When you visit a pet store or an online platform that sells birds, it is common to wonder how much does a macaw cost. Macaws are one of the most popular and loved parrot species around the world. Known for their beauty, intelligence, and charming personalities, these birds make perfect companions for those who have the time and resources to care for them properly.

However, purchasing any type of bird requires significant preparation and investment in terms of finances. Therefore, it’s crucial to research extensively on different factors that affect the price before making any purchase decision.

Macaw Species

Macaw Species

First things first; there are several types of macaws available in captivity today. Each breed varies in color variations and size which influences their prices.

The larger breeds such as Hyacinth Macaws (4 feet long with blue plumage) generally cost more than smaller breeds like Hahn’s Macaws (12 inches long). Scarlet macaws have bright red feathers with tinges of yellow throughout their wings coming at moderately high prices higher due to their popularity in pet ownership while Blue-and-gold(macau), Military(macaw), Green-winged(macaw), Severe-Maric(Macaw) among others usually come at moderate prices because they’re pretty much common choices compared to unique ones such as Buffoned-Orange Fronted-Moluccan-Glaucous-wing just to mention but a few that can fetch up huge sums over $10 000 depending on accessibilities


The locality you buy your macaw will also influence its purchase price significantly. The location affects its availability within a particular area/region or country hence shipping costs cannot be ignored either if outside your state/country leading up the final price increases when importing across regions with added import duties taxes clearance licenses permits etc . This factor could range from negligible impact if buying locally closeby upwards towards thousands owed even though we recommend avoiding purchasing sight unseen without having seen proof photos of the bird from trustworthy and legitimate sources to safeguard your investment.


When it comes to purchasing a macaw, choosing a reputable breeder is paramount. Such breeders ensure their birds are healthy, well-raised with attention paid to proper diets, socialization hence decreasing chances of future costs arising from sicknesses in poorly raised/breed unvaccinated or malnourished parrots suffering not just for its underdeveloped immune system but even your next indoor plants around as they can carry pests making settling into household environments challenging sometimes.

Some breeders specialize in breeding macaws while others may hybridize them hence also affecting the pricing due to their results if sought after increasing purchase ranging from anywhere between hundreds to thousands depending on exotic hybrids mostly fetch higher prices .

Adopting a Rescued Bird

Adopting a Rescued Bird

Adopting an injured/broken-wing/sick macaw that requires rehabilitation could be a cheaper option compared to buying one from breeders or pet stores. However, most parrot rescue adoption fees aren’t low either since these places invest resources time money human skills among other factors aimed enabling reintegration back into safe -held homes thus creating special bonds more so towards resigned behavior animals and you’ll definitely create memorable moments alongside adapting each other who yearns love care understanding & attention

Purchasing Costs Breakdown

The table below shows some estimated cost breakdowns when acquiring various types of macaws based on different aspects that affect their value:

Hyacinth Macaw $12 000–$20 000
Scarlet Macaw $1 200 – $5 000
Hahn’s Macaw $600 – $1200
Green-Winged Macow (3-4 ft long) approx. at least no less than >$25000
Blue-and-Gold/macau/thanurgreenwing/species popular choices per individual have prices variating approximately within the range averages, although it can still raise until high prices such as $5000 when purchasing from genuine breeders with reputable sources, higher or lower depending on whether imported or locally bred
Military Macaw $.900-$200
Severe-Maric(Macaw)$900- $2300


The price of the macaw depends mainly on its species/color varations and geographical location-based importation/exportation restrictions. Besides, a breeder’s credibility also affects their pricing alongside adoption fees for already held birds.

When all is said and done, buying a macaw could be simple if you have what it takes to maintain one. We hope this article has been insightful in providing an overview of the potential costs involved in owning these majestic exotic animals though we recommend setting aside enough resources for unexpected but likely scenarios that may arise when taking care more so during adolescence/teen stage transcending into adulthood whereby demands change with hormonal imbalances leading to destructive habits if not well understood least to mention personal preferences relating diet environment space social interactions companionship among others ensuring they feel at home instead of like caged animals resulting tier same reactions similar feelings towards what we would too . It’s best always remembering that while investing in pet ownership comes along lifetime opportunities it doesn’t hurt being more prepared than necessary for lifelong commitment.