If you’re a professional golfer dreaming of making it to the PGA Tour, then playing on the Korn Ferry Tour is your stepping stone to getting there. The Korn Ferry Tour serves as a developmental circuit for golfers aspiring to join the ranks of the best players in the world. In this article, we’ll explore how you can get on tour and live your dream.

What is the Korn Ferry Tour?

What is the Korn Ferry Tour?

The Korn Ferry Tour was inaugurated in 1990 and has since producing many top players who have gone on for successful careers on the PGA TOUR. Formerly known as The Web.com tour or Nationwide tour, Korn Ferry became its title sponsor in 2018.

The objectives of this second-tier tour are twofold: First, it provides an avenue for local club professionals and talented amateurs to compete alongside emerging talents from around the world. Secondly, it’s deemed as a graduating platform where players can earn their full status membership card onto prestigious tours such as European and PGA Tours.

Eligibility requirements

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for entry into any event conducted by The Korn Ferry Tour, there are certain requirements that need to be met:

1) Age requirement: To qualify for participation in tournaments sanctioned by MEPC (Koneciy Moye Private Equity Company), applicants must reach eighteen years old before day one competition begins.

2) Amateur status – Players cannot currently hold an amateur position

3) Handicap – A player’s handicap should not exceed zero at most courses that will host these events

4) Previous winnings – If applicants already won money after spending time outside any elite nationwide course structure during her current fiscal season/year when applying under tournament limits set forth through respective event regulations or authorized websites/database portals researching national level rankings/lists applicable withinthe MEPC system (i.e., Golfweek/amateur rankings)

5) Entry application fee– An initial $450 entry fee needs payment per player; each substitution thereafter will need a $50 fee for extra applications into the same event.

6) A minimum age of 18 – All golfers must be at least eighteen years old on or before day one competition for sanctioned tournament events.

How to get started

The journey to professional golf is not an overnight process. It takes years of dedication, hard work, and development within the game. To kick start your career in golf it’s important you have a good attitude towards practice, a positive mindset and most importantly talent. Here are some guideline steps that can help set you up:

Step One: Obtain Amateur Status
The first step is to establish amateur status by forming proper affiliations with national governing bodies such as The United States Golf Association (USGA), Europe’s Royal & Ancient Golf Club, etc. This role allows players a chance to participate in local tournaments or state championships while building up their ranking among other competitors;

Step Two: Improve Your Game
If playing regularly on club courses prove too expensive there are several nearby public/municipal greens across America available weekly/regularly where lessons can be arranged without fees attached adding incentive onto your own personal gains/tournament preparation days/events.

Step Three: Develop Connections Within Your Community
Building relationships through family/friends relations that support upcoming ammeter/novice/pro-golf starts/groups could accelerate apposite recognition from sanctioning boards whilst networks become visible during regional competitions involving successful young pro-athletes who yearn fortune glory at high rank major like US Open PGA Championships

Connecting with others who are dedicated to this sport as well as seeking out coaches or instructors willing offer advice time permitting would come highly recommended should targeted funds/scholarships be strained/emergent necessary over spanned period leading up until established MEPC competitive tour stages commence

Pro-Am Tournaments -Considered an ideal way of getting experience competing alongside seasoned professionals whilst entertaining clients, educating forehand and facilitating showcasing of global sponsors in a familiarized environment.

Step Four: Approach Korn Ferry Tour Directly
The main method to get onto the Korn Ferry Tour is through their Q-School. The Qualifying School event consists of four stages with pre-qualifying events held up to two weeks before Stage One.
• Pre-Qualifier host sites (mid and late September) are located throughout the United States at various times that lead into this point/point(s)
• First Stage (roughly early October – two-day even) On completion, players who advance compete for five days or more to earn their way onto future tours.
• Second stage followed by finals occur approximately from mid-end November completing year end affairs with respect o debriefing candidates on next steps
• A tie found between multiple applicants will undergo a sudden-death format initiated from any hole at which both parties eventually arrive.

This well-known pathway provides direct access for golfers looking towards attaining membership cards and earning prize money regularly while adjusting transitioning professional lifestyle requirements.

There are alternate routes availed primarily under sponsor exemptions/non-exempt/patron availability criteria. Some established individuals acquire position going directly who have previously been granted privileges sponsored support via entry fees/fines associated alongside meet specific competitive tour standards as outlined above prior excelling in tournaments generally require proficiency qualifying advancement characteristics amongst those noted in one through six outlines here without central exceptions/removals/additions/extractions addressed accordingly