Hydroxyzine is a medication used for the treatment of anxiety, itching, and allergies. However, it is also sometimes consumed recreationally. Many people who take hydroxyzine wonder if they can drink alcohol afterward or how long to wait before consuming alcohol.

This article will explore the effects of combining hydroxyzine with alcohol and address any concerns you might have about drinking after taking this medication.

What happens when you mix hydroxyzine and alcohol?

What happens when you mix hydroxyzine and alcohol?

When mixed together, hydroxyzine and alcohol produce an amplified sedative effect that can be dangerous. Both substances are central nervous system depressants that slow down brain activity. This results in slower reflexes, impaired judgment, clouded thinking, and reduced motor function.

Mixing these two substances can cause confusion and drowsiness leading to falls or accidents. In high doses both Alcohol and Hydroxzine may lead to respiratory depression which may lead to coma or even death

Additionally, consuming high amounts of alcohol while taking hydroxyzine could increase heart rate meaning your blood pressure will probably go up thus causing more strain on your heart than usual; however no significant rise in BP has been documented when H1 blockers like Hydroxyznene are taken in recommended doses..

How long should I wait after taking hydroxyzine before drinking?

How long should I wait after taking hydroxyzine before drinking?

There isn’t a single answer to this question since it depends on how quickly the body metabolizes drugs. As a general rule-of-thumb though waiting at least eight hours following intake would be safest due to presence of sedating effect that comes hand-in-hand with using most anti-allergy medications – such as those containing antihistamines like Atarax (hydroxyzine), Claritin(Dry-loratadina) Zyrtec(cetirizne)

It’s important not only consider individual metabolism but other factors such as gender,BMI,Timing between Meals etc.. Since each person’s liver functions differently from another organ some people may take much longer or much shorter times to metabolize drugs.

It’s important to note that drinking alcohol while taking hydroxyzine can lead to a dangerous state of sedation, so it’s crucial you understand your response time and measure it against the risk involved. Ideally though staying drug-free for 24 hours should give ample assurance where safety is a concern


Hydroxyzine is a popular medication used in the treatment of anxiety, allergic reactions, and itching. It comes with specific directions on when and how often to take it, typically followed by an eight-hour window before consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Drinking alcohol after taking Hydroxyzine may increase heart rate leading to hypertension(Clement et al.,2001) but not significantly; however the most significant effect would be amplified central nervous system depression which provides no psychoactive benefit whatsoever

Everyone’s liver processes medications at different rates. As such stick with waiting eight hours after consuming this medicine or ideally wait 24hours since there are no immediate benefits from using Hazetrax asides relief from symptoms described above – but things will subside eventually without introducing any other foreign chemicals into our systems
It’s important to note that when using hydroxyzine, it’s crucial to follow the directions provided by healthcare professionals and not consume alcohol at least for eight hours or ideally 24 hours after taking Hydroxyzine, as mixing these two substances can cause amplified central nervous system depressant effects.

If you have any concerns regarding how long to wait before drinking or any other questions related to this medication and alcohol consumption, it’s best to consult with your doctor. They can provide personalized recommendations based on your medical history, current health status, and other individual factors.

In conclusion, if you are prescribed Hydroxyzine for anxiety relief or allergic reactions such as itching but also want an alcoholic drink later – adequate waiting times between dosages of each chemical is paramount in keeping yourself safe from harm that could otherwise put you in harm’s way.