools enabling streamlined digital workflows plus near-infinite visualization options when put into service creatively inspired Vtubing endeavours!