The Preliminary SAT, commonly referred to as the PSAT, is an exam taken by high school students in the United States. The test measures students’ readiness for college and provides a preview of what they can expect on their actual SAT examination.

Once the test has been completed, students are anxiously awaiting when they can receive their results. In this article, we will be discussing how long it takes to get PSAT results.

Timing of Tests

Timing of Tests

The timing of each PSAT exam is critical to note because each test date has a different schedule concerning when scores will be released.

For example, if you take your PSAT/NMSQT in October (most common), one should expect that testing time = 2 hours and 45 minutes or approximately three hours – including breaks.

Here's a list of different dates normally given for taking various versions & tests:

Here’s a list of different dates normally given for taking various versions & tests:

– The first two weeks of October: Most Common Date for Taking the Practice College Board Test.
– January: Exam taken Online.
– April: Scheduled for IEP Students only who require accommodations per legal mandate currently imposed such as extra time/special assistance or related accomodations other than those provided within standard requirements.
– May
(last year): Revised Version administered locally by differing dates/times nationally albeit many sites largely cancelled due to COVID-related quarantines/ restrictions necessitating most candidates rescheduling elsewhere with revised options extending into August at both High School locations & local community centers.

Whether you’re taking any version during early fall months or administering make-up sessions amidst spring disasters risk creating confusion between customary reporting times commonly associated with prescribed standards mandated throughout big schools nationwide versus individual institutions offering alternate opportunities after certain delays occur (unexpected closures etc.), reportedly executed mail-in processing solutions counter some immediate gratification desires yet helps counteract undue anxiety associated often reported following testing periods especially amongst younger examinees much more likely “to react” negatively!

Primary Option

In general practice among participants in the PSAT examination, students will generally have to wait approximately two months after their test date to receive their scores. This timeline applies to both the PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10.

The College Board administers all versions of the exam, including SATs. The organization usually publishes score reports online via College Entrance Examination Board(CEEB) or email notification(s). Consensus among multiple sources across education-related blogs suggests that most candidates can expect – typically accessed/Achieved as soon as late December per Websites committed universally coursed with any local school libraries/internets resources reflecting individual eligibility requirements.. availability may vary however!

For those who prefer not being held hostage waiting for confirmation you should consider taking advantage of Web Services offered within a “New Era” when many Schools/ districts possess accessible electronic delivery apparatuses towards enabling timely response inclusive arrangements once complete data sets are available from participating schools in most cases: Parents are gladly welcomed into logging into Official website for personalized report assessment (however possible teachers only having either access concurrently upon completion).

Aspiring exam takers must ensure they fill out registration forms accurately consecutively; Forms’ requesting whether have previously taken exams earlier sessions duly completed normally maximizing convenience during future endeavors particularly given remote options discussed later on!

If You Don’t See Score Notification?

It would be natural for one to become anxious If submitted preparation investment is critical . In case you do not receive confirmation around expected testing periods outlined,your best stance possibly includes:

1.Consultance with your high school guidance counselor
2.Mailing official queries reaching Congressional Members or concerned authoritative entities like US Department Of Education etc.
3.Online Chat Response Assistance via CB Website
4.Trying contacting college board support structures by telephone help line which appears prominently protected across contact pages provided by relevant advisory bureaus

Cancelation Notices & Reschedules

At times unexpected delays can ensue additional time required beyond reported standard responses where potential rescheduling of testing sessions become necessary due to circumstances outside your control.Registered participants who, for unavoidable reasons that can’t be helped end up not being able to meet prescheduled deadlines are advised to report as such through Pencil Paper Test Administration advising organizers at College Board. Sometimes PSAT & SAT’s administrations may choose extend testing time periods or agree eventually offering alternative dates and locations in an attempt towards ameliorating individual situations.


In conclusion, the amount of time it takes to receive your PSAT score can vary depending upon factors relating largely on where a test was taken, how long ago it occurred etc. Typically scores return several weeks following exams particularly if so designated momentously!

However, owing global unforseen events impacting traditional teaching/learning setups amidst COVID Restrictions/extensions/regressions/recoveries (in some states) – Special accommodations have been employed whereby electronically-timed exam candidate learners duly monitored in remote supervised settings equivalent /online proctored sessions offered opt out alternatives given guaranteed certainty sufficient safety precautions put into proper effect.More information is available nationwide by reading relevant materials accessible online including those provided on official websites like ACT or The College Board).