As a potential pet owner, it’s understandable to want to know how much different animals cost. One such creature that has become increasingly popular as a pet in recent years is the Serval cat.

Serval cats are native to Africa and are known for their striking beauty, long legs, and unique markings. They have also gained popularity due to their affectionate nature and dog-like tendencies. But how much does one actually cost?

The initial purchase price of a Serval cat can range from $2,000 to $10,000 USD depending on certain factors like breeders’ location or reputation. However, this is just the beginning of the expenses you need to prepare for when taking this exotic feline home.

Before going into detail about these costs – let’s start with where you should source your new furry friend.

Where can you find Serval cats?

Where can you find Serval cats?

When looking for a Serval cat breeder or seller online be very careful; there are many fake ads and scams out there! It is important only fan reputable sellers with plenty of positive endorsements.

Due to its African origin laws around owning a serval vary greatly in different countries and states so make sure that where you live doesn’t prohibit owning them before handing over money for purchase fees!

It might even be illegal! So contacting an animal welfare agency will help ensure your fur baby isn’t needed back by law enforcement… or confiscated!

How Much Does A Serval Cat Cost To Maintain

How Much Does A Serval Cat Cost To Maintain

Here comes the bulk of what’s required keeping up with Expenses relating to any pet: food, health care bills & accessories; however servicing specific species like Servals carries additional expenses others don’t require too push ownership budgets higher than expected…


Since they’re carnivorous animals requiring raw meat-based diets (no grain), expect monthly feeding costing anything between $50-150 USD depending on serving sizes & type of meat preferred by your kitty–but note –serving even slightly cooked meat to a Servals can drastically emasculate their health.

Also, it’ll be vital for new serval parents to think about researching, preparing and executing diets in line with what this type of animal requires. No commercial pet product offers anything adequate enough and there are no shortcuts if your goal is keeping healthy. Fortunately, websites like Exotic Nutrition make buying food supplements easy regular basis even though the initial bulk purchase price may appear daunting at first.


Habitat management costs money because Servals require large spaces littered with natural hiding areas they would have access to In the wilds of Africa! Outdoor settings simulating Savannah grasslands compared to indoors condo settings work excellently when considering housing options but providing large gated yards with proper cover is best encouraged too!

Creating an outdoor pen space that provides everything they need regarding stimulating enviroment (like trees or logs) & shade would cost between $1,000-3,000 USD –and if you don’t feel adept undertaking outdoor home projects yourself – hiring help may be necessary which will bump up extra expenses.

If an indoor enclosure/condo option is what you prefer budgeting towards building a livable environment containing bedding areas as well as allowing Serval cats enough room for exercise will vary based on size and complexity required by different breeders as some may go ahead factor such things into the initial sale price so ensure these details are precise before settling on any specific breeder!

Initial veterinary check-ups

Upon arrival or within 72 hours Health Assessment done by trusted vets ensure transferred ownership from seeders goes smoothly without complications cropping up days later after finalizing purchase agreement! This typically falls around one hundred dollars ($100). It’s good policy investing further in vaccinating against major diseases using more advanced medicines like rabies shots; neutering/spaying which become really important down adult years adequately covered eliminates most chances relating financial headaches caused following illiquidity.

Annual veterinary fees

Just like every other pet, you will need to calculate the cost of annual check-ups /vaccinations & medicine which generally amount anything within a range from one hundred and two hundred dollars ($100-200) yearly. Additionally for serval cats — we recommend buying into exotic animal insurance policies – yearly premium averages around $2,000 – 3,000 USD based on different policy options offering additional coverage areas beyond just routine check-ups adding extra financial buffer in case of unexpected medical costs occur.

Training classes:

We encourage investing in both obedience classes handling socialization needs and grooming courses (if not an avid gardener yourself!) when it comes to Servals – though always amicable creatures, owners must invest time teaching them acceptable behaviours as pets while they’re young! This ensures everyone’s safe & healthy!

Purchase Prices: Indirect Costs Of Serval Cat Ownership

In addition to direct cat ownership expenses discussed above there are some indirect costs that should be kept in mind before settling on bringing a serval home….such include [but not limited to]:


Remember the ones I talked about earlier? They drive up costs up with compounded legal fees incurred legitimately owning certain breeds through permits or licenses required based on locations. Consultation with lawyers may become necessary so get ready for those bills if your area demands it!


Bringing new pets is never a hassle-free experience; factor travel arrangements including flights/accommodation (where necessary) towards picking him/her from breeders’ location.During And After Arrival Finally Let’s talk functional long term considerations related owning servals; these include maintenance items such as terrarium/ liiter boxes toys feeds bedding materials litter etc that usually add more monthly/yearly continuity behind management overall domiciliary life lived by these exquisite animals.beware sudden urbane in cost might occur during times emergency vet assistance needed finding best available service providers whose fee schedules still seem reasonable but always be ready for unforeseen circumstances! Serving pets like Serval cats come with both the joy shared but also serious responsibility & ownership costs that mustn’t be taken lightly! Should you decide to go ahead owning one we hope this article proved helpful in pointing out every financial consideration involved.