Boston Terrier, also known as the “American Gentleman”, is a small and lively dog breed that has gained immense popularity over the years. They are suitable for apartment living and make excellent family pets due to their friendly and affectionate nature.

If you’re in the market for a Boston Terrier, one of your primary concerns would be how much it costs to own one. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the various expenses associated with owning this breed.

The Purchase Price

The Purchase Price

The purchase price of a Boston Terrier depends on several factors such as age, breeder reputation, location, pedigree quality among others. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere between $600 – $2,000 USD per puppy.

It’s important to do thorough research when choosing where to buy your Boston Terrier from. Be sure to approach reputable breeders who can provide proof of health clearances rather than pet stores or backyard breeders who may not have taken measures necessary for breeding dogs responsibly.

Upfront Costs

Upfront Costs

Before bringing home your new furry friend there are several upfront costs that come along with owning a pet:

1) Bedding: You will need at least one bed specifically designed for the size of your Boston Terriers (Small).

2) Food & Water Bowls: Ensure they’re non-slippery with sturdy stands since most Boston breeds tend to be playful while eating/drinking water.

3) Toys: You can stock up on toys suited preferably made explicitly manufactured durable enough since these pups tend towards playing roughhouse games by jumping around constantly causing harm easily tearing tattered toy pieces; some popular options include Kong chew toys or rope balls which dogs love grabbing against each other!

4) Waste Bags/Poop Scoopers/Doggy Clean-Up Products – Since cleanliness counts when dealing bathroom-related activities needs multiple bags handy clean-ups,

5) Training Pads/Crates/Playpen- To give them some private space, it’s highly recommended to have enclosed areas designated specifically for when feeding sleeping napping and playtime.

Monthly Expenses

Food bill – Boston Terriers will spend about $30 a month solely on food. They require nutritious diets specific to their nutritional demands; you can choose either dry or wet foods as long as they contain meats, vegetables, and fruits rich in antioxidants.

Supplies bill – Depending on how often your dog needs grooming supplies purchased like combs/brushes/skincare products ranging around $10-$20 dollars per order so buy accordingly since budgets matter!

Toys – All playful pups need toys! Monthly toy expenses range below $10.00/month depending upon preference chosen by the owner. You may reuse existing ones or opt-in fresh bought options from pet stores online/offline outlets suiting their personality alike since these vary different shapes sizes textures tough edges etcetera providing enough variety keeping them entertained all-time active.

Veterinary Care costs

Regular veterinary check-ups are akin to our visits at the doctor where wellness check-ups put any fears of illnesses to rest, vaccinations given during this time offering best preventive health measures ensuring overall health monitors even minor changes with age-related issues early detection taking caring immediately necessary procedures essential. Here is a breakdown of common vet costs:

Initial Visit: Expect an upfront vaccination charge ranged anywhere from $50-200 (depending upon type) along with examination fees costing around USD 60-100 without emergencies treated accordingly differing cases!

Annual/Monthly Costs for Veterinary care-

1) Annual Check-Ups & Vaccinations: These cost between $100–$500 annually depending on location, veterinarians chosen & breed-size calculated according to weight,

2) Dental Cleaning Procedures: Ranging amounting roughly total fee worth every few years amounts up approximately tripling upto hundreds dollars requiring professionals only handling teeth cleaning maintenance regularly paying attention toward good dental hygiene!

3) Supplements : Nutritional needs are essential and, depending on the age or health conditions of your dog, may prescribe supplements including glucosamine/chondroitin to help with joint problems suitable per se.

4) Surgery: Possible emergencies requiring advanced medical attention at a hospital cost including anesthetics fees prescription medication preparations avail treatments costing above $1000-3000 high-end facilities.

Training costs

Boston Terriers have relatively high energy levels, and thus it’s necessary to give them proper training. Proper socialization and obedience classes help keep their playful behaviors in check while ensuring they learn basic commands such as sit, stay & fetch when instructed on demand!

The average price for hiring a professional trainer varies between USD 50-$100/hour rate likewise how many lessons needed based upon required behavioral training aspects deemed progress-wise beneficial beneficially supplementing owners foremost discipline established within measurable parameters indeed crucial positively impacting pets’ overall growth positive attitude formation discouraging negative disobedient traits eliminating unwanted anxiety fear factors likely occurrence impulse reactions tilting toward nurturing well-adjustment techniques preparing them part of daily life smoothly adjusting.


In conclusion, owning a Boston Terrier can be quite affordable if you plan ahead carefully. Still, it does require budgeting accordingly like any other pet entails acquiring certain necessities; from grooming supplies to food products insurance coverages covering accidents expenses veterinary visits inclusive travelling occasions enriching learning sessions adding vitality joy throughout day stress-free environment accommodating increasing quality time shared together thereby intensifying bond strengthen essentials much-needed expenses worth spending!