As one of the most iconic and long-lasting musicians of our time, Sir Elton John has had a career that spans over five decades. Throughout this time, he has provided us with countless hits that still continue to capture audiences around the world.

With such a portfolio behind him, it’s understandable why fans would want to see him perform live as much as possible. But over the years, rumors have swirled about how many times he has said farewell to touring – or if he even ever did for good.

So just how many farewell tours has Elton John had? Let’s take a closer look at his history on stage and try to get some answers.

Farewell Tour #1: 1977

Farewell Tour #1: 1977

Elton John first announced his plans for retirement from touring in June of 1976. By then, he had been consistently performing since the late sixties and was feeling burnt out both creatively and personally. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine from that era, Elton commented:

“I hate period where constant gigging becomes compulsive instead of fun,” adding “I’d rather go out when I’m still enjoying everything.”

The tour itself lasted almost all year in 1977 and ended up being somewhat rushed together financially due to label disputes with MCA Records (who wound up releasing no less than three best-of compilations featuring remixes recorded directly off soundboards). While it was successful musically (showcasing songs like “Tiny Dancer” among others), it fell short on ticket sales in certain markets impacted by radio saturation before they were adjusted regionally promoting shorter distances trekking coupled by teleprompter prompts for lyrics under giant screens normally reflecting Kaleidoscope moment visuals mostly partially enhancing video vantage points universally nonexistent until quite recently).

Despite original intentions for well-deserved rest after nearly ten years’ worthof extensive work schedules abroad throughout multiple nations each month culminating in incredible success worldwide surpassing any preconceived expectations, Elton John surprisingly hit the road again only two years later.

The 1980 tour

The 1980 tour

Looking back on things since that time period revealed how retirements from touring due to creative and logistical burn-out are anything but rare in the world of rock and roll. While Elton’s claims about wanting more free time initially struck many as sincere, it wasn’t long before he reversed his decision just a few quick years later returning for yet another global run known consistently as “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” Tour (1980-82).

Elton cited boredom during his self-exile at home pondering whether he would ever want to return to stage performances regularly again. Despite earlier reports averring that health complications might have been impending causes coming if exhaustion persisted unchecked, this turnabout seemed effortless judging by uncharacteristically upbeat statements made about assembling group support musicians via press release content such as:

“This is NOT going be just some amateurish greatest hits compilation with fillers thrown in,” adding “the new material sounds great!”

While everybody was excited for what was soon dubbed “The Rocket Man Returns,” coverage generated considerable criticism over songs being actually pared down onstage playing set times were still running well over two hours nightly. No matter – when Elton announced further future plans that included him simply taking an extended break instead of stopping altogether entirely leaving plenty of room open ended speculation surrounding potential subsequent reunion tours unparalleled stylistically because audiences couldn’t get enough post-modern storytelling through song even after nearly three decades together!

Farewell Tour #2: 1995

By the mid-nineties, Elton had amassed a vast catalog of number one hits around the globe within dozens album releases frequently produced by then-iconic theatrical mastermind Bernie Taupin . However, it appeared towards him repeating sense loss enjoyment offered through endless circumvention around business back channels or grand corporate conglomeration. From countless industry insiders to casual fans of his music alike, people were scratching their heads in wonder as Elton embarked on another “farewell” tour (dubbed simply “The One” Tour) with reportedly secure expectations.

Though genuine post-tour absence was admittedly limited time frame but longer than even least optimistic commentators guessed since deemed by many a consummate performer. He instantly utilized this brief hiatus from constant touring as creative recharge station for the next chapter in his illustrious career, which ultimately expanded beyond just songwriting to include both writing and composing scores entire musical numbers played amid larger-scale live shows commonly found only theatrical venues prehaps worthy of a final bow evening out.

Farewell Tour #3: 2018-2020

After over two decades of touring some every alternate year before announcement ongoing ailment issues could no longer allow typical pursuits down-on-the-streets around hometowns anymore definitive last global journey led Sir John into somewhat darker more reflective territory. The farewell tour kicked off in September of 2018as ” Farewell Yellow Brick Road”,the group’s final leg starting May thirtieth offering opportunities to catch highlights myriad hit songs spanning many momentous periods inclusive one considers entirety whole work output history (somewhat like a Rolling Stones concert experience consistent additions similar mood).

Throughout this latest run though cut short due adverse conditions globally referred thereby causing adjustments all venues planned itinerary its success has proven again that us aficionados are still not prepared farewells because at really what does good-bye mean besides ushering finality into areas we have shared so intimately together throughout long careers?. Moreover, there is always hope he will eventually return backstage where leads perhaps greatest hits interlaced future touches nostalgic singing amidst spontaneous audience favorite encore rituals few glimpse coming until those first bars synthesized out tremble through countless speakers echoed meaningfully under large screens prompting wild cheering across massive crowds long after lights come flickered bright momentarily upon stage platforms.

So, to finally answer the crucial question at hand – it’s fair to say that Sir Elton John has had a few farewell tours over the years, but based on his latest and most recent retirement plans going out with thrilling anticipation building rather demure accepting of inevitable fate. It’s clear that while his stage presence may be winding down for good this time around (at least in sense ending large scale productions), he is far from saying goodbye to music altogether. Just like any true rock star legend should do: leaving audiences buzzing with excitement long after they’ve left the last encore notes ringing out into night air during those incredibly special moments shared seamlessly holding each chord changes together jamming musical experiences unique powerful universes we never forgot just as Elton certainly still hasn’t too!