If you’re active on Snapchat, there’s a good chance that you have come across the concept of streaks. Snapstreaks are an addictive feature of the app, which is famous for its ephemeral messaging. The idea behind them is to encourage users to send messages back and forth frequently with their friends in order to maintain or increase their “Snapstreak.” In this article, we will take an in-depth look at how Snapchat streaks work.

What Are Snapchat Streaks?

What Are Snapchat Streaks?

For those who have never heard of snapchat streak before, let me explain it briefly – a Snapchat streak occurs when two friends send each other snaps (pictures) within 24 hours for three consecutive days or more. When both participants achieve this milestone, they will receive fire emojis next to their name in the chat list.

The longer a Snapstreak lasts between two friends, the higher the number displayed next to their names will become (e.g. “Streak: 7”). There’s no limit to how many days snapstreak can last; however, if one day passes without exchanging Snaps within 24 hours’ time frame both parties lose their Snapstreak and all progress completely resets.

How Do You Start A Streak On Snapchat?

How Do You Start A Streak On Snapchat?

To start a new streak on Snapchat requires effort and dedication from both sides as it takes uploading pictures by every participant on his/her own end despite busy schedules every day possible! It would help if you had some patience too because sometimes your friend may not respond immediately after sending snaps but don’t worry about it since eventually(usually instantly), they’ll send something back.
Here’s what needs doing:

1. Both participants must agree upon playing this game—everyone isn’t excited about snap-streaking daily!

2. Send one snap message immediately(like something captioned“Hi”) right after another user accepts your request; make sure they see it so they know what’s going on.

3. Exchange snaps within 24 hours from when the first snap was sent, and keep doing that consecutively for three days to start a fire streak emoji.

How Do You Keep A Snapchat Streak Going?

Since Snapstreaks are based on consistently sending snaps back and forth every day with absolutely no break of communications, it’s necessary to make efforts that your communication doesn’t falter. Here are some tips for maintaining an extended Streak:

1. Send at least one snap daily: To continue the streak, you need to send a picture or video snapped via the app or choose existing ones stored in your memory without them seeing(they know if its old) so they can reply.

2. Communication is key: Use this fun feature as an opportunity to communicate with your friends by asking questions about their daily lives instead of merely sharing selfies all the time.

3. Remind each other: Gently remind him/her when moments are missed since communication may cost a little too much sometimes.

How Does Snapchat Determine Your Snapstreak Score?

Snapchat Streaks don’t have official leaderboards through which we could measure our performance against others; however, there’s speculation around how points get accumulated in this game.
Your score gets calculated automatically based on factors such as how many Snaps were exchanged between two parties in sequence over several days/weeks/months and how frequently this exchange went on after whose activities played an essential role during long-lasting streaks as well(helps boost scores). The higher these numbers go up towards dailiness, then more likely you will receive longer Snapstreak.

What Happens If Someone Breaks A Snapchat Streak?

Breaking a Snapchat streak has unfortunate consequences where both sides lose their previous progress(collection of emojis next to participant’s names accumulate), including all accumulated points/duration accomplished until that point—regardless who broke it off initial or later(generally leads blame to the latter person). Basically, there are no refunds or rollback options since everything goes back to square one after stepping on that point of infraction.


Snapchat streaks are an entertaining and addictive feature of Snapchat. This game utilizes communication online between friends who exchange pictures/ videos daily – which helps them maintain their streak scores with higher numbers indicating more durability for longevity! Once a streak begins, it takes patience, dedication, and effort from both sides, as consistent engagement is necessary; you should also remember that personal connections matter overpoints towards maintaining extended periods so enjoy this casual fun possibility but not take loyalties too seriously.
In conclusion, Snapchat streaks are an addictive feature on the app that encourages frequent communication between friends through picture and video messaging. Starting a streak requires agreement and consistent messaging between both parties for three consecutive days. To maintain the streak, individuals need to send at least one snap per day and communicate regularly with their friend. The longer the Snapstreak lasts, the higher the number displayed next to participant’s names will become.

Snapchat scores snaps exchanged in sequence over time, which contributes to Snapstreak longevity; however, no official leaderboards exist for measuring individual performance against others. Breaking a Snapchat Streak leads to losing all progress from previous interactions regardless of whoever caused the infraction.

It is essential not to take Snapchat Streaks too seriously since personal connections matter more than points towards maintaining long-lasting relationships. Enjoy this fun feature casually but always remember your loyalties lie beyond it!