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Uber is a ride-sharing platform that has revolutionized the transportation industry. With the launch of Uber XL service in 2014, carpooling has become an even more affordable and convenient way to travel with larger groups.

What is Uber XL?

What is Uber XL?

Uber XL is a premium service offered by Uber that provides vehicles suitable for transporting large groups of passengers. The cars used for this service are SUVs or minivans such as Honda Odyssey, Chevrolet Traverse, Ford Explorer or similar models.

The main advantage of using Uber XL is that it not only accommodates more passengers than regular UberX but also offers extra space for luggage or bulky items like baby strollers. It’s perfect for people who need to transport their family members, friends, or colleagues comfortably without compromising their budget.

So now comes the question…

So now comes the question…

How Many People Fit In An Uber XL?

An average-size SUV used on an uberXL platform can accommodate up to six riders. However, there are variations in seating capacity depending on the make and model of a vehicle.

For instance:

1- A Honda Pilot has three rows where two persons sit comfortably at each row and thus can seat up to eight passengers overall when both front seats occupied by passengers.

2- A Toyota Highlander also has three rows but occupies seven persons total due to bench-style second-row seating accommodations

3- Dodge Caravan offers a maximum sitting arrangement with seven seats that fold flat into storage compartments beneath the floor if five-person occupancy suffices in exchange for more cargo space (suitable option if multiple luggage items need roomier specifications).

Keep In Mind – Not Just Limitation Of Seats

While knowing about how many persons fit into this economical & spacious vehicle sounds great! You should be aware of some limitations that you might have experienced earlier during booking requests via Uber app regarding no more than 6 passengers permitted per trip.

Other factors to consider are:

1- Luggage Storage – unlike UberX, which can only hold a few small bags and backpacks of the passenger; Uber XL provides significant trunk space that allows all riders to bring along large suitcases or even motorized wheelchairs.

2- Comfort – The Uber XL vehicles are larger in size and have extra legroom. You may request for sparser interior facilities like water bottles, fresh towels as well as “A Menace” (type of podium or counter used for standing) if you’re heading to business conferences with colleagues.

3- Cost Affecting Factor – Despite having a bigger car at your service still remember these upgrades come at an additional expense. Prices range according to vehicle models and date/timezone but you might face higher costs when going on a longer journey or during peak hours such as evening commutes; make sure you keep this point in mind before booking!


In summary, Uber XL is an excellent option for those who need to travel with family members, friends, businesses groups, etc., within the same geographical location while keeping their budgets in check without sacrificing comfortability standards.

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In conclusion, Uber has successfully transformed the transportation landscape by providing an affordable and convenient mode of transport for people globally. This success story is evident with its launch of Uber XL service in 2014, which provides large capacity vehicles to cater to large group travelers.

However, knowing how many people fit into an Uber XL is just one aspect of the platform’s serviceability; it is important to also be aware of some limitations when booking through the app. These include luggage storage options, comfort levels available, and costs that vary depending on vehicle models or date/timezone.

Regardless of these few drawbacks highlighted above; unlike standard taxis that are typically limited to upholding pre-bookings only – making it tough for last-minute bookings or changes – ride services like Uber have proved their worth in their flexibility accessibility worldwide! So why not give them a try next time you’re traveling with a crowd?