As one of the most popular coffee chains in the world, Starbucks has cemented its place as a go-to destination for those looking for high-quality coffee and other specialty beverages. Among the many offerings from this iconic café is their signature Traveler coffee containers.

Travelers are large containers that allow customers to order larger quantities of Starbucks’ famous brewed coffee or tea. These containers are designed with convenience in mind, making it easy for people to share their favorite drinks with friends and family at home or work gatherings.

But just how much do these Travelers cost? The answer isn’t straightforward because there are several factors that influence prices across different locations. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what you can expect when pricing out your next caffeine-packed outing at Starbucks:


The size of the traveler container you choose will significantly affect its price point. The three available sizes for travelers include Short, Tall, and Grande.

A Short 48oz traveler goes for $12 while a Tall 96 oz version costs $20-$23 depending on location (some stores may charge more). Meanwhile, a Grande-size ((128oz) Traveler typically retails between $30 to $35 in U.S-based stores.

Type of Drink

Type of Drink

Cost variations also exist due to different drink types served through traveleres- such as hot coffee versus cold brews; For instance, cold brew options tend to be slightly more expensive than regular hot beverage choices like brewed coffees teas- especially during warmer months & peak seasons.


Starbucks prices aren’t universal: They differ from country-to-country. Each store operates independently hence resulting in price differences based on locality ‘ factors’ This means that different cities within the United States could offer varying-priced versions depending on service availability since not all US outlets serve Travelers (it’s good practice calling ahead so confirm whether your nearest branch stocks them.)

Time-of-Day VS Special Event Pricing Variations

Time-of-Day VS Special Event Pricing Variations

Depending on which day or date you decide to place an order, the price can vary with bearable differences between 5-15% markup on holidays or exceptional days where demand is high. Usually, you would expect some uniform pricing throughout any Starbucks location, but many locations increase their prices during busy times of the day like during morning rush hour (6AM -9AM) when everyone’s on their way to work and afternoon (3PM -7PM) when people are grabbing a pick-me-up before heading home.

How To Order Travelers from Starbucks

If your coffee craving continues to grow after learning everything about Starbuck’s travelers’ prices limits and veriations in different stores across various cities/countries let us help you with the process of ordering traveleres so that you don’t encounter unnecessary stress:

1. Identify Your Nearest Location That Serves Travelers: As earlier mentioned, not all starbucks outlets stock these ‘to-go’ jerry cans; call up one of the cafes near your area just to make sure they have them available.

2. Place An Advance Order If Looking To Purchase A Large Quantity: While not necessary for small orders meant for individuals or groups, You need time if looking for multiple containers bearing orders especially if it’s a large scale company event requiring several gallons packed into smaller cups at once.

3. Provide Accurate Information Including Payment Method And Pickup Date & Time: Once verified that your nearest outlet stocks them discuss preferable payment method whether by mobile payments or card over phone also indicating when pickup will happen so that brewed beverages stay warm only hours before consumption.

In conclusion while there are verious factors influencing Traveler prices since customer needs varies greatly depending on quantity required, who it is serving plus each store operating differently due to regional cost variations as well availability patterns depending on promotions season spikes never hesitate calling ahead quickly confirm what suits best Regards such purposes!
Starbucks has taken the world by storm with its high-quality coffee and specialty beverages. Many people swear by their signature drinks, which Starbucks baristas can craft to perfection every time. However, not everyone wants just one cup of coffee for themselves – some people want to share their love of this famous brew with family or friends at gatherings outside of the coffee shop.

That’s where Starbucks Traveler containers come in handy. These large jugs are designed to help customers enjoy more than a single serving of coffee or tea from their local Starbucks shops anywhere they want — at home, office meetings or parties.

However, understanding how much these Travelers cost isn’t as simple as it appears. Multiple factors influence the final price tag across locations in various regions globally.

One factor impacting prices is the size of your container order, with three options available: Short (48 oz), Tall (96 oz) and Grande (128 oz). The larger your container’s capacity is, logically enough, likely to increase its unit price slightly.

The type of drink inside can also influence pricing differences between cold-brewed iced coffees compared against hot counterparts like brewed teas/coffees- especially during peak seasons when chilled iced coffee demand increases costs marginally higher if so sold globally too!.

Additionally – location plays an essential role; each Starbucks store operates independently and typically varies across countries/cities based on different variables depending on “service availability” hence leading sometimes to vast variations relative merely within regions even within same city-states’ next-door plaza centers!

And lastly don’t ignore promotions that happen occasionally driven by certain periods when demand surges such as seasonal highlighted feasts among others!

To make things easier for customers curious about ordering Starbuck’s travelers’ containers without any unnecessary stress individuals should check which stores near them stock travelers before placing orders ahead if seeking multiple servings delivered beyond standard business hours ensure accurate information detailing date/time requirements/pickups/payment methods is taken care of.

In conclusion, the prices for Starbucks Traveler containers can vary widely due to regionally-specific factors such as size, drinks being served + current availability patterns within local stores. Anyone looking to purchase one of these iconic jugs will want to call ahead and confirm all pricing details or even promotions related since Starbucks always plans regular events targeted at its clientele’s holiday demands!