As one of the world’s largest courier services, Federal Express or FedEx is a powerhouse in its industry. To keep up with demand and accommodate their extensive network of shipping routes, FedEx employs thousands of pilots to transport goods across the globe. This has raised an interesting question among those looking to join their ranks: How much does a FedEx pilot make?

The answer varies depending on several factors such as years of experience, type of aircraft flown, geographical location, and rank within the pilots’ union.

Before we delve into the details about salaries for FedEx pilots let us first discuss some basic requirements that need to be fulfilled before joining as a pilot.

Basic Requirements:

Basic Requirements:

To become a pilot with FedEx you must have an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate issued by the FAA which comprises at least 1500 hours total flight time, including:

- 250 hours cross-country

– 250 hours cross-country
– 100 hours night flying
– Multi-engine endorsement
– Recency requirement

In addition to these required qualifications, there are other skillsets you will need if you want to work at FedEX such as excellent spatial orientation skills in order to navigate complex airspace structures; strong communication abilities enabling clear-cut exchanges between crew members while ensuring safety standards; problem-solving acumen in assessing and mitigating unexpected situations during takeoff and landing; international travel comprehension for relocation purposes throughout your career path at FedEX.

Salary Breakdown for New Hires vs Experienced Pilots:

A new hire Captain typically starts out making around $206k annually on average after training costs are subtracted from their first year’s earnings whereas First Officer salary ranges somewhere around $67k-$235k per year respectively based on slightly varying pay scales set forth in their current employment contract agreement by Cargo Pilots Association (CPA).

After completing six years with the company Captain can expect his/her annual income reveal increment ranging anywhere from $200K – $238k whereas seniority-based wages continue to earn substantial increases along with average flight day pay of $375 thus making a perfect combination in ensuring higher income levels.

Average Pay for FedEx Airplane Pilots:

FedEx, which is headquartered in Memphis (TN) has pilots located throughout the United States. Of course, some areas may offer slightly higher salaries than others due mainly to cost-of-living differences and also because pilots are paid according to their incurred time on job duties.

For instance, let’s consider the rank wise salary distribution at FedEX among its first officer and captains currently employed – First Officer average yearly salary varies from $67k – $235k depending upon his/her years of experience with an average total compensation ranging somewhere around USD 109k-250K while captains have a wide variation starting at 150k topping off above approximately $238K based again purely on degrees of experience held by them.

The table below gives you full details about existing pilot salaries at FedEx Express categorized by aircraft type and hour flown. The data shows how aircrews’ salaries increase as they build up hours flown while working for the company:

| Aircraft Type | Hour Flown | First Officer Salary Range | Captain Salary Range |
| — | — | — | — |
| B757/B767 | 1200 |$70-$400 hourly |\$220-\$500 hourly |
| MD11 |>1000 |\$75-$350 hourly |\$300-$550+hourly |
| B777 |>1000 |\$90 -$380 hourly |\> \$330\* Or More per hour |

Additional Benefits for FedEx Pilots:

In addition to these competitively high wages, there are few other benefits that go towards making highly sought after employer ‘FedEx’ ranks among one of the best employers out there such as –

1. Retirement benefits: Apart from competitive pay packages mentioned above, the company offers excellent retirement plans that are tailored specifically for pilots with “401k” options to allow their money work towards better returns through various investment strategies.

2. Healthcare: If you’re in this profession then working for FedEx also provides Adaptable healthcare benefits customized to specific health needs including dental and vision components along with counseling session aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

3. Flying perks: Working as a pilot in one of the biggest express delivery companies like FedEx not only means competitive compensation packages but access to other flying-related perks such as travel vouchers, discount programs on rental vehicles etc.

4. Professional Development Opportunities – if you pursue higher academic training or certification e.g., masters degree in the field of aviation which could be beneficial overall growth within resourceful network out there helping exponentially magnitude career progressions among wealth organization.

So while there is no definitive answer to how much does a FedEx pilot make since it varies based on numerous factors ranging from experience level to job assignments flown by that particular individual all variables aside one thing can be said for certain – salaries here remain highly competitive amongst any globally recognized air transportation company while offering countless advantages both during our off-flight lives plus long-term growth prospects too!