Dancing with the Stars is one of the biggest reality shows that involves celebrities competing in dance performances with professional dancers. As a viewer, you might wonder how much do Dancing with the Stars contestants make? The show has been on air since 2005 and is popular for its celebrity guests, glamorous costumes, and exciting dance routines.

The pay scale for Dancing with the Stars contestants varies depending on factors such as their fame level, experience, and status in Hollywood. In this article, we’ll break down how much money DWTS participants earn based on various categories.



Each season of Dancing with the Stars features about 12 to 13 celebrities who compete for the mirror ball trophy. Contestants or their representatives are required to negotiate their fees before appearing on the show.

Typically, well-known stars command higher salaries than lesser-known participants because they can bring more viewership to the program. For example, Jerry Springer earned $100k per episode during season three while NFL star Emmitt Smith got around $300k in season 3 as well.

On average:

On average:

– B-list celebs: typically make between $125K-$150K
– C-list celebs: estimated up around an average of $$60k – $80K
– D-list celebs: will be compensated somewhere startting from $25k – $40K

However it’s worth noting that one person’s compensation may differ significantly from another’s due to negotiations between each individual celebrity and ABC (the production company behind DWTS).

Professional Dancers

The show also features professional dancers who partner up with celebrities throughout each season. These dancers are not household names; however some have achieved considerable recognition over time thanks to their repeated apperances like Derek Hough & Mark Ballas!

Generally speaking proffesional Dancer get paid somewhere between$1 thousand dollars per week at minimum guaranteed salary Though these wages vary too among different seasons of DWTS and between each dancer, their popularities influence heftily in this department.

Winning Prize

The winner’s of Dancing with the Stars gets to take home that coveted Mirror Ball trophy. However they also get a substantial monetary prize for winnig the competiton, which is $100k grand prize!

Additionally many weeks throughout the season there are weekly awards like perfect scores or “Dance Off” winners who receive cash prizes usually around $30-$40K at most.

Guest Judges

In addition to celebrities and professional dancers catching your eye during performances, You might have noticed some familiar faces guest judges too! Guest judges come from all walks sharing their knowledge & expertise to help experts figure out who danced best among them!

While these Experts taking part may not appear every week on DWTS, three things we know about judging gigs 1) They being a regular expert on other competition shows can add up quickly when it comes towards payment so guest judges worthy enough takes more per episode negotiable but usually worth something between ($10 – $25) thousand dollars per episode. It mainly varies depending upon their established fame outside of appearing on typical TV interventions etc.

Final Thought:

There you have it! The compensation packages offered by productions such as Dancing With The Stars depend heavily on participant category circumstances like popularity level overall , experience levels alongside their service tenure. Seasonal fluctations do play an important factor too because typically as seasons become more anticipated fees skyrocket routinely topping out at millions which leads us people wondering about potential prizes money someday if they would eventually make onto show themselves.
Dancing with the Stars has been one of the most watched reality TV programs since its premiere in 2005. Viewers are drawn to the glitz and glamor that comes along with celebrity contestants performing dance routines alongside their professional partners. Although we know these celebrities commit a lot of time and energy into their dancing performances, how much do they really get paid for it?

The answer is complicated, but let’s start by breaking down how DWTS compensation works.

How much do celebrities make on Dancing With The Stars?

Each season, approximately twelve to thirteen stars compete for the title of champion and that shiny Mirror Ball trophy. Naturally, when big names appear on the show like Olympic swimmers or former ‘90s sitcom stars – it attracts more viewership which essentially rakes in more revenue for ABC (the production company behind DWTS).

As a result, some well-known stars can name their own prices for appearing on DWTS making them worth millions while others may not command as high of a fee due to popularity levels.

Here’s what we know about celebrity salaries:

B-list celebs: Typically earn between $125K-$150K
C-list celebs: Estimated around an average range of $60k-$80K
D-list Celebs: Start from a minimum threshold ranging from $25k-40k

It should be noted that individual negotiations will play a significant role in determining payment scale between Celebrity & Production company.

Do Professional Dancers Get Paid on DWTS?

Yes! The professional dancers who partner up with each celebrity throughout each season also receive compensation depending upon credentials such as seniority within program , previous successes seasons etcetera…Typically speaking each pro dancer will receive at least $1 thousand dollars per week guaranteed salary; however this isn’t fixed as various factors like Dancing level/approval among fans/talk value addition come into play here too.

What is The Prize Money For Winning DWTS?

The coveted Mirror Ball trophy along with $100K cash prize is awarded to the dance duo who’s been voted as champions of the season! But that’s not all, weekly awards such as ‘Perfect Score’ or ‘Dance-Off Winner’ announcements are presented which come with separate prizes usually between $30k-$40k bucks per player/team.

What About Guest Judges Appearing On Dancing With The Stars?

DWTS wouldn’t be complete without its rotation of guest judges from various industries and expertise areas appearing week-by-week. While these expert views hold a considerable impact on determining the fate of contestants, their compensation package depends upon what they bring access outside of tv world in terms of recognition value for others watching them judge .

Hence it’s safe to say guest judges worth taking note can expect somewhere between $10-25 thousand dollars per episode judged although negotiations depend largely upon their referential acclamations among audiences too.

Final Thoughts

It takes time, effort & talent to get good at dancing . Contestants appearing on Dancing with The stars give viewers an insight into how hard celebrities work behind-the-scenes to put together an amazing performance each week. Alongside entertainment factor , it appears that financial rewards are also significant driving force keeping people interested in this show having won millions over single seasons alone!

And while there is no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to payments, participants ought aim making best deals possible based off estimations depending upon factors suchas experience/fame levels etc.Generally speaking; celebrity category plays important role alongside other background know-hows like professional dancer skills or fan etched records despite seasonal fluctuations will remain crucial decider roles concerning pay packets offered by productions contracting celebrities.