Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness brands in the world. With their wide range of products, it can be sometimes hard to tell which Fitbit model you have. Are you struggling to identify your Fitbit model? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll take a look at how can i tell which fitbit I have.

1. Check the packaging

1. Check the packaging

The easiest way to confirm your Fitbit model is by checking its packaging. The package will usually specify the exact name and number of your device. If you are still using the original packaging, then turn it over or look on all sides for product information that includes the device’s name.

2. Check within your account settings

2. Check within your account settings

Another way to check which Fitbit you own is by logging into your account online or through the app and checking under “Devices.” On this page, there should be a list of all devices that are linked with this account. You can click on each device’s picture/icon (if applicable), which will reveal its full identification details such as model name/type and version number.

3. Look up technical specifications online

If neither option above works for you, try checking technical specifications websites like Wikipedia or other review websites where they tend to list statistics about different models including what type-specific features are included with them.

4. Visually compare devices

This method requires some research work if you haven’t used multiple models before but looking up images could help with identifying characteristics specific to various watches/bands like shape/size/color branding/markings etc., allowing quick visual comparison between two possible options at once side-by-side either on screen or offscreen comparing images taken from different sources placed next together retailed from store/product pages versus customer photos/direct purchase seller listings even manufacturer documentation might prove useful as well.

5.Checking Model indicator engraved inside clip-on battery cover:

Some older models may include an identifying label somewhere inside -opening back cover, this information could be typed and printed clearly or engraved onto the cover itself as part of a serial number/production run identification code set Apart from this method. Also Check for Laser etching on Flex 2’s pebble to determine model identifier without disassembly.

Different Fitbit Models and How to Identify Them

Once you know what type of Fitbit you have, it can be helpful to learn its specific features and functions so that you can use your device to its fullest potential. Here are some common models with their unique characteristics:

Fitbit Versa series: This line of smartwatches has multiple versions like the original Versa, Versa Lite edition (2019), Versa 2(2019) all come in round watch faces form factors offering interchangeable watch bands providing up-to-date fitness tracking skills along with Smartwatch-like notifications plus elevating its music services feature benefits unlike first generation devices available starting at $99 – $249 varies by color, availability where purchased.

Fitbit Ionic: One standout feature of this watch is its built-in GPS capabilities plus smaller touchscreen display featuring guided workouts topped off with water resistance up til 50meters making sense in swimming applications also marked around $199-$250 based on store sales promotion listings although one thing worth noting about the Ionic design-wise would be how square it appears compared more classic Wearables/framed watches think candy-bar shape/as if someone gave palm-sized rectangular frames a rounded edge makeover twist fitted out towards those pursuing health-focused activities over time monitoring daily habits etc., covering most popular exercises sports heard.

Fitbit Charge series: The Charge line offers several mid-range accessories claiming both activity tracker functions such as sleep pattern tracking heart rate monitor/sensors along listed pricing within range depending upon retailer ranging between fifty dollars or less upwards until $130 but excluding other advanced features besides the above-mentioned essential markers displays added-up perks consisting different modes weather forecasts mobile pay control current music playlist directly tied up with Spotify/Facebook etc., being depending on the model purchased.

Fitbit Inspire HR: This latest in line tracker heart rate monitor wristband tool closely resembles the Flex/Alta lines but houses one primary focus additional feature more specific aiming at fitness enthusiasts looking to measure their workout peak zone levels plus motion detection capabilities can be found usually priced around forty dollars and beyond available from various online marketplace retailers as well traditional big box sporting goods outlets or other major department stores.

This article has provided a few simple tips that will help you identify your Fitbit model quickly. Whether you’re just starting out with Fitbit or need to replace an older model, knowing what type you own is essential for troubleshooting any issues or getting access to specific features. With this information at hand, it should now be easy for anyone to find out which Fitbit watch/band they possess and unlock its full potential!