As the world slowly adjusts to the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries have put in place stringent measures for entry into their territories. In St Lucia, travelers are required to obtain travel authorization before arrival in the country. This measure is part of a comprehensive set of protocols aimed at minimizing the risk of transmission and ensuring public safety.

But how long does it take to get St Lucia travel authorization? Well, that depends on several factors, including your nationality and whether you meet all the necessary requirements. Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining travel authorization for St Lucia.

What is St Lucia Travel Authorization?

What is St Lucia Travel Authorization?

St Lucia travel authorization is a document issued by government authorities that grants permission for people traveling from certain destinations or arriving via specific modes of transportation into Saint Lucia. Before granting this permission, authorized officials will review each individual case carefully according to established criteria.

This measure aims to control entry points like airports and seaports and allow only approved persons as part of screening efforts against COVID-19. The process involves submitting an application online or filling out a form upon arrival in-country with details such as name; flight information (where required); accommodation address/place arranged beforehand; etc., which needs further verification.

Who Needs Travel Authorization?

Who Needs Travel Authorization?

All visitors must have valid

traveler’s insurance,

fill out pre-travel authoization health clearances,
and comply with local rules around social distancing and masks both during transit
periods as well as after landing at their destination airport

Travelers looking to enter Saint Lucia must first determine if they require any visa exemptions or visas based on their nationality.* Exceptions apply differently depending on where persons visiting are coming from, with different categories clearly outlined. For instance:

Visitors hailing from Anguilla
Antigua & Barbuda,
Barbados* – specifically those arriving directly who’ve not been “to” Brazil within 14 days before arriving in Saint Lucia
Botswana, are all eligible for visa exemption or a Visitor’s Visa upon arrival.

On the other hand, those from countries like Brazil & United States; China (PRC), Chinese Taipei,Taiwan and jurisdictions such as Martinique must provide proof of negative Covid-19 PCR test done by a recognized laboratory within 7 days of their travel date.

Citizens/students returning to Saint Lucia who may have been abroad due to an emergency event during the COVID 19 crises will remain exempted from obtaining visas up until 31st August 2021.

Application Approval Timeframe

The government advises that travelers apply for authorisation at least three-to-five days before they plan to visit. This timing is crucial since it permits sufficient turnaround time for processing your application efficiently and ensures everything goes according to plan once you land in St Lucia. The duration of approval varies based on certain elements:

System Errors:
In some cases where potential visitors get delayed authorization, it’s often because there was likely an error with their applications which needs reviewing manually instead of automated validation. It’s essential when providing information via online platforms or filling entries through paper form systems we review details submitted vigilantently – re-checking typos etc., if applicable.

Late Application Filing:
If you file your application late than recommended timelines specified by the authority – resulting in non-compliant status/risky declaration flagged on return journey health clearance submissions
you’re less likely going to receive approval on time but dependant testing requirements levels may be considered agains applicant safety prospect/return pathway documented evaluations is assured accordingly

Test Results Failures:
Where persons fail lab test screening done not only required and requested across specified dates prior to entry approvals. There might be extensions given depending on various factors mainly regarding accessibilities/special allowances using specific facilities available nearby locations within distance means validating each case individually and providing specific guidance critting all features.

Travel Authorization for Returning Nationals

Persons who are returning home to St Lucia must apply for travel authorization as they will be coming from overseas in the first instance. Among other measures, travelers should expect at least 14 days self-quarantine on arrival plus security checkups regarding Covid test updates within keeping quarantine periods and destination restrictions arrangements imposed by public health regulations or travel interests.


In summary, obtaining St Lucia travel authorization is a necessary requirement that incoming visitors have to meet before gaining access into the island. The key point of success being when traveler’s insurance requirements are adequately satisfied (pre/upon) with authenticated testing proof validation by authorized health output measures whilst also adhering regulators’ online entry form filling procedures with embassy/official documents where this applies. Luckily enough, channels through which applications can be submitted are various such as electronic forms , paper or email options offered conveniently via recognized host countries’ offices or established interest-based groups across various sectors – another added advantage in reaching optimal approval status limits without experiencing extreme delays in response times hence making it easy to plan your trip accordingly.