As a male, you may be wondering how much it would cost to get a perm. Perm is a chemical hair treatment that creates curls or waves in your straight hair and can last for months. The cost of getting a perm varies from salon to salon and depends on several factors like the type of perm, length of your hair, the professionalism of your stylist and also location.

In this article, we will provide some insights about how much men’s perms usually cost, what are the different types of perms available for men, factors that affect their pricing and also tips on finding an affordable solution.

Average Cost Of A Men's Perm:

Average Cost Of A Men’s Perm:

The average price range for men’s perm varies within $60 – $150 depending on several factors. However, keep in mind that this range could go higher as well especially if you go to high-end salons or choose more complex perming technique.

Types of Perms Available For Men

Types of Perms Available For Men

When thinking about getting a perm as a man there are two main techniques you need to know- cold wave and hot wave.

Cold Wave: Cold Wave involves wrapping wet hair around rollers before applying chemicals which then break down keratin bonds creating new shape once neutralizing liquid is applied. This method is generally less damaging than Hot Waves but it doesn’t hold its waves as long either.

Hot Wave: With Hot Waves they use heat instead where heat rearranges disulfide bonds providing longer-lasting results.

Factors That Affect Pricing:

Length And Texture Of Your Hair

The Important factor In determining how much perming services will charge you Based on many things such as Length And Quality


If You Choose highly Qualified stylist experience They prefer high pay consequently low-skilled Professional wil seve u at modest rate.


Perm prices greatly depend upon Location Where Are You Located based because Different Regions Have Their Own Price Structure can vary depending On various Factors Like Taxation Policies Or General Living Expenses.

Tips To Find An Affordable Perm:

#1 – Research Different Salons Beforehand

Make sure that you research different salons in your area before you decide which one to go to. Look up their reviews online and see what previous customers have said about their experience with them.

#2 – Ask For Recommendations From Friends & Family Members

It’s always best to ask for recommendations from people who have been through the process themselves. Their feedback can be a great way of finding the right salon as well as saving some bucks too.

#3- Take Advantage Of Discounts And Coupons

Many Salons offer discounts on many occasions like Anniversaries Or Reopening Sessions, You Can Also Find coupons Online u use when going there.


Getting a perm is something that requires consideration. It could lead to damaged hair if not done correctly hence it is essential looking for good stylists or barbershop around before making an appointment Most importantly, make sure that you get value for money based on what services they offer and charges made.Aside researching and asking trusted people around do research too get knowledge about types available may suit n comfort ur pocket better.
In conclusion, the cost of men’s perms can vary depending on factors such as the type of perm, length and texture of hair, location and professionalism of your stylist. Cold wave and hot wave are the two main techniques for perming hair.

To find an affordable perm, research different salons beforehand to read reviews from other customers. Additionally, ask for recommendations from friends or family members who have had success with getting a perm. Take advantage of discounts and coupons provided by various salons.

It is important to consider both the cost and quality when deciding where to get your perm done. Your hair is an investment worth taking care of so be sure to choose a stylist who is experienced in their field which would likely cost more but results will speak for themselves in terms if longer lasting curls or waves while minimizing damage to your precious locks.

Overall,making informed decisions like this not only saves money but produces favorable outcomes that leave you wishing u made it earlier.lovely permed hairstyles await you- just get ready for unending compliments!